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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Georgia USA Inboard Ski Boat Molds for sale Full tooling complete, price sheet from A to Z on build and rigging, full custom interior. Location: Australia Re Ski boat moulds I am an Australian manufacturer and would like more information on your ski boat moulds.
I represent a group of businessmen looking to manufacture inshore recreational boats ie wakeboarding and skiing. Location: au molds every thing you have on the molds , how much andany other photos??? Location: Plainfield, IL Inboard ski-boat molds Are the molds still for sale?
Originally Posted by JustinW Full tooling complete, price sheet from A to Z on build and rigging, full custom interior.
Location: spain A practicle problem would be how do you come ashore with your amphibian ? Originally Posted by michael pierzga A practicle problem would be how do you come ashore with your amphibian ?
Honda 110 is still made in Oz and NZ according to wiki, and its wet weight is just over 200lbs, which includes lots of 1960 era steel body work, and generally burly construction.
I do remember seeing a fat man(300+) on a Trail 90 chugging up a steep hill in San Fran, so I figure it is doable once down-geared. Cooling is another problem if using an existing air-cooled motor(for cost and simplicity) on a heavier, slower, more shrouded(figure the motor will be 'sunk' into the hull even if exposed to air) application. So I figure if you don't have a berth along that wall you mentioned in a prior thread, or if they want a king's ransom, you anchor out, then you launch your Hybrid Motor-Recumbent-Kayak and motor over to the ramp at about 8 knots and ride up the ramp.
Location: Arlington, WA-USA I thought of something similar but using a mountain bike for muscle power. Location: USA I like Petros' idea, except I would add the ability to adjust the beam on the cat hulls so you can adjust for stability vs. You could put a kayak on a go-kart, but you'll never use it on any street in the states or europe, you'd have a better chance with floats on an electric wheel chair. As mentioned above adding a salt water environment in the equation is a real problem, I don't want my Transalp rusting away. A 650 dirt bike will climb out of most anything, but not bolders along a rocky shore or quicksand mud or deep sand, just can't put off in such areas. Having skids instead of wheels will effect the approach and departure angle of your machine going over rough terrain or cresting over dips in a roadway, like approaching some RR crossings, depends on how long your outriggers are. Keeping within a realistic budget, the least expensive way to go is a trailer that can be pulled by your land vehicle that is also the frame for inflatable pontoons or boat that your land vehicle can be carried on. If I had the cat pictured above and that Big Rukus, I'd bag it and be on my way, set it off on the dock and wheel it away. Location: maine If the dinghy had an electric motor and the bike had one too, a single battery and controller could be shared to save weight. Originally Posted by Dave Gudeman How about just using the scooter engine to power a PWC, but leave the PWC hull at the shore and drive the scooter away?
The hull could be designed so that you can lock the scooter in it in an upright stance for riding. With this, the scooter doesn't have to carry the hull and other boat apparatus around with it so it could be made lighter and more efficient.
Plimsol » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Can i use a motorcycle engine? Location: Chicago I performed a similar operation on my boat this past summer and into this spring. Location: TN MY GARAGE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, THESE AIR TOOLS ARE MAKIING A MESS!

