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Learn to Scull - It's easy if you have the right boat and the Edon TS515 is the perfect boat for learning and for fitness and fun.
Edon rowboats are constructed of a special polyethylene foam sandwich for lightness, damage resistence and strength.
Edon TS515 sculling boats, the most popular and affordable sliding seat recreational single sculls in the USA are sold exclusively by The Virginia Rowing Company. Light, durable, fast and a lot of fun the Edon TS515 is the perfect boat for exercise and recreation, for clubs, for camps and for learn to scull programs.
LIGHT AND EASY: Edon sculling boats are very manageable, whether you're moving it down your dock or car topping to the nearest lake. Sculling boats are often heavy and difficult to pick up but the Edon has handles under the seat as well as bow and stern so moving the boat is never a problem.
STABILIZER PONTOONS: For added stability all Edon rowing boats come complete with stabilizer pontoons which can be fitted or removed in seconds.
SET UP: Settings such as spread and oarlock height are identical to standard racing boats which makes the Edon perfect for progression in the sport. Recommended ArticlesBuying A Used Boat?A marine surveyor is hired to protect your interests. Avoiding That Sinking FeelingWhen an insurance company declares a boat a Constructive Total Loss (CTL), it means the boat was heavily damaged; whomever buys it from the insurance company knows up front what they're getting into. Although we always keep a stock of boats at our base in Norfolk Va, at this time of year delivery times can increase a little and it's worth bearing that in mind when deciding when to order, sooner is always better.
The Edon is a recreational rowing boat that the average person can pick up and move on their own with confidence. The pontoons connect directly to the wing rigger and have been designed to ensure they don't impede boat speed.
With the pontoons off you have an excellent training and recreational sculling boat which is fast, easy to row and fun to use.
Sculling is actually more correct but can confuse things and even very experienced scullers will say they're going rowing. Some storm-damaged boats will be properly repaired as good as new, but many more will be patched up just enough to sell, leaving the new owner with what could end up being an unusable boat. Ives, Cambridgeshire on the River Great Ouse, and within an hours drive from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Peterborough, Greater London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Northamptonshire. With the pontoons fitted the boat is almost impossible to flip, a real benefit when learning to scull or if you row on cold water where falling in could be a serious hazard.
Have you ever dreamed of buying a bargain-priced banged-up boat, and wondered if you should? We specialise in river boat sales and inland boat chandlery.Local river networks served by the marina, boat sales and chandlery include the River Great Ouse, the River Nene and the Middle Level, the Old West River, the River Cam, the River Lark, the Little Ouse, Brandon Creek, the River Whissey.

It's a fact of life that every so often a major storm comes ashore and wreaks havoc on thousands of boats.
Case in point: Hurricane Sandy that pummeled the East Coast last fall and destroyed an estimated 65,000 recreational boats. But only a few states brand salvaged boats, and some states don't even require titles for boats. Many were so badly damaged, they were written off by insurance companies, including BoatUS.
Anyone wishing to obscure a boat's history need only cross state lines to avoid detection, which can be a tip-off. Looking behind the scenes to see how some of those boats make it back on the water can help you decide if a bargain boat is right for you.Treasure To TrashThe BoatUS Catastrophe Team (CAT Team), a group of experienced surveyors and claims adjusters, spent months finding, salvaging, and cataloging thousands of boats that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy last year. Many were destroyed beyond fixing, some sank, and many more had significant enough damage that they were declared a Constructive Total Loss (CTL).
After a disaster, CTL designations are usually given to boats after the CAT Team provides an estimate in the field for repairs that exceed the boat's value.
A boat may be declared a CTL because the damage is great, or because the owner didn't insure it for much, in which case it may be well worth repairing.
Why?Look for evidence of major interior repairs: Fresh paint or gelcoat work on the inside of the hull and the engine room is usually obvious.
A boat that appears relatively undamaged may, in fact, have been sitting underwater for days.Once a boat is dubbed a CTL, the insurance company sends a check to the owner, along with settlement documents, and in return receives the boat's ownership papers. Though owners usually have the option to buy back their boat at its salvage value, most choose not to do so. Mike Costa is a broker for Certified Sales, a company that finds new homes for boats that the insurance company has deemed not cost effective to repair. Boats are sold "as is, where is." Bidders are required to register and provide a small deposit. At the end of the auction process a€” typically four to eight weeks a€” the winner is notified.
Once the winning amount is paid, the ownership papers are transferred and the boat starts its new life.
Surprisingly, the vast majority of CTL boats eventually get sold; Costa says only one or two percent of them are not.
Some boats have gaping holes in the hull or deck, some were submerged, and some were pounded relentlessly for hours, with resulting serious structural damage, corroded engines and wiring, and shredded gelcoat and paint. Boat lovers often get squeamish when they see that much damage, but most can be successfully repaired with enough time and money.Carroll Robertson, vice president of BoatUS Marine Insurance Claims, says some CTL boats go to boatyards that repair them during the slow season to keep their employees busy. Others are sold to starry-eyed buyers looking for a bargain, who often have more time than money to invest.Trash To Treasure?For consumers, buying and repairing a boat with severe storm damage brings many challenges.

Though CAT Team surveyors try to establish a rough repair estimate, it's not nearly as complete as if a boat were going through the normal repair process. An auction winner has a short time to remove the boat from the storage yard, and it has to be stored somewhere while the repairs take place.
Add transportation and storage to the distressed price of the boat and it may not be such a good deal.One of the most devastating events that can happen to any boat is sinking in saltwater. All too often engines are not flushed and pickled right away after a major storm because boatyards have to dig out for days before any work can be done.
Engines, which can make up half of a small boat's value, can be permanently damaged by corrosion. Saltwater damages electrical devices and connections and can wick into wires, requiring a complete rewiring of the boat. It's safer to assume the worst for a saltwater-submerged boat.Still, some people are up for the challenge. Years ago, member Dave Netting bought a 35-foot O'Day sailboat that ended its previous life during a hurricane by crashing through breaking waves onto the rocky Maine coast.
Netting knew the boat needed serious repairs and didn't even bother to have a marine surveyor inspect it. Dave's experience with fiberglass and woodworking was limited and he expected the project to take about a year to complete. The boat, however, had other ideas, and the job, start to finish, took a little over two years, working every spare minute of every day. The cost, not including his own labor, was a little less than half of what a new boat would have cost.Would Netting do it again? Repair yards routinely charge $85 per hour and up, and the labor can run to hundreds of hours. Even experienced repair yards that buy storm-damaged boats can get in over their heads and find costs getting out of hand.
As one boatyard owner joked: "How do you make a million dollars repairing storm-damaged boats? Start with 2 million dollars."Still, in the aftermath of a major storm, hope often emerges, and new dreams are born amidst the destruction. Auction sites have pages of mangled boats that can be had for a fraction of their pre-damage value, and some of the deals seem too good to pass up. The money you spend could save you thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights.A BoatUS Consumer Protection may be able to help you find a workable solution.

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