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Published 11.12.2013 | Author : admin | Category : Wooden Skiff Plans

This boat started off as a facing backwards foot propelled boat using a fin that swayed back and forth for propulsion, but curiosity got to me.
My original idea was to make a fold-up boat similar to my coroplast kayak and hike the boat to a near by reservoir, and pretty much have the lake to myself. The torque from this 3 hp motor added lots of stress on the steering lines, making steering rather difficult. The board on the floor too was an attempt to prevent the hull from flexing while under way.
Unlike the Gamefisher, the Tanaka had a kill switch which was hard to reach , so I moved it to a convenient location.

I kind of lost interest in the original idea, but I do like not having to heft around a 60 pound boat! Unlike the Gamefisher, the Tanaka steering arm is mounted off to the side, so custom bends had to be added. It was fashioned similar to how I had my other gamefisher motor, but instead of bending the original steering handle I opted to use a section of EMT tubing. I didn’t realize this set-up had changed the steering geometry, which required the lines to be reversed on the column spool. This also created a nice gas tank storage area and enabled the steering column end to now have a solid mount.

This would save me from getting chopped up by the prop if I were ever to get thrown off the boat.

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