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SunTracker BoatsEven with the best care for your pontoon boat, chances are something could give you a little concern one day. Pontoons typically stay in the water all the time, so the components are exposed to the elements. The Boat Owners Association of The United States is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its 650,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a marine insurance. Ocean City New Jersey Fishing & Dolphin Watching Cruise - The Perfect Activity For Your Next Family Vacation!
Come out and enjoy your Ocean City New Jersey Vacation on the water with the Ocean City NJ Fishing & Cruising Fleet this summer!
During Your Next Ocean City New Jersey Vacation, Give Us A Call To Schedule A Trip Your Family Will Never Forget! Check out these boats made by disadvantaged youth and High School students under community youth programs. Allan Charlton purchased a set of cheap plans from a US designers web site and being a novice, purchased some poor quality metric marine plywood (no name, no court marshal).
Rick Fletcher has built a very professional rowing skiff and he recorded each step pictorially.
Built during the 2005 Sydney International Boat Show by members of the NSW Wooden Boat Association. Miles used all materials supplied by DRIVE Marine Services from the Pacific Maple Plywood to the Bote-Cote Epoxy resin that holds her together to the Aquacote paint system to finish her off.
The Heritage boatshed doors at the RAN Sailing Association were looking sad with Rot gaining hold in the lower parts. Several customers have completed strip plank kayaks using materials supplied by DRIVE Marine Services. This speed boat was built from scratch using hoop Pine Marine Ply, Bote Cote Epoxy resin and Top coated with Aquacote water based Polyurethane. Charlie selected our products due to their sustainability and environmental safety, as well as our customer service.

Kevin Dove is building a cosy Ultra light in his garage and we introduced him to Peelply which has saved him many hours of sanding and improved the strength & finish of glassed surfaces as well as minimising weight.
Reel Addiction Charters offers outstanding Ocean City, Maryland charter fishing trips for White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Fin Tuna, Sharks, Tilefish and Stripers. Their metal construction lends to myriad possibilities for problems and, well, they're boats. Anode awareness: Galvanic corrosion, which occurs when dissimilar metals are in contact with an electrolyte such as salt water, can quickly destroy aluminum.
Get Wired: In order to protect the boat and engine, the pontoon needs to be electrically connected to the pontoon's engine via a ground wire. Avoid the "pits": Pontoon logs that sit on muddy lake bottoms during low water can become pitted with corrosion. Don't "plow" ahead: When seas build, pontoons have a tendency to plow into waves, which can lead to a significant amount of water over the deck.
Passenger injuries: One big difference with pontoon boats is that they don't bank in turns, which can lead to injuries when passengers are thrown to the deck or even overboard in a hard turn. Watch out for windage: Another reason to slow way down in heavy weather is the increased windage from a pontoon's large bimini top. Don't Under-size-me: The normally benign wind conditions on many small lakes and rivers can also lull pontoon owners into using undersized dock lines and too few fenders. Swimmers take care: Because they make great swim platforms, pontoons are involved in a fair share of swimming injuries, often diving related.
Four-legged vandals: Raccoons, muskrats and their furry brethren enjoy upholstery and wiring like a vegetarian at a salad bar. We have a variety of fishing and cruising trips featuring on back bay fishing and deep sea fishing. The following link is a well written article by Allan which I recommend all first time boat builders read before commencing their project.

I then proceeded to turn it into a coffee table using POUR ON GLOSS on the proviso I could take it to the Timber and Working With Wood shows to brag about how clever I am and show off POG. After Stripping off all of the old paint, he then sealed the timber inside and out using three(3) coats of Bote-Cote epoxy resin. Climb aboard the “Reel Addiction”, our 48’ Ocean Yacht Express, and relax in comfort and style as we whisk you away to the fishing grounds at 29 knots. As events, hours, and prices can change without notice, no guarantee can be given that all information is correct and displayed the in most recent version. This occurs because the mud prevents dissolved oxygen in the water from making contact with the aluminum, which relies on an oxidized layer or "skin" for corrosion protection. Since many pontoon boats don't have rub rails, damage can occur quickly during summer thunderstorms. Because it's difficult to hide or secure expensive gear on a pontoon, things like chartplotters and iPods should be removed at the end of the day. There's no simple solution to keeping critters off the boat, but reducing fish or food smells by washing it down, or using commercially available repellants such as fox urine, have been known to help. A faster trip to the fishing grounds means more time with a line in the water, and when you have a line in the water in Ocean City, the action is unbeatable. In salty, brackish and even freshwater, aluminum sacrificial anodes are best as they outlast other alloys.
Outboard engine zincs also need replacement if they have deteriorated to less than half their original size.

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