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Advice from other commercial fishermen can help when it comes to equipment likes cranes and hoists.
If you have determined that you want to run your own business, and that business happens to be operating a commercial fishing boat, there are some preparations you need to make before ever launching away from the pier. One of the first things to do before you ever purchase your commercial fishing boat is to check in with local laws and regulations that will impact what you can actually do with the boat. You may also find some restrictions that relate to the boat itself, such as size, number of crew allowed, equipment that can be on board, and other matters. You can have a great crew and the best boat on the water, but without someone to purchase your product your efforts will go to waste. Running your own commercial fishing boat, like running any business, takes leadership as well as making intelligent decisions about materials and personnel.

All fishers, whether they are commercial or not, need to make sure they know the local regulations about fishing before they go out. Just make sure that there is going to be a product out there for you to catch before you invest a whole lot of money into buying a boat and finding a crew. This boat can be Coast Guard certified for carrying passengers or charter fishing or just for pleasure. Hiring someone for his or her professional expertise will allow you to quickly bypass any commercial fishing boat that is not up to code or specifications.
Generally the local coast guard won't take ignorance for an excuse and you could end up with a large fine or even jail time if you try to go home with fish that are too big or too small. I think the methods of fishing should also be looked at, as bycatch is one of the big problems with the fishing industry and if that could be minimized there would be a smaller problem.

It's a rare place that has a lot of fish to spare at the moment and there are already plenty of people who are trying to make a living out of a commercial fishing operation. I think people get a romantic view of fishing from the TV and maybe from their own experiences doing it as a hobby. It's definitely different when your livelihood depends on catching the fish and you can't go home without them.

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