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The name of something should reflect some significant or hopefully dominant feature of the thing to hearld what it is. If you wish to change the definition as you see it to suit your own concepts who's to argue? Personally, if I wanted anything that old in style, I?d want to go all the way and use steam power and maybe paddlewheels. Location: Flattop Islands Describing and defining a canoe stern is even more difficult than the double-ender. I think of canoe sterns as finer and more graceful than the typical Colin Archer double-ender. Amateur designers Albert Strange (1855-1917) and George Holmes (1861-1940) did a great deal to popularize the canoe yawl type by creating and sailing these small but capable vessels on some challenging cruises. Location: Minnesota, USA I guess in my mind, I picture a canoe stern as having tumblhome from about sta 6 or 7 back and around. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Maybe in these days of high fuel prices and the coming years - perhaps not too far off - we may see a resurgence of efficient power watercraft including double-enders, for recreational purposes, but I doubt it.
Typically NW American seagoing birchbark canoes had tapering stems like modern sea kayaks, no surprise there. Dugouts of the same region often had small transoms or wildly raised sterns clearly intended to fend off - or surf down - a following sea. A racing canoe was an entirely different design, extremely long 50+ ft with longest practical waterline as you might expect. The Kutenai built a bark canoe with stems like extreme wave-piercing designs - I have never been able to figure out the reason.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. For the first time in the history of yacht making, a super yacht is made on the basis of an automotive concept.
The salient feature of the yacht consists of a sunken pool towards the front with a retractable cover, which provides shelter in rainy and rough weather condition.
The yachts interiors are specially designed for a unique atrium space with a double curved staircase.
Till now, the project has been done with the covering layout, which includes tanks, garages, and power. The main aim behind the interior designing is that the yacht should be as spacious as possible, both internally and externally. Drive Design, is one of the finest designing companies that deal with modeling and cgi visualizing of the Marine and Automotive industries.
The company ensures a complete participation in the whole design process from start to finish. Thus, Chris Longmore, Founder and Director of Drive, has created a multi-disciplinary company of diverse design-related expertise. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system.
Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think! Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter.
LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts. Dose any houseboat enthusiast outthere have detailed plans for houseboat pontoon construction for loading capacity of 35-40 metric tons for river cruising. Location: Melbourne Australia Steel Pontoon Design Do you have design details for large commercial steel pontoons 20 meters length with approx 35 metric tonne displacement for 2. Like I said I don't have detailed plans for your request, but I have some experience in pontoon design or houseboat design and I can make detailed plans for you.

If you stop and think about it, the extension of houseboat plans to encompass multi-unit housing construction was only a matter of time. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! On most of the J Pole designs out there, a choke should be used as close to the feedpoint of the antenna as possible to help prevent rf on the feedline and creating difficulty with SWR readings. If you are a boat enthusiast owning a wonderful boat, probably, the main complaint you have is how standard most boats look. Actually, vinyl graphics for boats is a perfect way to turn any ordinary vessel into a splendid boat just in no time while eliminating large expenses involved into traditional painting.
All our vinyl boat decals, vinyl boat wrap and lettering products are made of top-notch quality vinyl materials ensuring all graphics can be applied quickly as well as replaced without any hassles.
So whether you are a boat admirer or businessman interested in an eye-catching and cost-effective advertising, SpeedGraphics is here to help with any your related goals.
Not quite gone with the wind, there are lots of them still around, lovingly preserved from antiquity. If the masses can't afford to run their honking great highspeed boats they will either go smaller or go away.
Ignoring modern canoe stern variations, aboriginal builders were incredibly innovative and used many stern types.
I haven?t seen any flat planing sterns or tunnel sterns on an aboriginal canoe though, but they tried everything else.
Technically speaking, it is more than difficult to adapt a concept that is used on land and integrate it in a sea going vessel.
But then Drive decided that if it has to turn an unconventional concept into reality, it would better make the best out of it. This special structure provides the yacht with a cruising speed in the region of 20 + knots, in a range of about 5500 nautical miles. The reduction of the number of rooms in this design is expected to give the increased feeling of space. The company works with one of the best names in the industry and provides advises both major international manufacturers and SME companies in the development and manufacturing process and also to bring conceptual ideas to reality. The process starts with the first step of developing concept sketches into 3D surfaces from which CGI visuals are produced. It is because of this that drive has attracted high caliber staff which includes designers such as Mark Pritchard, Design Manager, leading software developers (Yannick Lorvo, Head of CGI), manufacturers like JCB and graduates from the likes of the Royal College of Art and Coventry Transportation Design. We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt. 1200 sections are usually hexagon or octagon design formed out of two sheets of 1200x2400 mm sheet ( 3mm) galv steel. Still, it seems fitting that the Netherlands would be the first to give more extensive water-based residences a try given their tumultuous nautical history and ever-rising tide lines.
Actually, if you would like your boat to stand out from the rest showing off your personality and unique style, vinyl graphics for boats could be your saving solution.
Moreover, our vinyl boat decals along with vinyl boat wrap graphics will be the perfect choice for businesses as well ensuring visible advertising that will definitely attract people that spend time on the water and those who engage in watching boating competitions. By browsing through our website, you can find a variety of boat graphic designs available in many styles, colors, shapes and sizes to meet virtually any tastes and needs. You can be absolutely sure that with our creative vinyl graphics for boats people will certainly notice and remember your vessel. It seems to me they are all on loan to the local boat museum, taking advantage of the free mooring no doubt, and only get taken out for the annual regatta when their owners show up in a plastic monstrosity with a great chunk of noisy metal hanging over the stern. As impressive as Serenade is, I would not consider that a canoe stern and I would guess that in the popular vernacular, most others would not consider that a canoe stern.
Drive design, the famous yacht builders took this bold initiative when they decided to build the 125m 7Cs superyacht.

