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I'm new to this site and not sure if this is the correct forum for my question, but I'm starting here because it's about wooden boats and that's my thing.
Having come to the conclusion that the cost and effort outweighs the rewards I have decided NOT to restore any more old plywood boats.
I am kicking around with designs and will probably end-up designing my own (will I never learn?). It seems that the idea of water ballast has been used successfully by some designers to provide stability on the water and lightness on the trailer. Location: Brisbane, Australia By the way Tactic, can I ask what hull design software, (if any) you are using?
As has been pointed out, you don't need it in a craft of that size, unless you are towing with peddle power. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. CURLEWExperience, passion, and a relentless no-compromise approach gave rise to the Curlew. Location: crosbyton, TX I saw it the other day on the Totally Texas Boating Forum. It's nice to see someone come up with a design of thier own that is so clearly a new design, and seems to perform well.
Location: USA Rounded Tunnel I've always heard that the best tunnel design on these fiberglass boats is a round half-pipe design, to reduce turbulence created by the corners found in rectangular tunnels.

I've run a tunnel boat with ice runners that would turn on a dime at any speed, but the ice runners were a real hassle if you ever ran aground - can't slide the boat sideways.
I've also often wondered what would happen if you put a vertical plate down the center of the tunnel, virtually splitting it in half longitudinally. I'll just say that for reference that my little hovercraft (flat bottom) on an inland lake turned out not to be the best fishing platform.
Based on what I have learned in other threads, perhaps a retracable keel or retractable dagger board may help out shallow draft watercraft in rough seas which are at anchor. Location: Texas I've often caught myself sketching a hull that could augment, but I keep coming back to a design that can handle a degree of abuse with the minimal amount of up-keep. For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it, and is the predecessor and platform for some ideas I will be trying. Originally Posted by Baywolf For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it And it shows, it's quite a striking design with lots of curb appeal. Location: Singapore Water Jet Vs Outboard Engine Dear all, i am pretty new here. It follows racing yacht trends, like most everything and isn't a great idea in the first place. Even a ballasted fin keeler with 50% of it's mass in lead will be reasonably easy to drag along, because rolling weight isn't that difficult to move and the displacement of a fat, well burdened craft, in this size range wouldn't amount to much over a ton.
You've mentioned a centerboard, suggesting a shoal boat, which lends well to the light weight vessel and is easy towed.

With its sleek design, impeccable detail, and peerless shallow water performance, the Curlew approaches that elusive ideal of the perfect boat. The current trend toward canting keels, twin rudders and other devices unique to high dollar racing efforts are now trickling down to the designs on production boats, interested in capturing some of the new glory.
Shallow draft limits hull shape and accommodations, so a deep bellied, heavier displacement form is less likely. If you have the experience and skills necessary, draw up some preliminary sketches and work out the displacement.
However, and once again this was a flat bottom top heavy design not really intended for this use and a bit out of it's element. With over 20 years of experience -- along with its association with the industry's most sought-after Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and fishing guides -- we have created a legacy of product integrity.
Simple is usually much better then over working, thinking or designing things, in the long run.

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