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ANDERSON SEAFOOD MARKET – We clean & pack your fish, and supply fresh seafood for purchase! Whichever method the angler prefers, we have the tackle needed for a successful day of fishing.  Our rods and reels include some of the best fly and spinning tackle on the market. We have a schedule (shown below) of where we plan to be on which dates, and it is indicated whether Booked or Vacant. You will be meet through the VIP service at Tucuman international airport, as you step of the plane and taken to the VIP lounge, while your luggage are collected from baggage claim.
English speaking staff will make sure that you are in good hands from the time you arrive in Panama till depart. If clients arrive before 12 :00 you can fly directly to the Yachts location, re Perlas Islands, San Blas, Coiba. We develop a detailed itinerary with the boat as to specific anchorage sites for different nights 2 to 6. We hopped from one beautiful desolate island to another and tried every water sport under the sun.
The Canal transit was so much more interesting than I was expecting, with views of monkeys crocodiles, butterflies, brightly colored birds; explanations of the flora and fauna and of the canal maintenance work and the different types of vessel we encountered.
The Miss B Haven was pleasant and comfortable and we could not ask for better accommodations. This has got to be the best mother ship sportfish combination in the world and I congratulate Hennie for putting together a great group 100%.

Our crews are courteous and alert…standing by to help the novice or old pro to a better catch. Welcome to the Premier Galveston Offshore Deep Sea fishing charter and Guide Service located in Galveston, Texas.
Choose from NW Florida’s Top 25 private charter boats offering sport fishing, trolling, inshore and bottom fishing, as well as dive and snorkel trips! Changes from the Saturday to Saturday schedule, or for us to embark or disembark at a different point from our plan are certainly possible if discussed in advance but could incur additional expenses. Changes from the Saturday to Saturday schedule, or for us to embark or disembark at a different point from our plan are certainly possible if discussed in advance but are likely to incur expenses. Once baggage is in the transfer vehicle, you will be transferred to hotel or directly to the yachts if they are in the city. Planes that are typically available for Charter are Twin Otter, Cessna Caravan, Seneca and Islanders they seat from 4 to 14 people. Our two seven year olds were thrilled and both caught some fish, which the chef helped them prepare for our evening meal. Sunset on Lake Gatun was breathtaking and accompanied by the scent of orchids carried on the breeze from the surrounding jungle. The mother ship and its crew were extremely professional, friendly, and enjoyable to be with–the food was outstanding and my only complaint was there was too much of it, and we felt like family with everyone.
The Captain and two mates on the Cherin 3 were the best I have ever fished with and the 66′ Buddy Davis is an extremely nice boat to fish on.

Everything from rod, reel and bait to electronic radar equipment are designed to help make your fishing day a success. Our boat captains will be sharing half a century of gulf prize fishing experience with you, experience that counts when you want to take home a prize catch! Anderson’s Marina has been known since 1957 as the top destination for FISHING – SHELL ISLAND – DOLPHINS! Offering 5, 6, 10 & 12 HR trips on large stable boats called party, or head boats, which accommodate multiple fishing spots so you can enjoy your day on the water without hurting your pocketbook.  Our experienced, courteous crews are ready to make your fishing trip an event to remember!  Come down to walk the docks and WATCH THE FLEET COME IN!
Whether sticking to the plan, or rewriting the agenda the best starting point is personal contact with Hennie Marais (see below).
Captain Jacko is one hell of a nice guy and really knows his stuff and our two mates were terrific-at times we ran 7 lines plus two teasers which is not easy to do and when I had a black marlin on Jacko handled the boat perfectly. Once we have established where and when, we then need information about the guests, what activites you want to focus on (fishing, scuba, surf, kayak island-hopping, beach picnics with hammocks) and what fod and drink preferences and dislikes you have.
Our Panama Office can assist in reservations and recommendations for your Panama City stay. Andrew’s Bay, hunt for sea shells at Shell Island, pass around sea life found on the Eco-Tour, go watch the wild bottle nose dolphins play, take in a ; all part of the extraordinary experiences you can have with our outstanding crew on the boat that has become a family tradition for years!

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