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Each of the missions involves a list of goals that you need to go through in order to complete it.
And the events of the game feel just as cheap, perhaps not because of the quality of what happens, but because nothing ever happens. Nicholas Bale has been playing games ever since he laid his little hands on Super Mario Bros, and has been talking about them ever since anyone would bother listening (and sometimes when they wouldn't). The primary platform in which our evaluation was conducted for the basis of this review is the PC version of the game.
This site (and many others) won't look as crisp in your current version of Internet Explorer. There are exactly six kinds of goals that you can complete, ranging from a simple go-to waypoint, to mooring your boat, to a dock to driving over ramps. Half the game is just driving from point to point, and when you're in a boat as large as a cargo ship, this is considered a ridiculously boring event.

The amount of ships, locations, and missions would appeal to someone who really enjoys this kind of pace.
Though role-playing games are his thing, he'll play anything that takes input and can often be found whittling away his free time trying to complete one of the many, many games left on his shelf.
It goes without saying that the game allows you to pilot a variety of boats in a variety of situations. The menu system in general feels very rough around the edges and low-budget, whether it's selecting missions or when you're driving around in your boat.
The only exciting event that has occurred to me thus far is when a smaller boat veered to avoid my yacht, crashed into an island somewhere in the waters of Thailand, and sank. After playing Ship Simulator, I do - these things to not drive gracefully, unless you consider graceful to be painfully slow and clumsy.
The detail that has gone into the realism of the ships and locations is noticeable, but that doesn't make up for the lack of any real interesting gameplay.
There's a heavy emphasis on the realism of the situation and how the boats move and are controlled, and a really low emphasis on anything resembling action or, well, fun.
For example, mooring involves approaching a point within a distance, then stopping, and clicking the 'moor' icon. They feel authentic, like a real boat would drive, but that's just saying that they, well, drive like boats.
Picking up passengers involves the exact same thing, only instead of mooring you wait for people to get into the boat. In addition to each of the goals for the missions, there's also a maximum amount of damage that you're allowed to inflict or sustain. Even the speedboat, which should be a fast-paced time, is aggravating to control and the turn radius feels tiring. At the end of this mission, if you've done more damage than you're allowed, you've failed the mission and must repeat it.

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