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New construction on wooden or fiberglass boats can be a new mast, new galley, or a new boat. A custom built boat is your boat, designed and built the way you want it to be, for your own particular use. You have a wide choice of construction methods: traditional, such as lapstrake, carvel, seambatten, strip, or contemporary, such as cold molded, plywood, or plywood stitch and tape. Your boat may be a dream for the future but I’d like a chance to help you realize your dream.

We can modify such designs for your special needs, or develop a new design specifically for you. You can opt for durable local woods, including oak, spruce, pine, hackmatack, ash, locust—as many as six different kinds can go into a dory or a skiff. Leaving Chicago, up the west shore of Lake Michigan, through the Straits of Mackinac, down the west shore of Lake Heron, through the St. A George Buehler design, a 38' Diesel Duck, that we have added 2' in length to bring it up to 40'.

I have extensive experience in most types of traditional and contemporary wooden boat construction. Clair river and lake past Detriot, into the Lake Erie, past Buffalo, through the Erie Canal to the Hudson River, down to NY City, across the Long Island Sound to Westerly, RI for the rest of the summer.

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