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Some questions originated from The Marine do-it-yourself website wherein I answer inquiries. New page-------Dialogues with Warwick, an Aussie sailor restoring a 1966 Swanson Carmen canoe stern sloop. The earliest means of boat building were done by the use of body parts such as the hands and forearms for measuring certain lengths of a boat model. You Can Start Working On Your Plywood Boat This Weekend, And Be Fishing From It In Just A Few Days Time If You Follow Your Plywood Boat Building Plans Exactly And Do Not Marine Plywood? Building A Sail Boat Using Plywood Boat Plans Is Easy, You Just Need Easy To Follow The Plans Step By Step.
Location: Puerto Rico Joining Plywood Before someone kills me, please understand that I have never built a boat.
I was however concerned about stepping inside the hull, or droping something heavy on the bottom of the boat, so I made a floor assembly of ordinary wood lath that fits inside the hull.
Location: Sydney The OP doesn't give much detail of the prospective boat or its use. Originally Posted by WhiteDwarf The OP doesn't give much detail of the prospective boat or its use. Location: Puerto Rico Joinning Plywood Thanks to all of you who responded.
Location: Lakeland Fl USA We still did not tell you about the usual methods for joining plywood butts.
The other method, which is more practical, especially for an inexperienced builder, is the simple butt block method. Location: Hampshire UK If you build the proposed design (I'm with PAR, it's not all that great) 6mm ply is plenty strong enough.
Location: Philadelphia PA Butt Joints The simple butt block method recommended by messabout is fine for your build, and plenty strong enough. For this type of construction I have added a layer of fiberglass cloth to the assembly, as shown in the attached picture, which also shows the butt block cut away where the chine piece will be located. The appeal of Hannu?s Boatyard for me is the simplicity of the boats and the clarity of the building instructions. The simpler boats seem to be very quick to build, and easily achievable for beginners like myself, with very limited time available.
However, I would be building mostly for the satisfaction of building a boat that I can enjoy pottering about in safe and sheltered conditions, as you mention. My second boat, a cobbled together 18ft pedal catamaran is a great, but at some 140kg, is too heavy for two people to easily manoeuvre on the beach without a trolley.
My third boat, a 16ft sailing trimaran, is the boat I use most, and at 100kg rigged, empty can be carried by two people.
My fourth boat is likely to be a rebuild of my pedal catamaran, and I will be disappointed if I cannot reduce the previous weight by at least half. I?m learning to beware of too much weight and would echo the advice to follow the designers plans! I have used the butt joint with a lapping piece as described by others several times in quick, simple (rough and ready!) boat builds.
Long tail drive on steroids » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post joining plywood with puzzle joints??? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Terrazzo flooring - epoxy terrazzo design ideas & supplies, Concrete terrazzo epoxy floor coatings.
Fusso flooring - concrete terrazzo epoxy floor coatings, About epoxy terrazzo floors contemporary terrazzo floors have a wide range of color possibilities, selection of aggregates and design options. Bonding aluminum with epoxy - boat design forums, What are people's experience bonding aluminum to other materials with epoxy resin, in general or in boatbuilding applications in particular?
Sharpie 600 is designed as a daysailor and weekender, a use most boats are put to, regardless of their design purpose. Easy to handle: All conceivable maneuvering on land or in water should be possible for a competent singlehander.
Easy to build: Designed for amateur construction, the Sharpie is built on 7 transverse and 2 longitudinal bulkheads, preassembled like a large jig-saw puzzle. The plan set consists of six sheets (A1 size = 23"x33") with all the information a builder with some experience (e.g.
The boat is built with plywood – a simple and quick way to achieve strength and a smooth finish – double 12 mm sheets on the bottom, 12 mm on the sides and 9 mm on the deck and house. The plywood sections and longitudinal bulkheads fit together like a large puzzle, creating a super-stable 3D grid, joined by epoxy fillets. I frequently get questions about the off-center board, positioned 30 cm to the right of the centerline.
The Sharpie 600 started as a private project - an idea for a very simple, hassle-free, inexpensive and convenient way for me to spend time at sea. Perhaps a centerboard and a mizzen placed off-center was hard to takr for English traditionalists. Perhaps if I had put the centerboard in the middle (compromising the livable room in the cabin) and centererd the mizze mast (complicating the construction with a non-lifting rudder in a slot, or a link system between the rudder and tiller) I might even have won!
