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Consider buying The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America for more info about this canoe. The free cedar canoe plans come as a pdf (free Adobe Reader required to view) that you can print off at photocopy stores.
Bryan Hansel is a freelance writer, award-winning photographer and an American Canoe Association L4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor.
Go light; the lighter the better, so that you have the simplest material for health, comfort and enjoyment. Feather Canoes - Classic Cedar Strip Solo Canoe Patterns as Designed by Master Woodworker Henry A. While we no longer have a public shop, we are still building canoes in our garages, as anyone might who is building a Wee Lassie for the first time. We also continue to offer full size paper patterns for Mac's Canoes, the Wee Lassie, Wee Lassie 2, The BIG Mac, and the Sairy Gamp.

These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a cedar strip canoe. Starting in Old Mystic it runs through the pretty seaport town of Mystic, home to the Mystic Seaport Museum, out to Fishers Island Sound.
The drawing package includes the full-sized study plan and each station and stem drawn separately on a PDF that prints full sized on ARCH D size paper (nestings). If you shop at that online store, PaddlingLight gets a small commission from the sale and it doesn't cost you any more. It offers information about lightweight canoe and kayak travel, how-to articles, trip reports, adventure stories, kayak plans, canoe plans and reviews. All patterns are reproductions of Mac's original hand drawings, and have been used to build hundreds of canoes. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built canoe.

We promote self-direction by emphasizing the do-it-yourself culture, and we believe growing paddlesport participation advances wilderness protection.
The Mystic River Tandem is designed to be a comfortable and efficient canoe to see the sights along this lovely waterway.
Something to use on flat water when you want to tick off mile after mile with two strong paddlers.
Part of our mission is promoting the protection and preservation of our federal, state and local lands.
This 19-foot, 30-inch canoes, which appears as figure 66 in his book, shows flare in the center and tumblehome towards the ends.

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