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Also, notice the surprised expression of kittya€™s face; especially notice the eyes, the mouth.
Size of the circle and the noodle determines the size of the head, and the body of your kitty. In order to make this drawing more interesting, leta€™s draw a small bee that makes this kitty surprised. Size of the circle will determine the size of the head, and the size of the noodle determines the size of the body of your kitty.
On both sides of kittya€™s head draw the a€?sideburnsa€?- they look like enlarged both sides of the head.
Outline the white chest part on the body and on the paws draw the fingers a€“ do it by drawing one or two lines on each paw as seen on the picture. Darken the body parts as you see on the picture or if you want to color this kitty thata€™s even better. Robert E Lee Apr 25, 16 09:27 PMThis is just a picture I drew from a 2 in picture in a book. Hummingbird and Flower Apr 20, 16 04:38 AMI love drawing and painting a hummingbird near a flower. This is a cartoon picture of a fox Apr 20, 16 04:00 AMMy friend asked me to draw and paint a cartoon fox for her and this is it. Pikachu images, goods, mascots, cell-phone straps with Pocket monsters were everywhere around.
Even today, Pokemon popularity is still high, which is a rare thing because in Japan all popular new things usually fade away very quickly. It is caused partially by the fact that new characters, new ideas are popping up just like mushrooms after the rain almost daily.

It is good if you have a light blue pencil for this framework, but also a HB pencil (or any other) will work well too. Just make sure to draw the initial lines very thin so that you can easily correct or erase them later.
While you draw Pikachu a€“ before finishing the face - you can alter the position of crosshairs as you wish. These coordinates are only guidelines to help you keep good balance, so you do not need to follow them exactly. It will give you a couple of best hints on how to draw Pikachu eyes and generally eyes generally.
Observe the places where shades are and draw the same (or similar) shades under the chin, on the tail, armpit, back and the bottom. Repeat the whole process one more time without seeing the instructions, and youa€™ll completely memorize how to draw Pikachu.
It was Marc Davis - one of the top Disney Studios animators back in 50s who originally designed Tinkerbell.
Yes, Tinkerbell is a girl and, it was designed and modeled after actress Margaret Kerry at the time.
Notice that Tinkerbella€™s thighs are quite thick comparing to contemporary beauty fashion standards. You may also notice that I slightly (just a very little) modified her face expression from naughty to a cute one.
To draw Tinkerbell is basically easy as you see by now, but the areas like shadings on legs may be a little tricky. This sketch of a rose is only half bakeda€¦wella€¦half done, purposely, but only the coloring part.

So far almost all pencil strokes of this rose sketch (if we can call it that way) were only single pencil lines. Now, you have a simple rose sketch a€“ coloring template to color or print out as you wish. The point is, you have to work quickly as if someone would be already waiting for your sketch outside. Take a bright red color pencil and gently color the petals the same way as in the previous step. If you sketch or draw living things, plants, animals or people, youa€™ll see that every color is a blend of at least two colors or more. Notice that the mouth is tear-shaped, because this kitty is surprised :) Draw the eyebrows. I suggest to draw the same or similar to these, so that the final balance of body proportions will be just fine. On bottom of this page youa€™ll find the same Tinkerbell drawing without the blue background. Avoid using eraser if possible because it makes you do your best to get the best shape possible.

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