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By keeping the top end speed at 25 knots the structure could be made lighter which in turn, allow for a smaller motor and less fuel which would allow for a lighter hull and a smaller motor and less fuel. Built from the plans this boat uses developed panels of plywood, built over a jig. This means that hull panels can be full size and will drape over the frame without having to be cut into smaller pieces.
The drawing below shows the unique step chine construction that has been developed for this design. The drawing above shows all of the plywood parts for the kit nested in standard sheets of ply and ready for CNC cutting. We can also offer an epoxy kit, 90 litres, pumps, 5kgs Glue powder, 5kg Easy Sand Filler, glass and tape. As you near completion, contact us for paint, fittings and other boating items and your  Belco Custom Trailer! The design goal was for the most economical center console boat that would be just big enough to be really practical which makes this boat ideal for cruising and fishing Australia's rivers, bays, harbours and on a good day offshore. Calculations show that at 15 knots (17.27 mph) with the 25 hp motor, the 16 gallon (60 liter) fuel tank will give a range of 210 nautical miles in flat water for 15mpg which is more than a lot of pick-ups can do. Instead of the chine log set "normal" to the side surface as is normally done, we set a chine batten "normal" (flat) to the bottom surface.
There kit uses 15 sheets of 9mm, 4 sheets of6mm and one sheet of 12mm.  All plywood is BS1088. You can also save yourself time by ordering with your kit a comprehensive package of building materials from Boat Craft Pacific including epoxy, glass, glue and fairing compound. Built with the same attention to detail as our larger boats, the 176 Eco Jet delivers outstanding performance, style, and fuel efficiency.

We list here all information supplied by these innovative industry leaders for your reference in case you didn’t get an opportunity to look for yourselves.FUEL CELL AND HYDRO GENERATORSInnovative technologies that make on-board electricity without noise, fumes or fossil fuel were on display.
This eliminates all beveling of the chine and gives a strong anchor to clamp or fasten the bottom to while the epoxy dries.
They are dressed all round and are clear, straight grained with no knots. Because prices and availability flucuate call us to get a get a list and quote. Patrick Boutonnet is a Sydney sailor who knows Australian yachties want to see the latest advancements in generator design, as used by Globe Vendee Round the World ocean racers, Trans-Atlantic race yachts and other ‘hot shot’ sailing boats. The Kit version is built on the cockpit sole where the frames fit into slots in the sole and the bottom stringers and keel slot into the frames.  The construction employs a modified "orange crate" method that is both light and strong. The chine flat shape has been calculated and is machine cut or traced from the full size templates and rests on the frame flats until they are filleted.
Order this package with your kit and you will make savings of nearly 5% on the retail price of these materials. Save yourself time by including these items with your kit order so that you can concentrate on the important job of building your boat.
The side panels lay up to the chine flats and are trimmed to the flats after the glue dries. These have become the de facto standard on the Class 40 and Open 60 racing yachts.The Efoy fuel cell generator is an eco-friendly constant source of 12 volt power, at nearly 9 amps. This method beside being fast to build will make for a very fair chine line and fairs right into the bow eliminating an unsightly unfair bow profile. They are extremely quiet, lightweight, maintenance free, and can fit into very tight spaces.

These are commonly used on Mini 6.5, and also often found on Class 40 and Open 60 racing yachts. These devices solve problems that other generators cannot, and will be on working display at the Eco Boat Show.GREENLINE 33 LUXURY SOLAR HYBRID CRUISERSydney company eYachts displayed the ground-breaking Greenline 33 solar-hybrid motor cruiser at the Bayview Eco Boat Show.
With the diesel engine, the innovative “Superdisplacement” hull design allows the vessel to plane, as well as providing back-up power. This makes the boat perfect for quiet waterways with low speed limits.The modern classic styling also features 360° vision in the saloon, with complete open plan to the cockpit, and an electrically lowered transom for easy boarding and access to the water.
It is a hybrid catamaran designed by naval architect Andy Dovell and built by renowned Australian boat builder Jarkan, headed by Kanga Birtles.Her spacious accomodation comfortably sleeps 12 adults, 5 in each hull and 2 in the main lounge. Mothership is designed to feel safe and glide through the water with minimum effort.Whilst being at home on the Hawkesbury River, she takes on the waves and swell of West Head with ease. This is a notorious point to round, but with over 1 metre of bridge deck clearance, the MotherShip takes the passage in her stride.
For the same reason, the open sea on calm days is a very real proposition making it possible to hop up the coast to Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and beyond.

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