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BRAND NEW TRADESMAN TRAILER FOR SALE, GEELONG, MELBOURNE, VIC PREMIUM QUALITY TRADIE TRAILERS FOR SALE WITH FULL LIFT UP REAR DOORS. Welcome to Western Marine Centre, Melbourne's premier supplier of new and used boats and jetskis and other various marine equipment. No matter if you are five or five hundred feet from shore in your Revival boat in Melbourne, it’s important to always wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), otherwise known as a life vest. Type Two – The Type Two PFD is called the “near shore vest” and is best for quick rescues in inland or otherwise calm water environments. This seems patently obvious, but nonetheless must be said: all boats, whether powered by motor or sail, must have at least one fire extinguisher on board. CO2 Extinguisher – A CO2 Extinguisher is best used in the event of electrical fires, or fires involving combustible fuels.
Foam Extinguisher – Perhaps the most common type of fire extinguisher, foam extinguishers are very useful in boating.
NEW BOATS MELBOURNE New Boats Melbourne – JV Marine has the biggest range on display all year round! Western Marine Centre is an active member of the Boating Industry of Australia and has adopted its code of ethics.

Please click on the logo below to learn more about the basics of Marine Safety as oulined by marine Safety Victoria.
Here at JV Marine World, in Laverton, we know better than anyone but YOU that to be out on the lake or bay in your new Revival boats in Melbourne is, quite possibly, the definition of heaven itself. If your trip involves anything more than a quick jaunt in shallow water, the Type Three is most likely insufficient to your needs. As with the Type Three, this life vest is not appropriate to anything but the most casual of outings where weather or high waves will definitely not be a factor. You may not think you’ll ever have occasion to use one, but in the event you do … There are several types of fire extinguishers available to boat owners. However, it cannot be used on fires where ashes or embers are present as the CO2 will cause these to spread throughout the boat taking the fire along with them.
Unlike dry chemical extinguishers, foam-based devices can be used without danger of corrosion, and, unlike the CO2 extinguisher, ashes and embers are not a problem as the foam effectively smothers them.
Our flagship outlet in Braeside covers more than 10 acres and is the largest power boat outlet in the Southern Hemisphere. With 2 massive sites located on both sides of Melbourne, we are the one stop shop for everything boating and marine in Melbourne.

As with most powerful vehicles, capable of great speed and performance, your safety, as well as that of your passengers, is critical.
Some can even ensure that you remain face-up should you fall into the water injured or unconscious. The health of you and your passengers, not to mention your new Revival boats in Melbourne, depends on it!
Not to mention a BCF store, Dive Shop, Dejavu ski shop, Cafe, Stratton Finance office, Coastal Insurance office, Spare Parts and Service! We sell Quintrex , Haines-Signature, Four Winns, Revival, Suzuki Outboards, Etec Outboards, Kawasaki Jetski, Dunbier and Mackay Trailers.

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