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Location: Lakeland Fl USA Stodgy old dude that I am, I never understood why a pontoon boat needs to go fast. Value in the mind of the customer is how much it costs him to cruise to where he wants to go.
I have always thought that there was a market for a better, more efficient pontoon boat, and if you can produce your hull for somewhere near the price of the aluminum tube ones, you should be able to sell it. Location: Ontario Not sure about Florida, but there's definitely a market for a faster pontoon boat up in Ontario cottage country.

Location: fl Thanks Matt Our boat will handle 1-3' pretty well,one of our good customers just took his boat from Sarasota to key west,he ran the coast to naples and refueled and shoot across fl bay,it was a 32X 10 tritoon with a 225 merc,he said he cruised at 32 mph,said he was out to the light house every day diving ,he's planning another trip to key west with a trip from key west to fort jefferson in tortougas! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I have 4 tubes, 2 are 18" Wide by 24" tall by 24' Long; the other 2 are same other than being 20' long. It is pleasing to learn that you are building these boats with a design concept different from the woefully inefficient round aluminum tubes.

I purchased them to develop a wide floating party platform; but moved and do not have a place to do the work.

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