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We have been instructed by the owner to reduce the price of this completely restored 38 ft.
One of the most recognizable “wow” boats ever offered for sale is the Cobra by Chris Craft. Ever since Chris Craft figured out how to make money in a nation-wide depression economy every year since 1936, they then wanted to be THE boat builder for every man, woman, and family in the world. For the underwater hull shape, Chris Craft used the same naval architectural lines of one of their existing boat models as the running surface.  They had already sold 503 of those hulls. To that underwater running surface they crafted a sleek, stretched, curvy bright finished planked mahogany boat that started at the bow as high, wide, and bold and then  tapered aft to nothing. She was a 20’, 10” boat with only one seat, so naturally they put a big, loud, and bold 200 horsepower Hemi Chrysler in most of them.

Chris-Craft Boats, formerly Smith and Sons Boat Company, is a defunct manufacturer of wooden boats. It’s difficult to imagine the funds, patience and creativity to pull off a custom build like this! A few Chris Craft Cobras topped that engine with an even more powerful 285 horsepower Cadillac Crusader from Detroit car dealer Cal Connell. We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle.
This is a problem since my success on these will hopefully help propel me to a position where I can one day, hopefully( a big hope) own one of these. I would putt around the many coves of Moultonborough Bay in my 14′ Starcraft with a 20HP Johnson and I would discover a new beauty to dream of owning one day.

When Dad was feeling flush we would take a boat ride out of Weirs Beach in what they called a Winnepesaukee Racer and the ride was the most incredible and exhilarating experience of my youth. We probably took a ride after that and got some pretty good air off the chop of the often turbulent lake waters. Durning my short stint in great land of Ohio, I went out dozens of times in both vessels to Put-in-Bay. The movie is worth not seeing not for this though, but rather the two best faces ever to star in one movie.I had the pleasure of helping to restore a Chris-Craft Sedan like the one in this link.

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