By the time the competition ended I had discovered that kayaks were an even more efficient way of spending time at sea, so the prototype was built by Wermlandia Batproduktion, and exhibited at the Stockholm Boat Fair, where she attracted a lot of interest from sailors, journalists and boatbuilders. To date (Summer 2014) 33 sets of plans have been shipped, but I am still waiting to start building my own Sharpie 600. Kring forra sekelskiftet hade segelkanoter ofta ett sadant centerbordsarrangemang: fyra, fem lameller (formade som cirkelsektorer med liten spetsvinkel), ofta i bronsplat, som hakade i varandra som en solfjader nar de falldes ner.
En loggert av den typen har stormasten langt forut just for att slippa komplicera segelsattningen med forsegel. Bjorn:I have been studying Sharpies for a while now and have found that your "600" is the right boat for me. The plans include masts, rigging, hardware etc.I do not have a stability curve, since this will depend on your choice of materials, outfitting, how you use epoxy and fiberglass and a lot of other details. HOLA LOS PLANES VIENEN CON ALGUN TIPO DE VIDEO DVD PARA GUIA A LA HORA DE ENSAMBLAR, MANDARIAN LOS PLANES A ARGENTINA, QUE POSIBILIDADES HAY DE CONSEGUIRLOS EN ESPANOL?? Hi Fernando,I had to use Google Translate to understand your questions (my spanish is good enough to order a beer, but not much more ;-). Hi Bjorn,Thanks for the reply, I understand.I think it is a great design it might suit my plans so there is a fair chance I will build it. Christian,Answer in English – I can order a meal in French with reasonable success, but not much more. Hej Bjorn!Grattis till en valdigt vacker "skuta", gar i tankar pa mitt nasta projekt nar min renovering av en 60-tals sportbat ar avklarad till sommaren. Rickard, 9-12 hp is enough to get her very close to hull speed – which is approx 5,4 knots.
Thanks Jeff,The cockpit is not self-draining on the plans, but there are suggestions on how to convert it – such as adding a bridge deck to reduce the foot-well volume and raising the floor with a slight slope, draining through the transom or through the centerboard box (a better option). Hej AndersLangsgaende kant pa slaget har aven Phil Bolger anvant pa nagra segelbatar (en mycket enkel och typisk bolger-losning – han placerar helt enkelt slagvagaren pa utsidan istallet for innanfor bordlaggningen och far dels en viss kolfunktion och samtidigt ett steg for att klattra ombord fran vattnet).

Hej, Kanske ar det som att svara i kyrkan :) men jag kan ju inte lata bli att undra om nagon satt en liten inombordare i den? Jag vet inte om nagon gjort det – ingen har skickat nagon rapport eller bild av en sadan installation.Men jag har sjalv haft funderingar pa (som jag namnt ovan) en liten inombordsmotor under ett bridgedack i sittbrunnens forkant – kanske en elmotor kompletterad med ett par solpaneler pa rufftaket, och helst en bryggplats med batteriladdning. Art, the two-masted lug rig is an old favorite for small coastal craft; luggers, beach boats, drifters, fifies, jolly boats, whale boats etc. Could you kindly provide the measurements in English, alongside your Metric ones for those of us too old to go back to school here in the States? Looks awesome, I was wondering if you detail a hollow birdsmouth mast(stave sizes and taper)on the plans. Thanks Patrick, stave sizes and spar shapes are shown the usual way, along with a few short notes on how to use them. Great thanksHow much are the plans if I send you this USA money, and do they come as paper in slow mail.
According to any one of all the exchange services available on the internet € 240 is about $ 260.And the plans come as six DIN A1-size papers in slow mail (takes about 10-12 days to the US). I happened to notice – even if it is 11 PM on my longitude now ;-)I'll ship the plans on Monday. Small boats: While small stitch and glue boats can be successfully build Boat plans Building Plywood Boats- you can easily build your own plywood boat with these amazing plans 4 boats plywood building instructions. In this article I will show you how easy it is to transform plywood It is not so difficult to build your own plywood boat especially when you have high quality plywood boat building plans.
