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PVC Sheet instead of plywood » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post settled on a boat to build can i put a junk sail on this boat? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Powered by the burning and expanding fuel gases, a piston moves back and forth in the cylinder. A small gearbox at the bottom of the driveshaft converts vertical spinning motion into horizontal spinning motion. Flywheel (blue): A heavy wheel that builds up momentum as the engine accelerates, helping to maintain a smooth and steady engine speed. Starter motor (grey): Normally you'd start an outboard motor electrically, just as you'd start a car. Pistons (yellow): Move back and forth in the cylinders, driven by the energy released from burning fuel, and transferring that energy to the crankshaft. Mounting bracket: Where the motor attaches to the back of the boat and swivels up and down. You might like my new book, Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home, published worldwide by Bloomsbury.
Location: Adriatic sea No, the timing belt doesn't slip unless severely overloaded. Location: Georgia I was thinking of a v-belt because of the problem of wrecking the belt if it did slip. Originally Posted by Mark Emaus I was thinking of a v-belt because of the problem of wrecking the belt if it did slip. Wish I had seen this before I glassed over the tunnel in the bottom of my jetski as the boot from a car drive shaft would have been easy to fit .. Location: maine Many many small engines are available with reduction drives built right on. This image is featured as part of the article Oceanco at the 2012 Dubai Boat Show with 92m Remi Tessier Yacht and Adriel Rollins’ 90m Super Yacht Lumen on display. Location: Muscatine, Iowa also any ideas on where to purchase a prop for larger motor.
Location: Minnesota Keep us updated on the gear reducer I'd love to see what you have found and hear more about it when you get a chance. Originally Posted by Gholspawn could you send me plans please This thread is the plans. If it is a 4 stroke, do you have any concerns with the oiling of the motor and the associated problems that John had over at Rickshaw? As a machinist of 35 years Ive built any number of projects and as a boat owner all of the upgrades to our boat came at my hand. Location: Oriental, NC Mike, The first thing you need to know is whether the C Dory 25 is capable of handling that much load that far aft without messing up the balance?
Location: NW Washington State USA I think the best handling boats and airplanes have all thier heavy stuff very close to the center of the vehicle. Originally Posted by Alasgun Hello to everyone, being my first post I'll do a little introduction first before discussing the reason I joined your forum. I changed to a 25 inch leg from a 20 inch i stepped the motor back 10 inchs and did a heap of other things inside as well , all in all its works a treat and i am really pleased with it . The actual plant was built on my work bench over a wooden former and then transplanted onto the back of the hull .

The 10inch step back has made the power trim a lot more responsive and boat better riding when trimmed . I changed to hydralic steering because of the bigger motor and because it was compact and neat and tidy and that was heavenly move ! Location: Oriental, NC All of these boats are dories and have the limitation of low bottom area to deal with. My goals in this upgrade are, more cockpit space a full transom and what ever performance benifits may come along with the deal.
I trust and respect the opinions of folks who already have the experience to make judgement calls in this matter and will value those tidbits if we go ahead with the project. Doesnt hold water , doesnt rot, easy to get fish guts and blood off ,is soft to walk on , comes in a good range of colors and patterns , Easy to clean simply with a hose and scrubbing brush .
Its stuck down with bathroom grade clear silicone , i just did a strip round the edges and a few strips across .The carpet is soft on the feet and really hard wearing . Its a easy way to add non slip and if it gets damaged in any way or what ever you can take it off and replace it with something else . I covered the step on parts of the fenders on the boat trailer the same way and it been on there for more than 6 years and still looks as good as the day it was put on and they get a lot of wear and tear . Its easy to remove using a really sharp knife , pick up the edge and cut the silicone along the painted surface and its off .
I have planed a pair of glass boarding plateforms each side of the motor well and those to will get covered the same way . Well, obvious he is creative and meticulous but it looks so good because it matches the boat. To the original post; it is obvious that added buoyancy to support an outboard aft is a requisite.
Remember the further the motor sticks out the back the more the back of the boat will go down by the stern at rest .Lots to cons ider !!
Easy Rider The cavitation plate is just below the level of the water coming out the back as it is away from the back of the hull so water pressure starts to climb the further the motor is back .
300 mm from the end of the hull = 6 mm the water will be above the keel line at 50 kmph , so 450 mm back the water is close to 10mm above the keel line . Remember its a 115 v4 motor and a 25 inch leg so lots extra strain placed on everything with weight and leverage in all directions .
We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.
The heavier your boat, the faster you drive it, the choppier the water, the more heavily loaded, or the lower in the water it sits, the more fuel you'll burn. If that's not possible, you can attach a pull cord to the flywheel and tug it vigorously to "crank" the motor into life. A medium-sized, three-cylinder outboard like this produces something like 40–50 horsepower.
Think of it as a kind of "spinning spine," running straight down through the center of the motor linking the cylinders at the top to the gears and propeller at the bottom. Another nice set of cutaway drawings and photos showing the internal parts of a typical outboard. Frenchman Gustav Trouvé designed the first electric-powered outboard motor around 1870 and (if that artwork can be believed) made his first voyage in it on May 26, 1881. These are made in sizes that can handle far more horsepowers than any V-belt and do not slip.

Now I'm looking to add a motor bracket to the back of our 25 ft C-dory and thought it prudent to seek some input. Ive seen enough activity in this area to know it is possible and am willing to go to great length if necessary to end up with a quality upgrade.
How much lengthening is hard to say but say the next time you bring your boat to Homer, we have a cup of coffee and discuss your project.
It's a fairly hefty machine, weighing in at 86kg (190lb)—almost the exact average weight of an American adult male!
The anti-cavitation plate is designed to reduce that problem, but cavitation can still be caused by floating debris disrupting the smooth flow of water around the propeller blades.
Gasoline-powered outboards followed about 20 years later and were developed by such pioneers as Ole Evinrude of Milwaukee (who patented a method of water cooling outboards in 1928) and the Swedish brothers Carl and Oscar Hult, who studied and improved on Evinrude's designs. It is my desire to fill the transom opening and laminate a glass bracket on capable of handling my 150 hp main and a 20 hp kicker. From a boat that had a smallish cockpit and was sluggish with a old 70hp OMC its now one quick responsive little beasty that does 120km per hour on the flat , or a nice cruising boat to simply go fishing in ! I thought you were talking about one of those brackets that puts the engine much further back. The belt will jump over a few teeth when the maximum torque is exceeded, but there will be some minor visible damage.
I've read a number of pieces on this subject and the more I read, the more questions I have. This seems sooo much better than those long extensions but it probably wouldn't work on a production boat as they need to accommodate the tallest engines.
Like my Winner that is about the same size has a very large well to accommodate the old tower of power Mercs. While at it, particularly in light of having a larger vessel (that holds water as well as keeps it out), real freeing ports are in order for when you get pooped in mean seas or when beaching.
In my simple mind I have it figured that a full width bracket configured to allow trim tab function would give greater floatation and easily hold up those to motors. If the bow is a little high, as someone suggested, go with a tad more length to add buoyancy aft.
I'd evaluate cutting out a big part of the transom and bolt on an overlaping thick lamination of ply the right thickness and do the glass magic you obviously know how to do. Further I was wondering if the very reward section of that bracket had a semi fan tail shape it might aid handling in a following sea. Like i said post some pictures and lets have a close look at what could be possible for the back of you boat . I like built-in tabs (planes, actually) as simplicity and never losing a fish to sharp metal objects is important to me. If a lengthening is taking place, it's a good time to look at that aft compartment, tanks, etc., as well.

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