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I purchased a 20ft half cab boat which the floor had been cut out, after i got home i see the floor was rotten especially at the front where it hadnt been removed yet. I have now discovered that all the stringers are rotten and 90% of them are completely gone. I decided while the floor was out i will remove the back part of the top of boat and im glad i did as the transom was like paper peices and completely rotted out. I think thats all for now and will keep adding photos and details as i go along which hopefully will be of help to someone else. But in saying that we all do silly things from time to time its repairable and will be a totall repair and rebuild . All i need to do it clear out the old stringers thats almost gone anyway, put in new stringers, put in new transom, then new floor, put the coaming back on and bobs my auntie,.
All and any bonding to old glass surfaces need to be a minimum of 100 mm so 150 gound surface will give plenty of good bonding . I have grinded all the stringers down, it appears there is a filling of dark colour fibreglass between the stringers and the gullys in the hull.
Wil it be safe to put on that or should i remove that and put some fresh packing in and what should i use if i do? I will put up some photos tomorrow when i clear the 2ft thick coating of fibredust from everything.
When i said packing i did mean like a filler between the the stringer wood and the actual hull. Im not sure what the bits of wood are called, they are the bits that interlock with the stringers that the floor sits on.
What would be the recommended gap between them as im just working out roughly how much wood i need and drawing a rough plan too on the computer. I was also thinking i would cut some holes the same size of conduit in the stringers and first seal them with resin then put in the tube and seal again this way the water has drainage means to the billage drain.. One more question is how high should i make the stringers, i was wanting to make some compartments in he floor so want to calculate the room, i was also thinking of making a custom tank to go under the floor in a sealed compartment with a lid on so i can access if needs be?

I have 2 x 1200x2400mm x 18mm marine ply for the stringers, what would the recommended floor thickness be? As for drainage I was going to cut the corners off where the bulkheads meet the outer side of the stringers with no tube, letting it into the bilge at the transom and another main bilge drainway along the keel for the area between the two stringers. Ok i have purchased the wood and its getting delivered tomorrow which i want to make the stringers and bulkheads over the weekend.
Im also picking up a 20kg container of fibreglass resin as i would like to start glassing next week. I thought i would fill the hull with water to the floor level line to see if there was any holes, there was 1 i did and another where the previous person cut the floor out with a circular saw and didnt quite cut through but close enough for it to weep.
Would filling the cut line with resin then a sheet of glass on top after the resin has set be enough?
When i filled the boat up with water i saw it had sat on the trailer properly again as when i removed all the rotten stringers it seemed to turn floppy and also the hull seemed not to sit on the trailer properly and pivot side to side.
What would be also the best way to join 2 stringers together, please select a number from attached image, personally i think number 1 as number 2 has the ability to slide and move whereas 1 is locked in. When i make the stringers as the wood will be square do i need to make the bottom in the contour of the gaps where the stringers go? Resin has no guts and the slightest bit of movment it will break just like a glass bottle and you will have a leak .
The other thing that need checking is the bottom of the boat , find a long straight edge of timber or something and check how flat anf straight the bottom is !!!!
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Over the years we have enjoyed providing fiberglass services and products for a wide range of specialised projects, from commercial cherry picker repairs, to theatre stage props.  If you can build it at all, chances are fiberglass maybe a great option to consider. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.
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Fibreglass boat repairs and construction is how we started in the fibreglass industry.30 years Experience in Fibreglass Boat RepairsWe have over 30 years experience. At All Fibreglass we can service your needs for just about any type of fibreglass work you can think off. For information or a quote use the contact us function, if you require an immediate response provide us with your contact number and we will call you back as soon as possible. Ive out that the stringers are 18mm and will be using marine ply, what would be the best to seal them with and also i was reading about making sure the wood doesnt touch the fibreglass. The old stringers at the transom was sealed to it which made no sense to me as if water got in it wouldnt have anywhere to go, could i drill a hole big anout to put a tube in and seal around the hole with silicon?
I want to put a underground fuel tank in the middle too, can someone give me some tips and ideas? When fibreglassing the stringers how many layers do i need and what about the thickness of the layers as i can only find thickness in GSM. Mine is torn down and has been on hold for a while, gonna get back to it soon when it cools off a bit outside. Its a old boat so lets go over board a little and you wont ever have to worry about anything for long time to come . As for the top of them, cured resin on both sides of floor plywood (after cutting to fit) then filler along the bulkheads and tabbed at the outer edges and along the stringers (if this is the wrong way somebody chime in so two of us don't do it wrong). Needs to be ground out gently and glassed properly maybe a small patch but the surface needs to be a 100mm or more all round the hole !! Solid wood is ok and even better with 5mm ply each side solid had a habit of splitting if you hit anything in the water . Plus the surfaces to be glassed over need to be scuffed and ground 99% clean so the new glass will have any kind of a chance of sticking properly and so it will stay and last and not fall off sometime later .

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