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A collection of free plans for model sail boats including yachts, gallions, brigantines and pirate ships.
Time should be spent browsing each set of plans and deciding which method of construction is best suited to each Model Sailing Ship - for example, if you wish to add Radio gear to make a Radio Controlled Sailing Ship, you should avoid making a solid hull. The epoxy glass hull can be sanded flat using a plastic filler to fill any depressions left by the Glass Matting weave.
All sailing Ship models are complex builds due to the amount of rigging required for the sails - this becomes extremely complex if you are considering a fully steerable sailing ship with multiple masts.
Set paper size in the print options in the Adobe print menu - ensure paper size setting is correct.

The plans are large sheets ranging from A0 to A2 in sheet size - the large sheets that are best printed at a print shop such as Kinko's or similar high street printers.
Line Control Model Sailboats by SeadercraftThe model sailboats you learn to craft and sail. Free Model Sailboat Plan Marshallese OutriggersFree Model Sailboat Plan Marshallese Outriggers.
Free Boat Plans - Boat Design NetFree boat plans, online boat plan sources, and free CAD boat drawing file downloads. The foam is easily sanded into shape with an Electric Sanding Machine and this is then used as a former to lay Fiberglass and Epoxy resin to make a GRP hull.

The level of craftsmanship for the hobby model maker is challenging and this type of model is recommended for advanced home model engineers only.

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