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Rememeber the first time you came to a marine navigation marker and you did not know what it meant? That doesn't need to happen any more to new boaters because most countries are talking about the "boat licence" word.
If you boat in Canada's waters - you most likely know that September 15th 2009 was the final deadline to get your boat licence- if you want to operate a power boat. Six million boaters in Canada and fifty million boaters in the US - need to take their boater licence, but didn’t know this FREE practice boating exam was even available to study first - until now. If you would like to get an idea what the boating exam questions and answers are all about - then simply fill in your name and email below and you will receive a link to the boating exam practice quiz.
Plus, I took the boating exam in 2009 - and I was one of those boaters searching for a practice test - but I didn’t find one. Believe me - if I'd taken this boat practice exam like this before the exam - not only would I have known some of the boating exam answers - but it would of taken a few nerves away before hand and I would of had more confidence going in. Don’t get me wrong I did read up and refresh my memory before I took the real exam - but I scattered around different web sites to do it. September 15th 2009 - all boaters in Canada needed to pass the boating exam in order to legally operate a pleasure craft.

And you should also know - if you're a USA citizen, and or you frequently travel in US waters - most US states have the same boaters law in effect.
Moreover, if your state does not have the law - it won't be long before you have to get your boat license. Okay - okay but what types of questions will I find on this FREE boating exam practice quiz? Many of the questions will be very similar to the real boating exam - minus the common sense ones that I didn’t want to put on this quiz.
I have many years experience on the water, I created this boating exam cheat sheet and I passed my boating exam over five years ago.
Millions of boaters tried to get their boating exam without studying so it adds to the frustration.
That’s why if you register for this free boating exam quiz today - you get a chance to try the new boating exam study guide I just built too. So you get your FREE boating exam study guide material, your FREE boating exam practice test and a bunch of other quizzes too. Simply enter your name and email in the form below and I'll help you pass the boating exam.

Don't forget - this boating exam practice test is multiple choice, it's FREE and once you enter your name and email below - you will instantly get on the LIST to try the new boating exam study guide that was just released.
To go along with your free boating exam practice test and a $10 off coupon for your boating exam.
It's a printable sixteen page - PDF report called "14 Advanced Boating Tips: How to Respond to Emergency Situations".
Nerd Boating™ wants all boaters to understand that boating can be very dangerous and it takes a lot of responsibility to operate a pleasure craft. This free practice boating exam is based on the old boating exam, but it's perfect for beginners (or veteran skippers who have lost their minds) to get the feel of things. I know boaters are searching on the search engines for a boating exam practice test and I knew I could help other boaters study with it.

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