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Hire your own self-drive boat for fishing or cruising the magnificent Port Phillip Bay area. Accessed via the service station at Stratford this is a popular spot and stretches a third of the way across the Barron River.
Hiring a bike is a great way to get out and about in Cairns - especially when the weather is fine and dry! The Cattana Wetlands is around 80 hectares of degraded land which Council has rehabilitated into a nature conservation park. An easy and safe place to enjoy some fishing with young ones is at the Figtree Park, near the Cruise Liner Terminal. The Cairns Esplanade has a long track dedicated to bikes and other wheeled transport like scooters and roller skates. A fishing tackle shop is available at Castle Archdale Marina stocking a range of equipment suitable for both the novice and experienced fisherman. There has been some reports of mangrove jack in Woods bay and Noosa Sound around the deeper holes using live such as herring.The best time to target jack is in the early hours of the morning or the late hours of the afternoon. This ripper 47cm golden trevally was caught at Tewantin, aboard the Noosa Fishing and Crab Adventures earlier this week! The river has seen lots of bream ranging in size up to 40cm, around deeper holes in woods bay and structures such as the Noosa Sound Bridge. The river mouth about an hour after high tide has been a highlight spot with several reports of flathead, jewfish, trevally and bream caught.
Whiting have been amongst the river near Munna point and the Sound Bridge, mainly being caught on your live baits such as worms and yabbies.
The weather forecast for the next week is looking fantastic with the sun out and little to no wind about.
This week we have seen some great fish surrounding the river mouth at first light and just after dark. This ripper 46cm trevally was caught aboard the Noosa Fishing and Crab Adventures this week! The river has seen lots of bream around deeper holes and structures such as the Tewantin Marina and the boathouse. Well the rain has brought the fishing to life this week with great catches of fish and a few mud crabs on the move. This ripper flatty was caught aboard the Noosa Fishing and Crabbing adventure down near the Noosa Ski run! Fishing has been great over the holidays with the river mouth showing the way with typical good catches of Flathead, bream, whiting, tailor and trevally.
This ripper flatty was caught abord the Noosa Fishing and Crabbing adeventure down near the Noosa Ski run! As usual, the river has seen lots of bream around structures such as the Boathouse and the Sound Bridge.
We took our dog with us as the boats are dog friendly so you do not need to leave your four legged friend at home.
You'll find Andersons Boatshed at 3a Petit St Booker Bay, which is about 80 km north of Sydney. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Samantha & Stacey took the Kids out for a fun afternoon of fishing and boating last Sunday, the kids had a ball. Size Matters, a familiar sight in south west waters, is available for charter from Plymouth.
Size Matters operates from a secure walk-on walk-off marina berth in the most accessible part of Plymouth's historic Barbican where long-stay car parking is close by. SIZE MATTERS and the Port of Plymouth offer you the opportunity for the angling experience of a lifetime.
Built his first boat, a 27 ft Colvic "Selachii" (shark in Latin) with friends Roger Dadds and Bill Hutchings.
There are more than 100 wrecks and a number of great reefs within forty miles of the port . In 2007, Britain's biggest conger of the year, an immense fish 0f 106? lbs and many more weighing over 70lbs came writhing over the Size Matters gunwales. During the bigger tides fishing for BLUE SHARK can provide superb sport and currently a revival of this species in the English Channel gives an excellent chance of 100 lb plus class fish.
The famous Eddystone Rocks marked by the towering lighthouse and the stump of its forerunner that stands on Plymouth Hoe needs little introduction.
To the East of the Stone as it is familiarly known are the extensive East and West Rutts Reefs. Been on Size Matters 10-15 times over the last 5 years always impressed, always had a good day even if the catch wasn't brilliant.
A boat licence or experience is not required and we provide full instructions on boat operation. Parking is easy and closeby, there are toilets relatively closeby at the lagoon and in the pier shopping centre, and there is plenty of room to set up your spot.