I do not expect you to have any special DIY skills, if you know to read, cut Because plywood is such an easy and reliable boat building material, many boat building schools and hobby centers that teach boat building use plywood boat plans for Plywood V Bottomed Punt Fishing Boat Plans Construction is typical Plywood over frames and stringers.
Building plywood fishing boats is also considered to be one of the easiest ways to build a boat.
Having the right plans is key to any woodworking Canoe, kayak, and other boat plans for the amateur and be made from only 2 sheets of plywood Specific building notes for this boat.
I know a little about working with wood and am able to understand how to cut the plywood, etc. I'm not particularly fond of the plans you intend to build from, but they're within norms, for a boat of this size and configuration. It would be best to ascertain more details, propulsion, location of use etc, before drilling to far into the question. The ends of the ply where the joint is to be made is tapered for a distance of about eight to ten times the thickness, from full thickness down to a feather edge.
However the floor needs 4 or 5 long battens around 16-20mm thick and approx 40-50m wide so that it supports your weight (feet) properly.
It is helpful to read about the other designs on his website (the smaller Portugese dinghy for example) which will fill out more detail on building methods and thinking.
The setting out patterns for cutting the parts from a minimum number of sheets of ply are also very helpful. If I were looking for something more seaworthy, high performance, or higher standard of finish, I would be looking at more sophisticated plans, by other designers as already mentioned several times. It is very easy, and perfectly strong enough for the job (preferably not in a sharply curved area) though not the most elegant of joints. With the gaff rig, the mast in a tabernacle should be easily lowered for passing under a bridge, while the lug rig masts are light enough to be handled manually. For more information on building techniques, please consult one of the books on boat building listed in literature.
It means that the centerboard trunk that usually transforms the cabin of shallow-draft cruisers into two narrow and not very usable spaces is now out of the way, hidden behind the longitudinal bulkhead. In the good old days the centerboard was often placed through the planking beside the keel as boatbuilders did not like cutting holes in the backbone. When the design was nearing completion in 1996, the UK magazine Classic Boat launched a design competition with almost the same specifications as those I had set for myself. Intensjonen er foruten storre fleksibilitet i seilforing at en ogsa kan seile kun med (storm-)fokk og revet hovedseil. Very beautiful boat!Do you think it would be possible and useful to put a junkrig on the boat instead the lug rig with using the front mast position as shown in your lug rig plans?
Or do you think it would be possible to put some (maybe around 150-200kg) in it, for example in an extra keel sole? These lead plates can be easily and cheaply made, from fx used tyre balance weights, molten on a charcoal fire and poured onto a plywood sheet with wooden strips as perimeter rim. I hope I got it right.There is no building manual for the Sharpie, primarily because most amateur builders will do better with a comprehensive boat building book, than with a few pages included manual.
I'm not sure if it is going to be this winter.I might do Gavin Atkins Ligt Trow in between to get some experience. Use Google Translate if necessary.37 Sharpies are built worldwide but only those shown have submitted photos – I have added Bernard Goffin, whose building log in French I had forgotten to add in the English page. Thomasson,you Designed a beautiful boat!Do you plan to draw a bigger Version, about 8 metres, of this boat?We are a very tall people. I have no plans for a larger Sharpie now – to much other assignments taking all of my time. Som jag hade nu nar jag sokte uppgifter om hur man bast bygger ett tabernakel (gangjarn) till en jollemast och hittar din spannande hemsida!
Det hade varit trevligt, men jag har ingen segelbat numera – har gatt over helt till kajaker, och ar ute mest hela sommaren, antingen pa egna paddelturer, pa diverse kajaktraffar runt om i Skandinavien eller haller kurser i paddling, sakerhet, raddning mm.
I've been thinking hard on these line for a long time now, designing my own following principles set down by Micheal Storer and his Goat Island Skiff before it occured to me that I had designed a sharpie!All my design considerations are the same as you explain particularly regarding ease of handling both onshore and afloat but mine is much more dinghy like and of a lighter "butt joint" construction .
I have desperately fallen in love with the French Luggers and their square meters of Canvass, there is something about the looks of them that seems perfect..
