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From fishing to tubing to cruising, when you and your family want to do it all, a deck boat is a good fit.
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The first thing you’ll notice when comparing bowriders and deck boats is that they look a little different. Because of the different hull shapes, bowriders and deck boats will tend to handle in a different way. You will usually have more seating and storage aboard a deck boat, compared to a bowrider of the same size. While both deck boats and bowriders are built strong to withstand a wide variety of water conditions, there are inherent differences. With lakes, rivers and streams to choose from, freshwater fishing is all about reeling in the big one. Go offshore blue water, near shore, river, day or weekend cruising, and you'll find relaxation at a slow and steady pace. Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.

Propulsion system composed of an inboard engine connected to a steerable drive unit extending through a cut-out in the transom. Deck boats have wide decks with fast, maneuverable hulls that look and perform like bowriders. Sign up to receive information from dealers and manufacturers on various boat types and models.
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That's why we created this library of articles, videos and blog posts to help you throughout your adventures.
But, other than the shape of the hull and forward deck, you can find similar styling options such as hull graphics and gel coat colors that range from wild to mild, depending on your personal tastes.
This is because the beam (width) of a deck boat is carried further forward, rather than tapering off to a point like a typical bowrider. On flat calm water or even a light chop, there is very little difference in the feel of the ride.
A deck boat might just be the ticket.Deck boats visually resemble bowriders, but they retain much of their beam further forward with bows that don’t come to a bowrider’s sharp point.

With a variety of engine packages available, you'll have plenty of juice for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding, or just heading toward the horizon on a long cruise.
While deck boats will have flatter bottom and a little less bowrise (the lifting of the front of the boat when accelerating), bowriders will have some type of V-hull, which comes to a point in the front and generally turns more sharply, particularly at higher speeds. Since this will likely be the type of condition you’ll see most of the time on protected lakes and rivers, it may not be a big issue for you.
Many also give you the option of adding a tower or other type of elevated point of attachment point for the rope. As deck boats have become bigger and broader and pontoon boats have become more powerful, performance-ready and posher, the two categories have drawn closer.Sporty and stylish, deck boats come in a variety of configurations, from sunpad-topped sterndrive power to outboard engines directed by single-side console. On the other hand, the width and stability of a deck boat are points worth considering, particularly if you have young children on board. Taking to the water from one of them, you can enjoy being in the water or bouncing along on top of it as generous powerplants provide plenty of oomph for waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing.

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