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I put liquid nail between the pieces, then sandwiched those pieces together with a temporary piece of plywood on both sides. Also, I thought I was gonna lose some length when I wrapped the sides around so I was wrong when I said 10.5ft.
MA definitely knows these boats and I can say without a doubt the flex gows away and it's extremely sturdy. In a free society, it is not the obligation of the citizen to prove to the government that he is a good person.
Duck boats from Otter Outdoors give you the portability and flexibility you need to enjoy a successful waterfowl hunt. To get into the shallows of swamps and flooded cypress bottoms you can’t beat Otter boats. Camo Systems Ultra-lite NettingCamo Systems ultra-lite netting is versatile with many uses and applications. After that dried I took the temp pieces off and plan to fiberglass over both sides of the joint.
I was in the lake on my way to a spot last week and went over the top of a tree that was just below the surface. It is the obligation of the government to prove to the rest of the citizenry that the citizen is a bad person, with probable cause. These rugged boats keep you concealed and protect you while you recline in a shooting position as ducks and geese work your decoys. One reason I chose the Final Attack is I needed something light enough to handle by myself as I hunt alone most of the time. Camo® Camo Blind NettingThis versatile camo material allows you to put yourself and your gear out of sight instantly.

Camo® Blind Material - BurlapThis versatile camo material allows you to put yourself and your gear out of sight instantly. Granted mines an 8'r and was only being pushed by a trolling motor but it came out of the water on it's way over the stump and can't hardly tell where it slid across it. Use it to build ground blinds, duck blinds, and treestand blinds, and to conceal duck boats, cover ATVs, and more.Lightweight, weather-resistant, see-thru nylon mesh. Use to build ground blinds, duck blinds, treestand blinds, conceal duck boats, cover ATVs, and more. High-grade aluminum Cross-X™ frame snap-adjusts to fit any V-hull or Jon boat from 12' to 20'. It sits so low in the water that you have birds landing around you before your are done putting out your decoys. Flip-up double-door roof system springs open quickly providing instant unobstructed wing shooting from either side. Also you can stand up in the Final Attack without worrying about tipping over or capsizing.
Rugged 600 denier polyester cover features heavy-duty nylon vegetation straps sewn on all sides and on the roof for blending into any terrain. I may also buy the Stealth 2002 just so I can take a buddy along."Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Watertight compartment at each end, two side storage slots, a gun rack with shell holder and a cup and thermos holder keep your gear organized. Rodriguez Sterlington, La"I purchased this boat about 3 months before the 2008-2009 duck season. This is one of the best duck hunting purchases I have made in a long time I just wish I would have bought it years ago.

First, when hunting in a place that has a large amount of cypress knees just barely under the water and the boat gets on top of one you cannot just push off sideways to get off of it because of the keels, or when you are paddling along inside of the keel cathces a cypress knee it will pull you right on to it and you will have to wiggle your way back off of it.
The second small problem which is not really a problem is that they say it will float in six inches of water, maybe if I am not in it. When you get in shallow water just enough for you to be able to paddle it is much harder to paddle because the boat tends to have a little more drag on it from being so close to the bottom, just pulling the boat would be an easy solution to this.
The seat is comfortable if just wearing pants but not so if I am wearing waders so I found that if you put a boat seat under you where it will raise the back of you it is much more comfortable. The great things about this boat is that it is very stable, I can stand on the very edge of the boat and it will not flip over so standing in the boat and shooting is no problem if you do not have a swivel seat in it. If you want to wade you can just slide over the edge and when getting back in you have no worries of it flipping over or maybe you will if you are well over 200 lbs I don't know. The dry storage is big enough to store a life jacket, boat seat, extra clothes, shells etc: and they keep everything nice and dry no worry of wet objects. This boat has increased my take of ducks, if there are no ducks in the place where I am hunting I can just paddle around and jump up or slip up on some unsuspecting ducks so I can get my limit more easily. I would suggest the use of a kayak paddle it is more easy to use than a single paddle and I also modified a 12' jon boat trailer to fit this boat which was pretty simple.
This boat is also very helpful in getting rid of pesky nutria rats and beavers who like to eat your decoy cord or your decoys. I plan on using this boat this summer for fishing in small bayous and backwater where it is hard to get a bigger boat into and that equals less fishing pressure, hopefully it will improve my catch too."Would you recommend this product to a friend?

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