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GovernmentAuctions.org, rather than directly offering items mentioned here for sale or auction, provides a huge database of information about government auctions and foreclosures.
This 25 foot Boston Whaler could be just what the doctor ordered for some of that delightful summer time fun. Next up on the auction block is this formerly used USAF surplus aluminum boat with outboard motor.
This next surplus auction item now up for bid is for this Bonefisher 19 foot boat that includes an outboard motor.
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Summertime is right around the corner and that means taking the tarp of your boat, hooking up that trailer, and taking a trip to the marina. You never know when you are going to get stuck on the open water or when you are going to go on an impromptu fishing trip.
Ever wanted to own your very own yacht but never thought you could because of how much they cost? If you are familiar with the sea life and know what tools you need to have a successful voyage or return docking experience and what to step up your game then you should see what we have in store. If you own a boat but are tired of just sitting in the water while all the other people in the marina are speeding past you then you should do yourself a favor and check out this current online auction for this Honda Outboard motor model BF50A. With summer rapidly approaching, now's the perfect time to invest in a boat or other type of watercraft for some fun in the sun.
The boat needs to be big enough to eventually run on the lower D, but small enough to use for duck hunting on the Upper D. I understand the limitations of the size I'm considering so I don't need recommendations to add four feet and 500 horsepower. Personally i think anything bigger that 18' gets a little large if you are duck hunting from the boat. Glen Hall of Hawg Quest was selling his Wooldridge which would be perfect for what you wanna do. Does anybody know if there are there any manufacturers that built 19 foot open boats with a 72" beam? If you have ever wanted your own boat then the time is right to take a look at this auction for a Sea Arc 14 Foot Aluminum Boat. This boat features and odometer reading of 781.4 hours, inboard gasoline engine , open cockpit with hard top, twin bucket seats with swivels, sliders, flip-up thigh-rise bolsters, the hard top has rod holders, vhf marine radio, compass, chart plotter with fish finder, auto pilot, trim tabs, assorted fishing equipment, electronic outriggers, tackle, rods, and lures. This auction is not only for the boat, but the winning bidder will also receive a trailer and outboard engine. This 20 foot boat has a full sized cabin and a 2005 200 horsepower Mercury outboard motor, model 200XL.
Made by Mon Ark, this boat is in great shape and has no stated issues or defects (Serial number: MAKD-8102K687). Then check out this next auction for a 1992 Aluma Craft aluminum boat, model 1870 now up for online bid.
The Evinrude 90 outboard motor, model RGLF111V75L, unfortunately does not work and will require some repairs.
This 21' boat maybe over 20 years old but it's still in really great condition and includes a Mercury inboard Diesel engine with stern drive unit.
If you want to go faster than you have ever gone before then you should check out this current online auction for a Honda Outboard Motor BF225XXCA. If either scenario sounds at all plausible to you with the way you conduct your business on a day to day basis then we suggest you check out this current online auction for a West Marine Zodiac Inflatable Boat. Well now you can make your dream a reality by checking out this 1995 Bayliner 4587 Motor yacht. Within that auction there will be this Garmin Marine HPSmap 172C Nautical GPS Sytem up for grabs. We think its high time you cast aside your fear and doubt and jump headlong into the waters.
If you have a large shipping vessel and need to ship items via the open waves then this is the item for you. If you just bought a boat and want to blast through the water with the greatest of ease instead of using oars then you may want to consider bidding on this Mercury motor. This boat also comes with a 200hp outboard motor so you can blast through ocean waves and impress all the hunnies. These kayaks comfortably seat up to 2 people each and they measure 16 feet in length.The combined estimated weight for this bulk auction is 694 pounds. Well then you're in luck, because going up for live bid in just 2 days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is this 2008 Continental boat trailer. This ship was custom built in 1980 and measures 55'05" in length, has a 16'02" beam, and a 4'03" light draft. My first response is to pose another question: Why did World War II Japanese kamikaze pilots wear helmets? If I was in the market for a boat I'd be looking long and hard at that boat He's a member here on ifish. With a 6? wider bottom than most, this boat is super stable on the water, will run in less than 6 inches of water, and has way more usable room than any boat in its class.

