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Afternoon Delight-Sportfishing Charter Boats, Key West Fishing, Florida Keys, adventures, excursions, vacation, boat rentals. For advance bookings we accept personal and corporate checks, balance due in cash at departure. We know little else about the first initiatives to establish charter boats at Key West and the Keys.
The 1929 Stock Market crash spawned a national economic depression that hit Key West especially hard. By the late 1960’s, traffic congestion near the charter docks bordered on being a public safety hazard.
Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the summer 1998 issue of the Florida Keys Sea History Journal, the official publication of the all-volunteer, non-profit, Key West Maritime Historical Society. Key West is the Fishing Capitol of the WorldFlorida is the Fishing Capitol of the World and the Florida Keys and Key West are the crowned jewels. Seasoned Guides, Captains Jamie & Tony both offer a lifetime of experienceon the ocean. The most common species caughtare Grunts, Yellow Tail Snappers,Porgies, Hogfish, Mangrove & Mutton Snappers. You'll get your moneys worth!Gulfstream Fishing offers the longestparty boat fishing charter in Key West. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away.
Whether your desires lean to big-game fishing, sport fishing, flats fishing, kayak fishing or party boat fishing – there is a terrific experience waiting for you and your entire family. We’ll hook you up with a top-notch charter captain to guide you on a fishing trip of your dreams. We know and book the very best charter boats and the most knowledgeable guides in Key West.

Stalk bonefish, tarpon, and permit in the shallow, calm water of Key West's backcountry. Key West's deep sea fishing is world class - legendary for large and plentiful game fish. If they moved their boats to the seawall that ran along southern margin of the Bight, and which fronted on North Roosevelt Boulevard, they were sure to be noticed by tourists driving into Key West.
There is a huge variety of saltwater fishing available in the Keys, and specifically in Key West.
The rich watery expanse surrounding the islands draw millions of devoted anglers every year who thrill to the chase and anticipate the victory of catching the fish of a lifetime. We book all of the different fishing packages in Key West and have our list of Captains and Charterboats that know how to make our guests happy.
They will advise you of the best seasons for many of the most popular species found in our local waters. Here there is a long row of seaworthy craft, idle until till they set out again in search of sportsfishing action.
Yet, diaries from that time often mention fishing parties that were composed of many of the town’s most prominent citizens. Boats could also be hired at the Thompson Fish docks (the Foot of Margaret St.) and at the nearby Gulf Oil Dock.
When Henry Flager’s railroad was extended to Key West, a long, narrow finger of fill was constructed across northern margin of the Bight. So, in January 1949, the captains (who, had first banded together in 1938 as the Key West Charter Boatman’s Association) had the City lease to the Association that portion of the seawall that ran from First Street westwards. From the downtown waterfront they sailed out in swift sloops and schooners for a day’s sport. For example, the old Gulf Oil dock was being turned into a bulk terminal for Standard Oil products.
Soon, many of the charter boats that had been at the Craig Docks, the Standard Oil dock, and elsewhere, were operating from the seawall.

In 1974 the bulk of the charter fleet was prompted to move to that location at the urging of the City.
After graduation he became a certified Master Captain and began working as a full-time flats guide for a Key West based charter company . They range offshore, out to the Gulf Stream, in pursuit of sailfish, marlin, dolphin, and other large ocean-going fish species.
These charter vessels and their crews often take center stage when the talk turns to fishing legends. A gap in the fill, spanned by a swing type railroad bridge, allowed navigation from the basin to outside waters. Similarly, when the Casa Marina Hotel opened in 1920, Key West’s fine fishing was touted as a prime reason for tourists to stay there. They were where the docks of the P&O steamship line at Trumbo Point joined the eastern shoreline of Key West Bight.
Nat has since started his own charter company High Tide Adventures where he can share his fun loving attitude and fishing knowledge with clients from all over the world! The honor of being the first captain to regularly take out charters is harder to determine. In 1947 the City of Key West bought most of the submerged lands of Garrison Bight from the State of Florida for the sum of $913.00.
As the post-war era (and the subsequent economic boom) unfolded however, the charter boats of the Keys were again being sought out by the angling public.

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