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This chart was designed to help easily compare inflatable pontoon boat similarities and differences without having to click from page to page.
There are two things you want in pontoon trailer tires, weight carrying capacity and cool running. When we started trailersforpontoons we made galvanized rims standard on our pontoon trailers. WHEN IT COMES TO PRECISION PERFORMANCE PONTOON BOATS, SKIMPING ON THE STEERING IS NOT AN OPTION. The steering system is one of the most important features on our pontoons for a simple reason: When you’re operating a boat designed for high-performance, the steering system has to deliver the same level of performance. Developed specifically for higher-horsepower boats with larger hulls, the Xtreme Steering System dramatically reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel. We chose to use the SeaStar® Hydraulic Steering because it’s a high-performance steering system built for high-performance boats. With Seastar® Power Assist Steering, turning the steering wheel on your pontoon will feel much like turning the wheel on your car. When deflated, most inflatable pontoon boats fit into either one or two carry bags and can be stored in any small space. The fact that they are so compact and convenient means you can transport them on an airplane, on a larger boat, in an RV or in the trunk of your vehicle to anywhere you want to go. Most inflatable pontoon boats come already set up for fishing an you can usually add more gear and accessories if needed. Each boat will come equipped with different accessories but what the majority of them have in common is that they are geared for fishing. The majority of pontoon boats have the option of paddling or using a small electric or gas motor. The majority of them are best suited for flat water but there are some models that are designed for river rapids as well.

The catarafts are extremely fun in whitewater rapids and known as awesome sport boats for those seeking a little thrill and adventure. I find that most people are pleasantly surprised with how swiftly and smoothly they move in the water and with how easily they maneuver.
It is possible to get a really nice inflatable pontoon boat for a very affordable price that is decked out quite well for fishing. Paddling of course costs nothing and these boats require very little in terms of care and repairs. If you use a small motor you may have a slight expense there but all in all they are very cheap to operate. Your initial purchase is your main investment and you not likely need to spend hardly any more after that.
Find the best deals on inflatable pontoon boats, accessories and gear at these online retailers. This is especially prevalent in the pontoon trailer business where some pontoon trailers are used only for storage and often dona€™t go down the road very far. On Heavy Duty single axle models we use 13a€? D range tires with a capacity of #1610 each or #3220 on a single axle trailer. This is precisely why we use the highest-quality parts and materials in our steering systems.
Central to the function of the Xtreme system is a high-performance cable that reduces friction between the liner and the cable itself, allowing for reduced resistance turning as well as a longer lasting system. When you’re charging across the water, it’s good to know your steering system can handle the critical demand.
They attach to the rear of your trailer and extend out of the water, providing a visual target to center the boat's pontoons around. This makes it convenient for any person to easily transport these boats to ideal fishing locations.

One thing that you might notice with a bit of research is that you actually get a lot for your money with these boats. However as a general rule, these boats are far more affordable than their hard shell cousins. Ita€™s inattention to detail on the part of some manufacturers while smaller undercapitalized trailer builders skimp on tires because they are such an expense. The price of galvanized rims has increased and to keep our trailers prices competitive we no longer make them standard, we now use the common, white spoke rim, that everyone else uses.
Equipped with Kevlar hoses and a 2.4 Ratio Helm Pump, this premier no-feedback system delivers uncompromised control, exceptional performance, and unmatched levels of comfort and safety. Our tandem axle trailers use a 13a€? tire with a C rating and a carrying capacity of #1380 or #5520. But, radials are more expensive and if you tow infrequent, bias tires are probably just fine.
But, we still carry the galvanized rims and for just a few dollars more per trailer, you can dress up the appearance of your pontoon trailer.
If the tandem trailer frame weights about #1000, the C range tires on a tandem axle trailer have a carrying capacity of #4520. If on the other hand your talking your boat on long runs in hot weather, you might want to invest in radial tires.
We also stock aluminum rims with chrome lug nuts and trim pieces, but they do add quite a bit of cost.

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