I have ran all over on the Columbia and the Snake and duck hunt around 40 days a season, when life permits.
With this boat you could do all the things you ever wanted to do like sit by the dock of the bay and watch the clouds roll away.
If you are a boating enthusiast and want to own your own boat there is no better time than now. It comes with it's very own 28 horsepower outboard motor that is in perfect working condition. The outboard motor that is included in the sale is manufactured by Evinrude, model CE10RCUE. This vessel is in amazing condition both inside and out and even includes a 28 horsepower Johnson outboard motor.
This motor will let you travel at unheard of speeds (for your boat at least) and will let you cruise around the marina looking for fish or fun in the sun.
This boat is currently deflated and measures 96 inches by 54 inches and has a fiberglass bottom with room enough for two people. It sports 2 - 650 HP Detroit diesel engines, twin Onan 20 KW generators, Furuno Marine Reader radar, Raytheon color Echo Sounder V900, a reverse osmosis system, and a ton of other really cool features. You would be bidding on this 2003 54 Foot Cruiser 5470 Express that is currently up for auction and is located in the great state of Michigan.
The best part about this item is that you can detach it from any boat you own and put it on a different one.
With this current online auction for a 17 foot Coleman Company canoe model 59075719 you could take those precious hours of freedom onto the water and enjoy yourself immensely. You can attach this crane to your ship and be hauling goods up to your top or bottom deck in no time.
You can attach it to your sea craft and start traveling at top speeds with the wind whipping through your hair. Although used, these items are in great condition and are ideal for that weekend getaway or even for serious kayakers who are looking for the perfect bargain. This 3 axle trailer measures 48 feet long, is made from solid aluminum, and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 1700 pounds.
Our built-in flotation boxes DO NOT use up valuable room and serve as great rigging tables.
I had an 18' Jetcraft open with 150 pump and it did it all hunting and fishing and was small enough for smaller rivers too. Runs SUPER shallow, planes out quick, being a 5 ft bottom it is really stable and with a blind, kicker and all the other stuff he has as a package, its a great deal.
You could go fishing, spend some quality time alone, relax, rent it out, have two person boat parties, and maybe even join a rowing team.
They would easily be stored on the sides of your ship and can drop down at a moments notice.
This 21 foot boat comes with an attached 200 horsepower 2005 Mercury Optimax outboard motor, model 200XL. Also included in the sale is a 1992 Rolco 400SR boat trailer for easy transportation of your vessel.
Now while the motor does in fact run, some minor repairs will have to be made in order for it to be at 100% tip-top shape. Also included in the sale is a Rolco 400SR boat trailer (also made in '92) which is also in amazing shape. Both the boat and trailer are in very good condition and are ideal for avid fishermen or simply those who love the great outdoors. It sports an outboard motor and although it isn't in tip-top shape with a little bit of work and a paint job it could be as good as new.
This boat could be stored in any marina and you could set sail for any tripical destination you could think of.
Aside from a nice sized kitchen and eating quarters, you'll also find a spacious furnished bedroom. Since there are no roadways in open water your best bet would be to get a GPS that lets you know where other boats are in correlation to your own and will let you know what the water is looking like before you set sail. Maybe you can have 5 motors for one boat and go so fast that no one will ever catch up to you. You could leave your boat at the marina and when the weather gets nice, set sail for clear waters. This crane has a 35.5 ton capacity which is more than enough to lift even a small house onto your ship to sail to Greenland and start life anew.
This two seater bicycles is not only safe and lets you hit the open waters, but it also gives your legs a fantastic workout! As of right now the current bid for this bulk sale is just $1,105 with 7 online bids already placed. In addition to it's steel hull it also has an aluminum house, twin Detroit diesel main engines model 6V-53, a 1400 gallon fuel tank, its keel cooled and naturally aspirated. Fully enclosed rear work station, Odyssey battery, bilge pump, running lights, seat boxes with Tempress seats, and self draining fish box really make for a nice package. As you know, the wind through that section of river really works the river into a chop and flat bottoms are the worst option in choppy water.
This item is located in Oregon and it would either have to be shipped or picked up at its present location.

These red lifeboats probably weigh a ton so you would definitely have to go to their South Carolina location to pick them up. No trailer is included so be sure to bring your own or arrange from delivery if you end up becoming the winning bidder. Why pay a fortune somewhere else when you can get a boat at a bargain price from the government?! Find out all about this piece of aquatic machinery along with many other items by clicking here. You can find out more about this item and many other auctions by activating your free trial. This boat comes complete with bedroom, bathroom, living area, fridge, kitchen, and nautical equipment.
You could practically live on this boat all summer long and experience life in a completely different way. You and your significant other can take this canoe out on a leisurely boat ride on the lake by your summer home. This boat would be a nice leisure vessel or you could take your buddies and go fishing on the weekends. Other amenities onboard include a kitchen with oven , stove top, sink, heated cabin with air conditioning, shower, toilet, etc.
This boat trailer is in excellent condition and is ready to help you transport your boat wherever it needs to go with complete ease. Having lots of horsepower will give you better hole shot as well as higher top speed to run shallow water.
With an aluminum trailer and a 90 Hp Evinrude Pump this Sled rocks with value and performance.
This boat is located in Missouri and you would have to either pick it up or have it shipped to you. This boat is in good shape and other than those previously mentioned issues, it's good to go. No trailer is included in this sale so if you're the winning bidder, you'll ahve to either bring your own or arrange for delivery.
The last bid placed on this item was $1,001 and at the moment 12 bids have already been made.
Both the boat and the engine are in excellent condition with not major problems whatsoever. This boat is located in Florida so you would have to go down to the site, pick up the boat, then sail it to wherever you like while you drink Patron on ice.
As of right now the current bid on this beauty is $50,000 and the winning bidder will be required to put down a $10,000 deposit. The current bid on this nautical item is only $246K with the auction ending on the twelfth of October.
If you live somewhere that a lot of water is present, then this would be a good item to snatch up.
Not outboard motor is included in this sale and both the trailer and boat require some work although we aren't sure what the exact issue is.
The current bid for this online auction is $10,500 with 7 bids, so register with us today to find out more. The winning bidder will be required to pick up this item in person or using a freight service so be aware of that. If you want to learn more about this and other amazing auction deals then simply register right now. At the moment, the current bid for this auction is at $4,100 with 14 online bids already placed. In addition to the motor this boat also comes with an aluminum trailer for easy transportation, SN#01W2135S1226.
To get the inside scoop on this and other surplus watercraft auctions all you have to do is register now by clicking here. To get more information on this auction and for a complete listing of everything this yacht comes with simply activate your free trial. You could fight crime like on a TV show and use your trusty speed boat to get around like Thunder in Paradise.
Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful harbor with a beer in one hand and the open water staring back at you. I've run lots of power boats and have drifted the lower D many times, but I've never run a sled on the river. You can find out more about this item and other government auctions by logging into your account here. Be the next bidder for this item, we'll even tell you how to do it, all you have to do is click here to become a member! You can find out more about this upcoming live auction and other government auctions by clicking here.

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