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Bought this axle, matching hubs, mounted tires etc., to re-furb my boat trailer and move it from TN to OH.
While I haven't gotten around to installing the axle I purchased as if yet, the service was great. We Offer All Our Galvanized Dexter Axles with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Adjustable Spring Seats included with your Axle Purchase. Dexter Axle galvanized boat trailer axles are Hot-Dipped Galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance and superior protection from salt water.

Measured hub face and was exactly as advertised, also was pleased to see the spindles were protected by being wrapped in rubber.
Having a Galvanized Coating on your fender will significantly reduce corrosion and rust caused by saltwater. Also, keep in mind when replacing a fender, or adding fenders, additional hardware will be needed. For Example, you will need bolts to mount the fender to whatever brackets you will be using.

These Galvanized Adjustable Spring seats are included free of charge with the purchase of your axle. Basically the distance between them is the shortest your fender can be in order to mount, unless you are planning on moving those brackets for a shorter fender.

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