My first experience with these were the old Swedish naval whaleboats, which sported a rig not unlike my sharpie, but with lower and wider sails. Place the order here on the site and pay online (Paypal does the monetary exchange) or with an attached invoice. Build a plywood boat The plywood boat plans which can be download above cover a very wide range of issues that concern this type of boat building. Atkin & Co Boat Plans, boat designs, boat building, William Atkin, John Atkin, Billy Atkin Most of the flat-bottom boats can easily be converted to plywood planking. Do this on both the pieces to be joined and match the tapers, glue the mated parts together.
The best to you and the others that cared to answer and, if the boat sinks, I'll post a picture. Thus my Sharpie follows a respected tradition, although the offset is slightly more than the older custom.
An alternate solution is to have two cans for fresh water and to drain the 'grey water' waste though the centerboard trunk.
I submitted my design in the competition and was happy to see that the Sharpie 600 was honored with a third place award.
Modern high narrow rigs and deep heavy keels has an edge going upwind, but the lower rigs have an advantage in crosswinds and following winds and they are generally easier to manage.The gaff rig mast sits in a tabernacle, meaning that it is easy to lower (for example, to get under bridges). Hon seglar ganska bra med bara en bottenrevad stor (aningen tyngre pa rodret med ganska okej anda).

A junk sail have more area in front of the mast than a standard non-dipping lug, so you would get the center of effort further up front with the junk mainsail.The alternative would be to move the mast aft to compensate for the lack of mizzen.
I do not have a list of materials prepared, since I never got around to build the boat myself. My first recommendation is "Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction", but there many other excellent books out there – maybe you can find one in Spanish.The plans are available in English or Swedish only. A lot of kayaks got in the way ;-)The cost is to a large degree dependant on the quality of materials. Besides, I am not quite sure that a sharpie is the way to go, when headroom is high on the wish-list. Kryssformagan ar rudimentar och man far nog bekanna sig till det gamla brittiska tesen att: "Gentlemen never sail to weather" om man skall bli nojd med det.
Hello and welcome to the wood boat plans information and review site- for beginners, building plywood boats can be a great way Hi, Dan here, If you’re about to build a boat and looking for a set of plans, there’s nothing better than building your boat with plywood boat plans. In other words, if you build to these plans, he's not suggesting it'll be very good or even float right side up. Draft not more than 25 cm, allowing sailing on to the beach and drying out upright on the sturdy flat bottom. If fitted with a motor, an outboard is recommended, preferably in a well (but a few Sharpies have been fitted with a small inboard motor under a bridge deck). A removable section of the transom can be a perfect place for an outboard motor, or you can arrange something a little more elaborate with a motor well in the aft left corner of the cockpit. The calcuations are not hard to do – find the geometrical center of effort of the combined mailsail-mizzen on the standard lugger (indicated on the plans), and position your junk sail with the center of effort in that position. Are the plans already shown with hollow masts and measurements for that?And do you have a stability curve from this boat? Cooking is best done sitting on a low bench opposite the galley, or with the head up the hatch.
An alternative (not shown on the plans) is to shape an outside shallow "keel" (some 4-5 cm high and 25-30 cm wide) with a slot for the centerboard.
But the French builders (and many other) are willing to accept contacts from prospective builders. Kan inte baten ga lika hogt upp i vind som en "modern" rigg sa vager det estetiska tyngre i detta fallet. 2 meter headroom in a sharpie means a very big sharpie, compared to a round-hulled keel boat, where the floor can be lowered substantially in the hull. Masten har ruttnat och istallet for att laga den med en lang lask har jag borjat fundera pa att stalla den i ett tabernakel pa dack och som bonus fa den fallbar.Jollen ar en dansk 15ft trajolle i mahogny fran 1960. Totalt la jag ner 2869 timmar i projektet och den totala kostnaden slutade pa drygt 103,000 kronor, inklusive motor och segel.Precis som du, Bjorn, kommenterade sa hade jag mycket annat pa gang under denna tiden och jag tillverkade i stort sett allting sjalv (dock inte segel och block). Egentligen inte svarare an en storre skaddabox.Just oppet bly som slityta tror jag att jag hoppar. That could of course be added to my sharpie as well, but it would be quite unusable close-hauled, since you cannot get enough tension on the luff with unstayed masts, and running it would be shadowed by the mainsail. Second, since I'll have to join the bottom and sides with a batten, etc, I'd like to know how thick the plywood can be for me to be able to bend it and still meet my goal.
