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All month I’ve been speaking to interior designers about their work, the process of helping someone hone in on their style and how the industry is changing. I am a studant at Mabank Junior High and I was assigned a project to reserch about our future career. Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business.
Eyewear adverts from the spring summer Tom Ford campaign photographed by the designer himself, the campaign features supermodels Jon Kortajarena and Karen Elson, who’s take in the campaign we posted few weeks ago.
Design SCENE is a daily style and design destination and home of monthly print & digital magazines Design SCENE and MMSCENE as well as internationally distributed magazine D'SCENE. The scale of the sets Hutman designed on location in Australia were enormous and detailed to a fault, from the vast dusty stretches of the Omori prison camp to the interior of the B-24 bomber seen at the start of the movie—much of it assembled from collectors, museums and replica aficionados.
UnbrokenThe concept for the first of Zamperini’s POW camps, the Marshall Island Kwajalein, was tropical and South Pacific. Hutman and Jolie first met in Venice on the opulent thriller The Tourist and have just finished making Jolie’s third film, By the Sea, in which she also stars opposite husband Brad Pitt.
Hutman said Naoetsu, the final POW setting that closes the film, had to feel like the very last outpost at the end of the world. The flip side of the glamorous Yokohama scenes, said Hutman, were the film’s final images of bombed Tokyo. Designer Jon Bausor has created atmospheric sets across the world from opera in Vienna to the spooky surroundings of Ghost Stories in the West End. I think normally it’s about a month between starting work on a project and then finishing a design to hand in in model form, and then another month of construction that goes into that work before it appears on stage. When I was at school I was in a school play and someone from the Royal Shakespeare Company saw me play Prince Hal in our school production of Henry IV and invited me to come and audition for the RSC. Reading the book [Lord Of The Flies] and obviously with the plane crash at the beginning, it felt obvious that that was going to be the starting point for whatever the design was going to be. Jon has a 20-year background in design research and interaction design and has served in a broad range of roles, from designer to strategic planner and manager of organizational practices. Written by frog designers, technologists, and strategists, design mind is a digital platform and print magazine providing the design and innovation community with perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture. This week I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with interior designer Jon Call of Mr. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. As Lord Of The Flies runs at the Regent’s Park Open Air theatre featuring one of his most ambitious designs yet, Bausor talks to Charlotte Marshall. Sometimes in opera and ballet they split the set and the costume design but most of the time we do everything.
I got a part as Lucius in Julius Caesar so I spent a year with them which was quite exciting.
I was really proud of the scale of what we achieved with so little money on that show and it was massive. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others.

This place was one of the locations that drew us ultimately to film in Australia: Cockatoo Island, a Naval shipyard in the middle of Sydney Harbor. The color and new cars gives him this moment of hope that he is returning to civilization for good. Obviously that comes with the resonance of relation to modern day events like planes being blown out of the sky with bombs; it felt quite relevant.
The one thing I think is important is to create that operatic sense of space and set in the place.
They don’t come in very often and we got permission and had to sign lots of documents to allow us to go on and know these secrets.
The team was brilliant and we were very close by the end of it because literally everyone had a spanner in their hands at some point by the end of it, including the directors, which was good! Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published. What you feel when you are with Louie is you are in one of the strangest, most exotic place that you can imagine, a huge contrast to 47 days in the open sea in a raft. Angie’s whole idea for this section of the film was that this sequence should be about black and white. I find it really tricky because your time is stretched as a designer between having to go to builders, getting things made up, working with costume supervisors and makers building costumes and sourcing fabrics etc, so you get torn away quite a lot from the rehearsal room.
I met the designer called Tobias Hoheisel and I got really excited by what theatre design was.
With those trees that are literally 20 metres high in the backdrop, you need to be able to place something against that that’s as big and as strong.
I talked to people on the boat about what they did and the practicalities of it while secretly taking snaps on my phone and making quick measurements and getting a feel for what it was as a space. That’s what is so complex and compelling about Angie as a filmmaker is that sensibility. We found a location that was in the middle of downtown Sydney that was a full city block slated for demolition. But it’s good being in there because you can challenge things and I love essentially being what some people call a cinematographer, in terms of looking at the way the space is used as well as just putting a design in there. You also need to join the auditorium to the stage because the audience does so much of the evening in daylight, you need to pull the two together otherwise you do end up with a very separate experience as an audience member. And then I suppose on a grand scale something like the King Lear at the RSC was an ambition. Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. I wrote loads of letters to people and eventually went to assist a couple of designers, then I went to train in a place called Motley which is a fantastic course with 10 students in the back of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.
That was what the clothes strewn into the trees do and the engines planted actually in the auditorium, hence joining the two.The clothes are terribly open to the elements. I was so inspired by his desire to hold the design industry to higher standards (more innovation, more open-mindedness) that I think I may have told him I wanted to vote for him for President of the Design United States.
These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.

