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We take pride in our boat rentals and take time to introduce each of our customers to the equipment on the boats and also the local Key Largo and Florida Keys Activities. Key West Boat Rentals - We show you the fishing holes, snorkeling spots and local hangouts to make the best of your self guided boating tour on the beautiful clear waters of Key West, FL.
Florida Keys Boat Rentals was founded in 1997, and is located at 201 William St in Key West.
Florida Houseboat Rentals – Find houseboat vacations and house boat rentals in Florida. Florida Boat Rentals has pontoon boats and fishing power catamarans for rent, for the day or half day. When choosing the best type of Florida Keys boat rental, you need to consider what you'll be using the boat for. When you vacation in the Florida Keys, you're completely surrounded by two different bodies of water. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, like the rental boats you'll be considering, have their own unique characteristics. The Atlantic Ocean is also filled with numerous small patch reefs plus it has 221 miles of coral reef stretching from the top of the Florida Keys down to the Dry Tortugas National Park. For boat rentals Florida Keys water will be just one of the factors that will determine what type of boat you'll choose. In selecting the right Florida Keys boat rental, another feature you'll need to decide on, is whether you're going to want to have a hard canopy, a bimini, or no cover at all. Biminis can come loose or tear if you travel at high speeds for long periods, but they're usually good in most situations. If you're going to be fishing in Florida on a smaller vacation boat rental, you may want to opt for no canopy.
If you do decide against a canopy on your Florida Keys boat rental, make sure you bring along a hat, sun screen and polarized sunglasses. V Hulled Center Console Boats are Popular Boat RentalsFlorida State Archives, Florida Memory, Dale M.

Typically you'll want to choose a boat rental that can cruise at around 35 knots, and is between 35 feet to 50 feet in length.
If your FL Keys boat rental is for the shallower Gulf of Mexico, then you can get away with a much smaller V hulled center console boat, that has a less powerful outboard motor. Overall, center console boats are the perfect choice for Florida Keys fishing, diving, snorkeling, pleasure boating, and for pulling skiers or people on tubes.
Pontoon boat rentals are also a good choice for families traveling with children as there's room for the kids to play when anchored.
You'll also find that pontoon boats rentals are typically equipped with canopies for shade. Since this type of Florida Keys boat rental is technically a party boat, they typically come with certain extras you don't get with other FL Keys rentals.
If you've never operated a pontoon boat before, you should know that they don't handle like other boats.
If high winds pick up and catch the bimini, the boat can become harder to control and it can toss and pitch. Overall, pontoon boats are a good Florida Keys boat rental choice if you want to relax out on the water, splash around, tan, or just toss out a fishing line. Flat bottom boats or skiffs are extremely popular if you're going Florida Keys fishing in the backcountry or in the flats of the Atlantic Ocean. You'll want to consider a FL boat rental that averages between 16 and 20 feet long, has a draft of 10 to 12 inches and has wide gunwales so you can easily walk around. Skiffs are Popular for Florida Keys Flats FishingState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M.
Skiffs by their design are very stable and are meant to be stood up in, either when in motion or at rest. Kayaks and canoes are two other choices you may consider for your Florida Keys boat rental.
If you're going to be paddling around the Florida Keys flats or the backcountry, this is the perfect way to silently glide through the water enjoying nature, and surprising fish.

The important thing about kayak or canoe rentals is to make sure that you're strong enough and experienced enough, to handle the amount of time you anticipate to be paddling. When you're out in the kayak or canoe, make sure you bring plenty of drinking water, bug spray, polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare, a hat, sun screen, camera and binoculars. PWC rentals are very popular when you want to spend a couple hours of fun crashing through the waves on the open water.
Off the Florida Keys, water tends to be super shallow and it's filled with plenty of sand bars and reefs.
Due to the very nature of jet skis, and the combination of water obstructions and often heavy boat traffic, there are a variety of restrictions attached to anyone operating a personal water craft. First no one under the age of 14 may operate a PWC, and no one under the age of 18 can rent a personal water craft.
The exciting part is that you have lot of FL rental options available when it comes to selecting the best choice for your Florida Keys boat rental. The best part of course is that you're out on the water, and frankly, nothing's better than that.
Florida Keys Resort Choices For Islamorada & Key Largo VacationsAny Florida Keys resort in Key Largo FL or Islamorada will treat you to the ultimate all inclusive Florida Keys vacation. Florida Keys Lodging Best Choices For Key Largo FL To IslamoradaFlorida Keys lodging in Islamorada and Key Largo FL blend comfort with sweeping water views, tropical beauty, and fun Florida Keys things to do.
2016 Schedule of Events For Key West Fantasy Fest Is Red Hot2016 Schedule of Events for Key West Fantasy Fest features erotic, adult masquerades and sexy parties spread over 10 titillating days. If you're going out into the Atlantic Ocean you'll want one with an outboard motor that provides plenty of power and speed. Nothing screams pain louder than smashing into one of these obstructions at high speed while on a personal water craft.

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