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To play this media, you will need to either update your browser to a more recent version or install the Flash plugin. If your looking for a Paint Job or Gel-coat Restoration, or wanting to fix an Accident or Storm Damage,  South Texas Boat Works will deliver quality work fit to your standards. Our Services range from Fiberglass and Gelcoat repair, Upholstery, Painting and Trailer Repair. South Texas Boat Works has specialized in  Fiberglass Repair for many years, listening to our customers needs and exceeding on there expectations. Location: Florida Structural Repair of Fiberglass Hull I recently came across a 1999 48' Ocean Super Sport that had been struck in the transom by another boat.
In the aerospace industry we could repair a substantial delamination using custom windings of carbon fibre, but the component would not be airworthy.
Location: Corpus Christi TX Any fiberglass boat, cored or not, is repairable. Everything appears fine, but the stern damage, flybridge equipment, rails and other assorted gear. You have to ask yourself, why hasn't a salvage company picked her up, removed the good pieces and dragged the hulk to the land fill?
It's very hard to sell a boat like this one, so you'll be bidding against other hopeful would be owners and restorers. Everybody knows it's hard to sell a yacht in this size range, let alone one that doesn't float without tens of thousands of dollars in additional effort. If you have a good bit of experience repairing or restoring large power craft then this is the boat for you.

I once bought a sweet big Grady, but had to have it moved from in from of the shopping center's front door, before they were done putting in windows and roofing. I turned down a very good deal on a 98' schooner (wish I hadn't now) that was lifted over her docking piles, then dropped down (storm surge), holing her in the four locations the yacht was tied to. In my line of work any structural crack like the ones on that boat means the entire part must be scrapped. Location: Eustis, FL In high end yachts this isn't far from what you've described. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Serving the Coastal Bend since 1973, The House of Fiberglass is Corpus Christi's oldest, largest and best-equipped fiberglass repair facility. Locally owned and operated by Don and Diane Cooper, the House of Fiberglass is your complete fiberglass repair facility. Apparently the force of collision was substantial: the transom is cracked and completely delaminated from the bottom of the transom door to the trailing edge of the hull. I have to admit, living here in Florida, I get kind of excited when hurricane season springs into gear.
There are many books available on the subject, but basically, the damage is cut away and replaced with a layup of new material.
Well it's like you car, some places charge $60 per man hour, some much higher, the selection is based on faith, just like the guy you trust to fix your car and the experiences you have with him provide you with the faith to bring it back for additional work if the need (doesn't it always) arises.
We are currently working on a carbon fibre-Al-CuNi sandwich technology that would yield an extremely strong lightweight panel that can be twisted like a pretzle and is corrosion resistant without any coatings.

However the way the core material is splintered it strikes me that any repair in this area would be prone to stress cracks and eventual failure. From the sound of it, I think this Ocean was definitely repairable, so long as the engines, other systems are in good order. However with the fly bridge went all of the electronics, engine management system and controls.
One would think that at these price levels a buyer would have a very stringent set of requirements.
I know that's a terrible thing to hope for, but you can't imagine the deals a marina, owner, bank or insurance company will make to get a broken 40' yacht out of someone's backyard.
The company that got it, cut and replaced the piles, tacked plywood over the damaged areas and floated her away. Individual fibres are wound around a mold and laced in a very specific order to focus stresses on specific bearing members. Cores are usually easily repairable by cutting the skin open, cutting out and replacing the damaged core, then rebuilding the skin. I looked up similar boats in the 98-02 model years of the same size, engine and operating hours and they averaged $320-375k asking price.
If struck the lamination will stretch and then rebound (kind of like the plastic panels found on certain cars).

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