And one of Angie’s initial visual concepts for Omori was this kind of dusty monochromatic quality. Then it becomes what I call a friendly fight between us; challenging each other and slightly prodding in both directions. The philosophy was incredible, we did everything, and because everyone was from really different backgrounds, not just theatre, or art, it meant that we all had this incredible process and learnt in a very interesting way.
We would never have been able to build the plane entirely that well and make it look real so the instinct was to go and find a real plane to blow up rather than construct the whole thing from scratch with all those curves and shapes.We all become slightly nerdy in our knowledge of planes and the Production Manager, Matt, and myself did a lot of research. I did some building in the West End, construction work etc, and learnt how to build scenery and stuff like that.To be a designer I think you probably have to be a perfectionist and incredibly anal underneath! Matt basically found this salvage yard and we went on a jolly down to Hampshire one day, in the snow, and found this 747 and a couple of other planes and then this plane just sitting rotting in this kind of plane graveyard.
I’d like to do more opera and I like things that have an emotional content to it, essentially a heart, so less about realism and more about poetry or an emotion that sits behind something quite powerfully, say in a piece of Wagner where you can really express something incredibly strongly on such an epic scale that goes from one point in a spectrum to another point by the end. Then we go into a vigorous process from there, challenging what we’ve put in the model box. Sometimes you have to be a good diplomat in terms of working with directors and actors and the neuroses that comes with theatre and putting all your emotions on stage in front of an audience. There are all these bizarre things you need to be aware of, like foxes, especially when you’ve got people crawling around on their hands and knees. He has such a bright and important future ahead of him and I cannot wait to see what comes next for him.
For opera you have massive budgets and normally massive stages to fill and amazing technology as well, so you can achieve a lot in the same space. I think flexibility and a sense of seeing the possibility in things and a way of moulding something into something else, even if it’s come out of a skip, being able to see the potential in things is really important.
I thought we didn’t stand a chance in hell of being able to buy one with the money we had, but actually it was relatively cheap for what we got!
With people like Jon leading the way for interior design, we’re in great (and very thoughtful) hands. But they work so far in advance so the downside is that you slightly lose that organic, more interrogatory process because you have to design everything in advance and then everybody turns up and does it.
The engine that’s on stage, apparently they get converted normally into sofas for the discerning gentleman, which is a bit random.
Sometimes in dance you get to work on a costume with a dancer who is going through the choreography and you get to work with the way the body moves in that piece of clothing which is really exciting. The horizontal tail where they [the cast] stand up and the vertical tail fin are constructions, so they were built separately in the scenic workshop, so it all had to be joined together.
So I presented what I thought was an idea to a props maker and then she took that forward and made it actually achievable. In terms of that prop I was slightly less involved than I would normally be because it was a taxidermy job to an extent, but I was adamant it had to have real boar skin and what it had to look like, I sent all the references and sizes through.

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