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I'm starting a thread for this itself, since it was kind of a sidetrack on my snake thread. There's a type of ink cap that grows around here that is supposed to be good but it looks so close to an amanita I'm not even going to try. My mom is complaining because where she is in Finland has been too dry for the chanterelles this year. After yesterdays stroll we now have four pounds of fresh chantarelles and a double handful of black trumpet mushrooms. Used to be a mycologist named Sam Rystich that lead educational forays each summer here until he passed away a few years back.
It doesn't say what kind of mushrooms those folks were hunting, I'm guessing something worth money?
It's been many years, but a while back a couple of enterprising kids figured out that while picking or possessing certain kinds of mushrooms was illegal, selling mushroom maps wasn't. I know because we represented several folks arrested for possession of Psilocybin mushrooms, and they were all carrying the same photocopied map, and the sheriff was livid that he didn't have any recourse against the map makers. The Inland Empire Chapter ACBS has received the news that once again, they will be hosting the 38th Annual Meeting and International Boat Show in September 2013 which will be held at the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Resort in Northern Idaho.
January 28th through Feb 4th marks the 57th Annual Spokane National Boat Show at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. Bruce and Gloria Reynolds’ 1950 20’ Chris-Craft Riviera “Rebellious” alongside BK Powell and Julie Olsen’s 1955 17 ?’ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Bon Bois”.
Bob and Anne Henshaw’s 1946 20’ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout “Lizzy”.  Bob has been working on the restoration of this boat since he brought it home in 2009 and plans on having it in the water this summer. Scott and Kathy Thompson’s 19’ Chris Craft Cavalier, 1972 Johnson “Y Knot III” and the coolest little 1978 Mini Craft.
The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum of Seattle was also represented by this vintage Limited Hydro.

The Spokane National Boat Show at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center offers over 140,000 sq ft of brand new Fiberglass and Aluminum boats.
You can click here to go to the Spokane National Boat Show website and click here to go to the Inland Empire Chapter ACBS website. It works but it takes a winter jacket with Hawaiian print and a LOT of Pina Coladas to pull it off in January. Just for that, may all your TV channels fill with old people and advertising of old people products. Alex, You have to build containers that have a large soil mass so they do not freeze too quickly. Boats are not always as pretty on the water as they are on the page, but that sharpie sure is both.
The sharpie in the original post shares the no headroom feature.Does this disqualify both designs from the shortlist for the forthcoming project in Hell? That design would make more sense to me if it had a single cabin and cockpit sharing the proportions of your typical Cape Cod catboat.
The other Chapelle boat of personal significance appears on page 93 of American Small Sailing Craft, the 1891 Gloucester Sailing Dory. I got the plans for what is called a Chapelle 38' sharpie that is very simalar and has a rig draw in as well. An interesting point is the 38' as draw has the main mast offset to Port to clear the centre case.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I've found a few chanterelles on my land that I've IDd by spore print but haven't harvested any for 2 years, hoping they will spread. My favorite use is sauteed in butter & white wine, then fry a few eggs on top of them and serve over toast.

There are a lot of LBMs out there but also an amazing abundance of edible fungi if you just know what your doing.
Here’s the story from chapter member and Inland Scuttlebutt newsletter editor Wes Yandt.
Scott Thompson the Spokane Boat Show Manager has once again invited the Inland Empire ACBS chapter to participate by bringing our classics down and talking them up with anybody that will stand still. Terry’s mother purchased this boat new and Terry and his family continue to enjoy this beautiful little survivor today by tubing and skiing behind her every year.
It is great for the public to see a project in process to give them a perspective of the work that goes into them. Then try poplar or birch or some white or black spruce which would be better for boat building. This years Internats’ Show at the fablous Coeur d Alene Resort (walking distance for me) should be something to see.
Steve and Linda Zwarg have done an outstanding job organizing our efforts at the show and convinced the owners of 17 classics that rain, sleet nor snow will hurt our precious babies. Another fun filled week of Pre-events are planned starting way up near the Canadian Border on stunning Priest Lake, and ending up on 26 mile long Lake Coeur d Alene. Previous International Shows there had 120 show winning woodies packing the docks all over the place! We here in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest Chapter were finally able to get a spot for ONE boat in a booth, first time in 10 years! Bracing a long one or two across the bridge deck gap between the cabins might retain that feature.

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