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Kennedy's motorized versions of the pedal boat include electric pontoons and outboard pontoons. February 10, 2009 The Foiljet MR1 is a new personal watercraft concept that takes the best features of a motocross bike and jetski, throws in two hydrofoils plus a silent, energy efficient electric motor to create what would have to be a surefire recipe for outrageous fun.
While still at the purely concept stage Matt De Bellefeuille & Robert Vandenham have come up with an original design that most definitely deserves to reach the prototype stage.
The designers have selected a T-shaped fully submerged foil system which, while not affected by surface waves is not self stabilizing, so it needs constant adjustment of the angle of attack of the front foil to keep the craft level with the surface. Hydrofoils produce relatively no wake and electric propulsion is near silent, so if the Foiljet MR1 makes it into production it may allow current laws against jetski’s on inland water ways to be relaxed around residential areas.
NEW 16' PONTOON BOAT WITH LARGE ALUMINUM PADDLE WHEEL TURNED BY 24v ELECTRIC MOTOR A 2014 16' Paddle Electric Hybrid 616 Sport Cruise (Display Model) electric pontoon boat with 24v heavy duty motor and on board dual bank charger.

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The design looks something like a motocross bike, but instead of wheels there are beams with small hydrofoil wings mounted at the ends that can be raised or lowered. The electric motor runs off a 48V battery that should see three hours of full load running with the possibility of a theoretical 10 min recharge time. Front foil angle adjustment on the Foiljet MR1 is made manually by what would conventionally be the clutch lever on a motorcycle. With its unique (and stylish) look, this electric pontoon boat will be the talk of the neighborhood.
The concept would use a 15 kW (20 hp) electric motor housed at the end of the rear beam with its instant electric torque lifting the craft out of the water to become "foil borne".

In larger applications this sea-keeping function is automated with a computer system that measure either surface height or pitch and roll to make constant fine adjustments to the front foil.
It is small enough to navigate through the backyard pond without sacrificing the ability to hold up to 8 people.

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