This is the type buffer I have (see pic) do you think that would work like an 7" angle grinder? Location: New Orleans the buffer would work in a pinch but you would want something with more speed. Using 1708 and US Composites Epoxy, what is the best way to lay up the stringers on the Supra ? Location: TN Making a little progress Inside stringer was a big job (for me) designing, cutting and assembling. Location: Augusta, GA Rotten Stringers (Tournament Ski Boat) I have a 1985 19' Ski Supreme. The stringers in my boat have rotted to the point you can see everthing flex when you push on the motor. I have talked to a local repair shop (that has been highly recommended) and have a ballpark estimate to do the work.
Location: Ontario Without actually seeing the damage it's hard to take a guess. Location: Augusta, GA I am here in Augusta, I build boats and have replaced stringers before. Location: Augusta, GA Repares underway Finally got started on this project this weekend.
Location: Colorado Springs, CO rebuilding my own 19' ski supreme I am rebuilding a 1985 barefoot supreme.
With any luck we should have some pics of a big 33’ Fountain to show you.  That thing will be wicked!  Check back soon!
Location: Taralga NSW I'll be guided to a large extent by the guy who will rebuild the motor, due to his extensive experience but I expect to step the motor back 200 to 250 mm from the transom, assuming this will eliminate a transom cutout.
As far as balance goes shifting just that small amount sideways wont have any noticeable effect at all ! How you going to couple the tank filler to the tank and where will you locate the filler ??
I like my battery really close to the motor and tucked up under the aft deck higher than the floor so never gets any moisture and the cables are just what came with the motor !! The fuel filler and breather will pass just behind one front seat then up to the side deck. Side deck wouldn't get much water on it anyway so shouldn't be a problem !!petrol in boats is dangerous at all times so double stainless steel hose clips every where and leave nothing to chance !!
Only time there ever water inside the hull is when I been fishing and hosed out the inside of the boat from end to end !!! I have petrol cans with inbuilt breathers so I understand the principle and will adopt if available.
I also have a new 12V blower that was never installed on my last boat, so this mounted up front (well away from any petrol fumes) can be set up to operate whenever the engine runs, pushing any fumes to a vent and out to the world. Location: Taralga NSW Yes D, thin strips of Paulonia that is a pleasant honey colour when varnished. I think this will be a more pleasing effect than black silicone strips, about the same amount of work but far less messy to do.
Location: Taralga NSW Rebuild project completed Many of you showed interest in the earlier stages of this rebuild so I thought you might like to see the finished job. Now let's hope I can sell it at a reasonable price to get back the materials cost and at least some of the labour - even though it really was a hobby project! If you stay under say, 49 cc as the drive engine to stay under the issues above, you absolutley will not have enough power to climb any significant grade pulling two people and the contraption with a banana from the store. IMO, due to the restrictions of 1 and 2 above, the way of least resistance is to keep the floation device as a home made water craft that is easily described and conforms to reality along with a motorized vehicle that will pass as a road worthy vehicle. I thought using a water proof bag system that would cover the bike might work, but I don't know about condensation issues but it would keep salt out.

Without an engine, the PWC hull would not be very attractive to steal, especially if it only worked with a particular model of scooter. The front wheel is clamped to the PWC steering mechanism so when you turn the handlebars, it steers the craft. I used a my sawz-all wherever I could to help keep the itching powder to a minimum - the longer blades work well. A simple pie plate backer and shop vac hook up (don't get fancy, duct tape and cussing can make one) will make the mess more manageable. Drilled hole slightly larger than pipe then heated the PVC to make it flexible and snaped into place. The original construction of this boat was not to the same quality as a Ski Nautique or MasterCraft (there is a reason for the price difference).
The forward end of the tank will be roughly in line with the windscreen and therefore well forward. Batteries don't and should never be in a place where there's the likely-hood of them getting wet and remaining wet !plus long power cables are not the best for a starter because of the possible power drop .
Bilges need ventilation at each end so fumes can get out and air can circulate naturally at all times All my boats I have done away with the drain bungs and fitted a big screw out clear port and fixed a really big capacity bilge pump right in the lowest part of the stern !! All the deck beams are in and I have found a supplier who will slit 140 X 25 mm Merbau into 10 mm thick strakes for the deck.
These will be 10 mm wide, inserted into grooves cut with a router centrally along the 120 wide planks also into a rebate at each edge. Bonding each strip in with thickened epoxy will be waterproof and the old trick of wiping off any excess with white vinegar before the epoxy kicks will minimise the cleanup prior to sanding.
I first made a template from a thin plastic fluoro light baffle and cut the real one to shape with an ultra-thin (1mm) angle grinder blade.
The carpets came from Bunnings (our equivalent of Home Depot at less than half the price from the marine specialists. What insurance company will insure a home built vehicle that appears to be a kayak with wheels? When you get ashore, if you don't want to lock your rig to a tree, pack it up and pull the trailer with you.
The rear wheel is clamped to a drum so that when the engine turns the rear wheel, it turns the drum and the turning drum powers a propeller or pump to drive the craft.
I'll go by Lowes and the local paint supply and look for some grinding discs and flapper discs. Am sorting out some linkage problems with the twin rudders and might go sailing tomorrow if the weather holds.
A motorcycle would work well for this arrangement and it could all be registered and insured for each element, for what they are.
SOOOOOO I am bedding the stringers the way it was originally made, but, adding fillets, beveling the wood, using epoxy and 1708.
I am going to install new stringers, a new floor and completely re work the boats interior.
Go-hard" types would probably want something bigger than 60 litres but that is just too bad. I am relatively handy when it comes to repairs, but an idiot when it comes to hands on use of fiberglass or epoxy.

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