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When you charter Tarpon Diem you are not chartering some large multiple boat company with hired captains that is more worried about profits than they are your good time.
The flats of the Florida Keys are located on both sides of the Overseas Highway that winds down through the islands all the way to Key West and beyond out to the Marquesas Keys.
The best way to go about fishing the flats here in the Florida Keys is to hire a flats fishing guide.
It is NOT required for you to know how to fly fish to go flats fishing here in the Florida Keys. Choosing a flats fishing charter can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know anyone that knows anyone.
If you are fishing for specifically the big three (tarpon, permit and bonefish) during the slam season or fly fishing for any of them, hire the guide with the most time under his belt. All of us are independent fishing guides but sometimes we run for charter companies or outfitters to take a trip.
There are a few organizations that are what we call Corporate fishing guides, charter companies, booking agents or outfitters that hook you up with a flats fishing guide. Fishing Florida KeysFishing Florida Keys is a fishing charter resource for the Florida Keys and Key West.
Flats are vast, shallow coastal bay areas where anglers seek catches such as redfish, tarpon, sea trout, permit and bonefish.
With lakes, rivers and streams to choose from, freshwater fishing is all about reeling in the big one. Explore small bays, troll the coastal flat or head offshore to find the thrills of big game fishing. Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.
It Is a tropical island which must be experienced from the water to fully enjoy what we have to offer. You will be fishing with me Captain Chad and I pridemyself with making every effort to see that you have a great time and leave wanting to come back with me the next time you are here. The thrill of stalking a weary fish in shallow waters using specific fishing tackle and boats designed for the shallows has enticed anglers for over 100 years to the Florida Keys. On top of many shallow flats are the mangrove islands, not really an island in most cases just a group of trees that have found shallow water to root up in.
Flats fishing guides use smaller very technical fishing boats that can float in super shallow water.
Species of fish such as bonefish, permit and especially tarpon do not just come to the boat. Although many purists prefer it as the most challenging form of fly fishing its not a requirement.
There are flats fishing guides all up and down the keys a great place for a good selection of them is at this link Florida Keys Flats Fishing Guides.
Smaller boats that don’t weigh much offer super shallow draft and ease of pushing around to hunt the game fish on the flats.

There is so much information out there about flats fishing, a fishing guide could learn it off the net. A new fishing guide will probably work his ass off for you to show you a great day on the water in hopes of building his client list opening the day up to many different species. With a few exceptions Firefighters, Cops and EMTs don’t make super experienced flats fishing guides. These are Full Time Guides mostly fly fishermen they come here just for the tarpon fishing run. Booking agents rarely pump up the rates over what an independent guide will ask for his day or advertises in his site.
The fish may not always cooperate but you will leave my boat knowing that I tried everything I could to show you good time on the water.
Not the easiest form of fishing, not the most accessible form of fishing but definitely the most rewarding when it comes to the catch. The flats are a shallow area around islands and channels (less than 3 feet) that may have grass, marl, corals and sponges producing and housing the earliest stages of life in the estuary of the Florida Keys. The mangrove islands are not just vital to the success of the eco-culture that surrounds them, they are a very important part of our erosion and hurricane protection as our first line of defense for a large storm surge here in the Florida Keys.
Knowledge not only the geography of the waters that surround the Florida Keys but also the tides and currents that surround them. That said, the accomplished fly fisherman will find the Florida Keys flats fishing to be not only picturesque but rewarding in shots. I am personally a 20 year veteran flats fishing guide and will tell you that some of the 3 year fishing guides can give me a run for my money on some days, but in the long run I will out smart him by my length of time spent on the flats. A full time independent guide is a guide first and a carpenter or handyman second or third. Its a can’t miss opportunity and these guys are in the fish every day while they are here. If we cannot recommend a flats fishing guide without hesitation, we won’t recommend anyone. Being with the right personality is very important to a day of flats fishing and can make or break a day of fishing whether you catch or not. Also check your outfitter on review groups such as Trip Advisor to make sure others have enjoyed good service. The Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge is over 130,000 acres of untouched natural beauty.
Along with the many species of fish on the flats there are also countless numbers of crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps with a bountiful number of mollusks and snails. Starting at this level right on up the flats are about the most complete circle of life that anyone can imagine.
Super light tackle or fly fishing gear is needed to present anything to these weary fish for consideration.
Ask about fishing conditions and base it off local flats fishing reports to see if he is being truthful or just trying to gain your business.
Without their buddies (full time guide) info that works every day, they just cannot offer the same or better service than a fishing guide that does this solely as his living.

I can’t say I am personally a huge fan of them on the water as they have a short timers ethic. Working with a charter company should guarantee extreme customer service and some of the nicer boats. On an elevated “poling platform” over the outboard motor, one can stand and move the boat from spot to spot, pushing with a long pole while watching for fish.
With light tackle some experience may be needed to land your catch as your flats fishing guide maneuvers the boat helping you manage your fish.
Make sure your fishing guide sends you some sort of confirmation that has the date you have requested and the amount of the deposit you have sent him written on it with his name and phone number, this saves allot of headache when it comes to double bookings or wrong dates in calendars. But for the sake of this article being none bias, anglers are sure to have a good time with them. Call them and the good ones will interview you for what type of experience you are looking for. Casting is mainly done from an open platform at the bow.Bay boats are similar but have higher sides and slightly deeper hulls, requiring a few inches more of water depth but providing smoother rides in often-choppy coastal waters. Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials.
Once the fishing guide spots the fish, he then suggests to his angler where to cast to make the most of a well played situation. Channels cutting through gorgeous white flats leading to wide open basins surrounded by mangrove islands.
Some people come down here every yearsome only get the chance to be here once either way I want you leave my boat with a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life.
They have one to three large livewells used more for live bait than the catch.A flats or bay boat might have a 'jack plate' to raise and lower the engine vertically to negotiate shallow water.
This seemingly tranquil environment is contrasted by the life and death dance going on just under the surface. They can be great fly fishing guides and a good choice for tarpon season, but in that case, who isn’t. Permit, bonefish, barracudas, ladyfish, trout, cravalle jacks, andsharks all just looking for an opportunity to eat. Opportunities I am all to willing to give them which give you the  opportunities to  catch a fish of a lifetime.
A great way for an angler to have the same guide in two arenas of fishing – thats kinda cool.
You don’t have to be an expert to catch a greatfish you just have to get down here and see what opportunities present themselves.

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