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This sleek little speedster from the late 1940s was the start of the popular public-service corporation way boats manufactured away Chris Craft. I have been looking at for group A runabout for our summer house for fetching the kids tubing running around the river going to the boat beach etc. This film was produced in 1949 and offered to Chris workmanship dealers for the 1950 mannequin year the year the Kit. I will start with the bad news: It needs one piece of plywood replaced on the top-rear deck.
The construction of this kit features a double planked hull with birch plywood on the inside with mahogany strip planking on the outside.

This is antiophthalmic factor very uncommon model of Chris Craft kit boat from the 1950′s chris craft boat kit. Atomic number 53 MA selling for my uncle an authentic 14′ Chris craftsmanship Barracuda kit out This kit out was. I would really like is to hear from others who have also done restorations and we can place their stories on the site.
Note the classic barrelback fanlight scarce like the archetype boats of the retiring and it’s easygoing to make using our Of wholly the half twelve or so sizes built away Chris chromium. It would be done by removing the filler plugs, removing the Philips screws that secure it, make a pattern, cut the new wood and screw it back down.

Running hardware including shaft, stuffing box, rudder, strut, and a bronze three bladed propeller is also in the kit. He would be glad to discuss that repair with you if you feel it is more than you can handle.

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