The design company decided to make an overtly luxurious cruiser out of the concept, with flamboyant styling and glamorous comfort interiors. Helicopter is planned to be garaged so that the maximized deck space from it can also be used for some other purposes. The hull of the yacht is so designed that it moves smoothly through the sea, as a reverse bow minimizes the ’slamming’ waves force.
The yacht’s plan received an amazing response from the people, which compelled the designers to the finish the yacht at the soonest.The designers also developed design modifications based on the feedback received with input from suppliers. The interior would have provision for about 12 guests (possibly up to 14), and double the number of crew.
The main essence of the company lies in its high value of maintaining a long term business relationships with clients. Then the sketches are seen by the clients who give the final green signal for the construction process to get started. Once out, it will definitely become a trend setter and the most sought after yacht of all times.
You should get good results with the choke within 3 or 4 inches of the feedpoint on 2 meters. Besides keeping in mind the demand of motorcycle jackets, we have introduced the letterman jackets to satisfy the thirst with our quality service. SpeedGraphics is ready to provide you with an extensive number of boat graphic designs presented in vinyl boat decals, lettering and vinyl boat wrap graphics. It was the sheer determination of Drive’s designers that drove them to take the challenge of blending the traditional proportions of a superyacht with the tried and tested ideas of the automotive industry. The accommodation space of the yacht was arranged purely to provide the levels of comfort and space that the owner would expect in his homes. Along with the usual ’toys’, the yacht provides a special arrangement of side garage doors where smaller craft can be driven in or out without the use of a winch system. Some of its key clients include Ken Freivokh, Redman Whiteley Dixon, Sunseeker and Fairline. This benefits Marine designers and shipyards for accelerating the design and development of each stage of a project. The designer’s were keen to experiment with the automotive characters of line, proportion, and graphical breakup, to create a vessel with a unique stance and balance above the water line. Moreover, the ‘wave’ motif which runs from the bow down the side to the stern allows the superstructure to be somewhat higher at the bow protecting the deck. Presently the designers are finalizing the interior accommodation space and hope to release visuals of the internal space soon. It also allows crucial marketing and design decisions to be made quicker and at the earlier stage.
So everyone else thinks as it has been voted 'Most livable City in the World' for 2 years recently.
Drive designs are a pioneer in unconventional yacht design making, and have designed a number of sea-going vessels, ranging in size from small motor boats to large superyachts of 50m and above. It also allows the yacht to break up its profile, lowering the visual line as it runs towards the stern and breaks up the colors, which lightens the visual bulk of the yacht and makes the yacht look a lot lower than it actually is. The 3D data is also used in the engineering processes to create physical models and product tooling.
The same data source is provided to all the people working on the process so that each and everyone has access to the most up-to-date design information, which allows shipbuilders to retain the original design intent.

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