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Our Wooden Rowing Machines are Made in the USA using hardwood from only replenishable sources.
Our Commercial Rowing Machines are Made in the USA and designed to match your facilities current commercial fitness equipment, while offering the unique resistance provided by the patented WaterFlyWheel.

Last week, we received an email from a WaterRower customer wanting to share his story about his journey with Parkinson’s.
My Parkinsona€™s was diagnosed in Sept of 2012 and I went downhill pretty fast, I couldna€™t walk, sign my name, much less write and had fairly bad tremors. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. The smooth, quiet, and unintrusive nature of our rowing machine allows for a workout not limited by time of day or proximity to others. We are incredibly appreciative that he wanted to share his story and are extremely touched as a team to hear such a wonderful result from the use of a WaterRower.
My dog thanks you (she missed her walks on the beach), my wife thanks you (I am a lot more fun and her walks on the beach), my kids thank you (didna€™t like seeing their dad hobbled up), my grand kids thank you (ita€™s back to the beach).
Attached is picture of my WaterRower out on my little deck and a picture of my view as I row, listening to music, yeah I am a lot better.

My neurologist said there were four aspects to my treatment and I controlled three of them. They were attitude, nutrition and exercise (my responsibilities) and medication (his responsibilities) and he said if I dona€™t do my part his part wona€™t work. I used to enjoy rowing so much and I missed it so I started rowing again in July of 2014 and I was way off but struggled anyway, however things started an incremental change, my nutrition and attitude remained pretty much the same but I really worked hard on the rower and things got even better. The doctor was amazed and started seeing me in 6 month intervals, last time I saw him he said a€?You cana€™t cure Parkinsona€™s, but you are living proof you can knock the living s*** out of it, I dona€™t need to see you for a yeara€?.

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