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WoodenBoat store is also carrying Footy plans for two boats now, search for Brando and Presto. For those interested in building Ranger, the best source is my article in ModelYachting magazine (Spring 2011, No. This 11-page PDF includes plans for Roger Stollery's Bug3, with an article from Charlie Smith. Angus Richardson has put together all the detailed measurements of his race-winning Moonshadow. No, they're not the cheapest around to buy but they are the cheapest (and easiest) to get on the water. Personal injury and or property damage can occur by the rc aircraft going out of control due to the interference from your radio and you would be liable if the cause of the crash were determined to be your illegal use of the aircraft radio.

These rules are for the safe enjoyment of all types of rc models, whether they be boats, aircraft or any other type of rc model. Its nice to sail all day on AA batteries , but you won't get the same speed you'll get with a powered boat unless you get a tri-foiler. Then your best option is to buy a used yacht and 2 channel AM radio from your local sail club. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. If you've got standard radio gear' you'd have to invest in a beefier servo for sail control, though. You CAN go buy something else, like a monsoon or typhoon or phantom or ETNZ or Voyager II or China Team, save and the cost of the kit and then find you have to buy upgrade parts IMMEDIATELY- escalating the cost over the 6 listed above- before she'll sail.

If there is go see what they are sailing, also maybe there might be a boat for sale locally. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Just keep in mind that there's another 100 kitboats out there which cost less to buy than those 4 but which'll cost more by the time they can sail decently and which as a newbie (no disrespect intended) you'll probably give up on before you're sailing.
Kyosho does do a version of its kits which are RTS (and costs more) but Graupner I dunno and Tamiya, no.

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