There is plenty of wide open spaces, large trees and shelter for shade, picnic tables and even a waterhole to swim in! Facilities available are BBQs, picnic areas, toilets, bird hides and a 420m boardwalk through the feather palm forest. Parking is easy and close by, there are toilets relatively close by and there are water taps, lights and BBQs close by. All tracks at the esplanade are shared, however, so you still need to be aware of walkers and runners. The bream have been popular around structures and deeper holes such as Lake Cooroibah and the Tewantin Marina. Prawns and worms are the best baits when targeting bream.There has been several reports of both golden and silver trevally amongst the waterways, mainly around Tewantin and Lake Cooriobah using prawns and mullet strips. There has been several mud crabs caught in the river mainly around the dirtier waters such as Lake Cooroibah and the second ski run.
Flathead have been amongst the river around the sand flats near the river mouth and the frying pan also.
There has been several reports of nice size trevally and mangrove jack caught up and around the Noosa river mouth.
There has been reports of decent size tailor with whole pilchards and poppers being the best baits. The rivermouth has produced quality flathead up to 2 kilo, with live herring and prawns bringing the best results. Bream as always have been a very popular fish in almost any area of the river, although they have been known to hang out around structures and deeper holes such as the Noosa Sound bridge. The first ski run, Makepeace Island and just after the second lake have been reported to be the best spots to drop a pot.
So, if you are looking for something to do over the weekend, when it is still warm and your inner self still wants some time under the sun, consider hiring a small boat and spend a day fishing on the waters of Brisbane Water National Park. So don't wait for the sun to disappear; get your family and family pet together and spend some fun fishing time on the water.
This fishing vessel originates from Canada and is a regular visitor to the Channel islands and beyond. We sail out under the towering walls of the great Citadel built in the reign of Charles 11, the backdrop for over fifty years of charter angling at its finest level.
Obtained Skippers Ticket at 18 and has been in the forefront of charter angling for three decades. Learnt his professional boat building skills as an HM Dockyard apprentice and has now constructed many angling boats, each one benefiting greatly from his own ideas and knowledge gained in a practical way.
All yield specimen CONGER, LING, POLLACK, COD and occasionally BASS and COALFISH plus many other species. The much bigger PORBEAGLE often haunts the deep-water wrecks and we are always prepared to do battle when the opportunity comes. Although large shoals of big bass are now less common, a fish in double figures is always likely to attack a live launce being drifted along through the main gully. My fishing friends and I most especially liked it when Skippered by Shaun Brett he always seemed to be the main Skipper but since he left we have been very pleased to go out with Graham (Boat owner) who is a very honest guy and will tell you what's what whether you agree or not, Great Boat give it a go you wont be dissapointed!! At Bluey's Boat Hire, we have the best equipped hire boats at great value prices with all fuel included, fantastic facilities and an experienced team to provide tips and help you enjoy your day on the bay. There are some boats to look at and if you are lucky you might also see one of the cruise liners passing by. Although bream tend to eat just about anything prawns tend to provide the best results.  Flathead and whiting have been popular around sand flats and shallow water drop offs with live baits such as worms or yabbies being the best.
When targeting Flathead, the highlight spots have been surrounding Makepeace Island the cable ferry crossing. The best time to fish the river mouth is dawn and dusk with pilchards and herring being highlight baits. There has been some nice silver trevally caught in the top end of the river mainly around woods bay with mullet strips and pilchards being the best baits.
Golden trevally in large schools have also been on the move, with early morning producing quality fish. There has still been many reports of some cracker flathead caught this week anywhere between Tewantin and Makepeace Island. It is open as early as 7:30 in the morning for you to try to catch that mighty big fish (ours was a decent size flathead). All became head-liners in the competitive world of definitive charter angling at its highest level. All these rough grounds are within a mere fourteen miles of the Barbican and the wrecks further out rarely require a journey of more than 2? hours.
Boat hire in Melbourne does not get better than this and we are mighty proud of our 80 year history!
Flathead have been caught around the frying pan and Noosa river mouth mainly on soft plastics and whitebait. Soft plastics are a great form of fishing when targeting trevally and flathead amongst the Noosa river.

Soft plastics are the best form of fishing when targeting Flathead although prawns and mullet strips have been effective also. The Noosa River mouth has been a highlight fishing spot, especially on the high tide at the early hours of the morning. Gary caught a ripper trevally on a dead herring just near Woods Bay, as seen in the above image.Whiting have been appearing in the river mainly around sand flats and shallow water drop offs with live baits such as worms and yabbies producing the best results. Whiting are about again mainly on the high tides in areas such as the frying pan and Munna point.
The river mouth has seen some ripper mangrove jacks and jewfish over the past week at the top of the tide. There has been some good size trevally and mangrove jack caught in Woods bay on dusk and dawn.
Bait, road hire and fishing tackle are all available at the kiosk so you do not need to worry in case you are short on something. Galley features include oven and hob, microwave, fridge, kettle, sink with hot and cold water. Flathead tend to hang around the shallow water drop offs and sand flats.Trevally have been around Tewantin on both live bait and hard body lures as well as poppers in the early hours of the morning.
There has been many reports of decent size trevally in the river caught anywhere from Munna Point all the way down to the Tewantin Marina. They are still pulling up plenty of flathead around the 35cm-45cm mark, mainly around areas such as Makepeace island and the Tewantin ferry crossing. There have been some ripper flathead caught this week anywhere between Tewantin and the ferry crossing mainly around Makepeace Island. We fished the first lake yesterday and the catfish were prolific, but it was well worth dropping a crab pot up there.
There have been a few reports of trevally and jewfish at the river mouth just after high tide.
This is big pollack territory supreme and the initial dive of even a ten pounder is one of angling's greatest thrills.
When heading down the river more, places such as Makepeace Island and Lake Cooriobah have been ripper fishing spots with reports of decent size flathead, mangrove jack, trevally and bream.
Bream as always, are about in the river mainly around deeper holes and structures such as the sound bridge, eating mainly prawns and yabbies. Moving up the river we have seen some great flathead ranging up to 65cm caught anywhere from the boathouse to the first ski run. Soft plastics are the best form of fishing when targeting flathead although prawns will work also. With the big tides early this week the weekend looks perfect with light winds and a sunny days. We have has some great reports this week of some decent size Flathead caught down in the first ski run with prawns and soft plastics being the recommended baits. The best places to drop a pot include surrounding Makepeace island and the mouth of Lake Cooroibah.
Pilchard fillets and mullet strips have been producing the best results in the bottom end of the river. Mud crabs are amongst the river in numbers down past the boathouse, anywhere from Tewantin to the Lake Cooriobah. The mouth of Lake Cooriobah has seen some good bream, whiting and trevally using mullet strips or pilchard fillets.
Bream as always have been through the river mainly around deeper holes and structures such as Tewantin Marina and the first ski run. There has been some nice mud crabs caught in the river mainly around the dirtier waters such as Lake Cooroibah and the second ski run. Mud crabs have also been plentiful down in the bottom areas of the river such as Lake Cooriobah and surrounding Makepeace Island.
With the light showers throughout the week the mud crabs will be about up near Lake Cooriobah.
The weather is tipped to be fantatsic with very light winds and a very low chance of a light shower for the easter period. The two highlight spots for the week are the Noosa river mouth and Makepeace island down near the ferry crossing.
The weather is tipped to be little wind but slight chance of some showers over the weekend. There is the odd chance of a shower or two along the river this week although mostly clear. Strong advocate for the return of unwanted fish whenever possible in the ongoing quest to preserve stocks for the future.

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