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Many of our sail boat builders don't realize that we have accessories for the boat they are building. From our beginning, over 60 years ago, Glen-L has offered boat building kits for those items that are not readily available from local suppliers.
It may sound odd, but I really miss you all when I'm not communicating in these Newsletters.
This unique style of single post retractable fender cleat is investment cast of 316 stainless steel.
Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Low-Tox Hardener is an alternative hardener for those already sensitized to poly-amine type hardener. Our LightSpecsa„? LED Lighted Safety Glasses provide hands-free direct lighting that replaces bulky flashlights, headlamps or work lights for boatbuilders, electricians, plumbers, automotive professionals, installers and do-it-yourselfers.

This is a compilation of many of the things you need to know when building or thinking about building a boat.
If you have a Gallery for your Glen-L boat that was added a long time ago and is at the bottom, below all the other photos, we can "bump" it to the top if you just send us an updated photo. This week's link is all about sailboat hardware because we're getting a lot of questions on this lately. As you can see, I've had to put together a new template for our emails which, is still a work in progress. Who wants one of those plastic or fiberglass boards when you can build your own out of wood. This unit is designed with a detent area so that the cleat stays up or down as desired, and does not rattle. Low-Tox is extremely user friendly and provides long open times with outstanding physical properties when used in conjunction with MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resins.
This spiral-bound book was intended to be a reference book to use in your shop as you're building your boat.

Some of you have never actually sent in photos of your boat on the water, so email them to us and we'll put your Gallery at the very top of the Design album!
We have notes on the specific rigging for many Glen-L sailboats as well as general hardware instructions on our site here.
They may not be laying down huge sums of moolah for a brand spankina€™ new boat, but the desire to create a boat with ones own two hands is more popular than ita€™s ever been.
Well, we have changed email sending programs back to the one I used before because I believe it will be a much more efficient system for communicating with you. The frames are CNC cut for accuracy and come with very detailed photos and instructions for building. Now you can have the beautiful line drawing profile and top view of the boat you desire printed on quality high-gloss photo paper, Frame it and hang it on your wall and let the inspiration begin!

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