Judging by it's scantling and general shape, I'll bet it'll float right side up, though I don't think much more of a designer that can't stand behind his work.
This is a tedious job that demands precision and great care in the matching and gluing process. Dessutom skulle jag nog inte vilja krypa fram i foren for att satta en fock i sadant vader som tarvar bottenrevad stor. Of course you will have to change the interior arrangement to suit – but that can be done quite easily without interfering with the longitudinal balance or sailing qualities. The advantage is that the center of gravity is slightly lower and that the lead sole may protect the bottom on shallows and drying moorings.
Jag kanner inte till om nagon av de hittills byggda (ca 35) Sharpie har tavlat.Jag har inga planer pa produktion i nagon form – ar helt nojd med tillhandahalla ritningar. I juni i ar ar tanken att hon skall inga i en jolleflotta av 3 batar och seglas av medlemmar ur Dinghy Cruising Association som ar inbjudna av mig for ett 5-ars "reunion meeting" i skargarden norr om Vastervik. Om baten inte lutar har du ingen nytta av nagon av losningar, men vid lutning (och lutningen astadkommer du i latt vind genom att flytta besattningen till la reling) kan du dra ner centerbordet delvis och fa en betydligt battre effekt an en kant pa slaget.Men Sharpien ar tankt att vara en effektiv segelbat pa alla bogar, for skargard och kustnara vatten, utan att behova starta motorn nar vinden om kryssvinkeln gar under 70 grader. On a reach in light winds you may get advantages from a jib, but also making the boat a little more hard-mouthed. Stagger the butt joints so that the bottom butt will be at the opposite end of the boat from the butt joints that make the sides. The two-sail configuration gives you a better maneuverability (turning, sailing sideways to quay, backing etc.).
Daremot skulle sakert en revad mesan och en liten fock fock tillsammans fungera som en bra hardvindskombination – och ga att trimma for sjalvstyrning (jag brukar sy mesanseglet av lite tyngre vav an storen for att anvandas som stormsegel).Vidare ar det svart att fa tillracklig spann pa forliket pa ett lost forsegel med ostagade master.
You can weld the hardware from standard size iron tube and bars (indicated on the plans) and have them galvanized, or you can buy everything in bronze or stainless from a marine supplier.
Sa din losning beror helt pa vilken typ av segling du har tankt dig.En utvandig kant pa slaget skapar turbulens som bromsar och okar ocksa friktionen nagot.
The masts are unstayed, so they flex slightly in gusts, spilling wind and reducing heeling.
En stor undanvindsfock for latt vind kan funka, men mer tveksamt med ett hardvindssegel och bidevind. The cockpit benches are 2,32 m and can be used as temporary guest berths under a boom tent.The Sharpie has a very simple interior arrangement and is therefore easy to adjust to suit the owner.
Den andra jollen ar ett hemmabygge av engelsk modell, tvamastad, 16ft och seglas av Peter Lord fran Uppsala.
Ett ratt format centerbord har mindre turbulensproblem och dras normalt upp pa lans for basta prestanda. Visserligen en piss i oceanen, men om man samtidigt ska atervinna glodlampor for lilla blybiten.
The file includes a If you are thinking of building your own plywood boat, then you will need to start with a great set of comprehensive plywood boat plans. Lugger masts are light and easy to lift in and out by hand (but not as easy to quickly lower as a gaff mast in tabernacle).The lug was my first choice, designing the sharpie, mainly from previous sailing experience under lug, which made some impression. Jag ar mycket intresserad av din Sharpie och du skulle kanske vara intresserad av att delta. But many potential builders felt unsecure with so archaic a rig and I received many requests for an alternative. One of the early builders claimed approx € 5800, but that was 13 years ago and I am not quite sure what choices were made. I is my understanding that many builders choose the gaff version for aesthetic reasons, finding it more "ship-like".
Funderar ocksa pa om man skulle lagga ett par "medar" i slitplast (typ till hundsladar) langs botten for att skydda den om man drar upp baten pa en strand.

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