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Damon the forty year old Aquarius, says the zodiac signs were a wonderful way for him to take something familiar to everyone and place his own twists and bizarre imaginings to them.
Secret History is a journey to discover and collect the lost narratives of people who live and work on the river from the deck of a recreated shantyboat and present these stories through web-based digital archives and a touring art installation.
The project hopes to encourage an awareness of the issues facing current river communities, the long history of people who have lived on and adjacent to the river, and an understanding of river ecology.
The project also connects individuals and communities that live along the river with those far from it.
One of the disturbing trends visibly unfolding over the span of my lifetime is loss the Commons. All of these and others - to some extent or another, from place to place - lie outside the Law.
Rising regulation of anchorages - anchoring, moorage and entry fees, permits, registrations, and outright prohibitions -  has been squeezing us from shoreside.
This word once usefully distinguished abandoned, hazard-to-navigation watercraft from those in hand. First, it's ridiculous to think that many, much less everyone, might be tempted into doing 'it'. It is you, I would say, who are not entitled to profit from those for whom you've done nothing, for use of an  anchorage which predates your community. These 'lands' (sea floor) were considered open to Public Access, and guaranteed under maritime Law, until they were appropriated by state and local governments for 'regulation and revenue'. How is it that the Environmental Impact Statement for mines, clearcuts, factories, quarries, roads, docks and so on consistently state 'no significant environmental impact', while liveaboards constitute an environmental crisis?
Comparing tiny liveaboard communities head to head with sprawling shoreside communities, what are we to conclude? So I really don't think we should be passing Law to outlaw - or at least harass - a high-priced dive. Sasha and Tara Bouis have turned their tiny floating home into a FOOD BOAT serving fresh baked pizza served on delicious made-from-scratch slow-fermentation New York style crust. Chef Tara graduated from IU in 2005 and taught Elementary Special Education in Indiana while spending the summers teaching SCUBA in the Caribbean.
To keep up with the water demand for washing dishes, Sasha and Tara fitted a DIY water maker that produces up to 40-gallons per hour. They also installed an industrial 20-quart Hobart mixer and a mechanical hanging basket scale for dough-making.
To support the electrical demands of all these appliances, Pi is outfitted with (2) 130 watt Kyocera solar panels, a 12kw Northern Lights Generator and a hefty battery bank.
His plans are VERY good, and even if you don't plan to build the boat, you will learn so much. Looking on the Internet with the hopes of finding a well built, good looking and affordable houseboat I kept coming back to the photos of this one.

Take the comforts of your backyard deck with you with this novel home-built version of a pontoon boat! I'd be curious to see if what kind of propulsion you would get from a can i put a outboard motor on a home made boat? Made up of a marine engine, shaft, propeller, and rudder, the marine the lower unit that acts as a rudder.
There is now a primary propulsion outboard made many of the electric boat models offered, have trolling type submersible motors built Go to Home Page Go to Top of toy steam engine boat rather than made. Location: Union City, TN Home Built Boats Visited with an old boyhood friend today and got to see his work of art for the first time. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. That, and the conversion of Citizens into Outlaws; not by any sudden turn to crime, but overtaken by the rising tide of Law.
Prohibitions have long been in place, and yet stand, despite some encouraging softening of the Law or its enforcement.
To sit on a side-walk or linger in conversations among friends or drop one's hook outside a marked channel.
From the water, our factory outfitted, proper-yachtie neighbors pay these fees without flinching, then add their voices in condemnation.
But given our generally low-consumption lifestyle, I find it hard to buy that our homes are worse polluters - even per capita - than those with much larger, highly complex and over furnished homes plus their bevy of high-polluting tools and toys. They tend to be oppose government regulation, Big Brother, infringement of personal and communal freedoms.
Sitting quietly at anchor, we are perfectly legal one day, owing cash money to grubbers the next, and quite possibly hustled along by threat of force the day after. From July to September they make their way to Brooks Falls on the river of the same name which runs through Alaska's Katmai National Park. There are two separately controlled baking chambers and each chamber has two 21″ decks. The hanging scale is much better than a regular mechanical scale on a boat because the measurements aren’t affected by the rocking motion caused by waves.
In the meantime I enquired about other boats located on various Quebec rivers but none caught my fancy like this one. If you have the skills to build a gazebo and a deck, I guess now you can build your own pontoon boat too! Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. But on their heels came the droves of 'turn-key' boats with their crews of well-heeled, extra-curricular tourists. However, some of our liveaboard friends -as in any other community - have been poor neighbors.

They offer a gluten-free menu and they have even partnered with a local ice-creamery, Scoops and Brew, to serve the best ice cream in the islands!
After taking a leap of faith, Tara is now an award-winning yacht chef and an expert at biting off more than she can chew. They lived aboard after all the basic necessities were finished during the construction process, right up until Pizza Pi was officially open for business. And in case the builder decides he wants to go out fishing alone, he included a remote-controlled trolling motor that is installed under the table in the gazebo, as well as a Lowrance Fish-Finder, and two electric winches with 40 lb anchors. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Single have a book in the whole kit and caboodle with full sized plans Gavin Atkin’s give up innovation Page Gav in addition to starting the Boat plan group on Yahoo won the Duckworks design. Trouble viewing sauceboat plans from Science and Mechanics and Boat Builder Handbooks home built boat plans free. And they have no qualms about codifying such BS into law that applies to us all, regardless of Constitutional principle.
Our pockets are robbed with 'liveaboard fees' to cover dockside services bought and paid for. At the same time many among the shoreside communities have stood up for liveaboards at some cost to themselves. His passion for the sea grew so strong, he decided to leave it all behind and become a sailboat captain. Sasha designed a hood ventilation system to direct the heat up and out keeping the galley nice and cool. Due to Health Department requirements, they can’t actually LIVE on the boat anymore but they maintain the functionality that makes this the most awesome tiny floating home around!
Christmas Cove has FREE mooring balls, amazing snorkeling and some of the best sunsets of all the Virgin Islands. The chilly waters near his home town sent him in search of a warmer climate, landing him in the beautiful Virgin Islands where he met Tara in 2007.
Easy to build plans for dories fishing boats vagabond boats wooden boats Welcome To Spira International Home Built gravy boat Plans 14′ Kayak Free Plans. Something tells me that you will be beaching her often for some great weekend getaways.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their homemade pontoon houseboat experiences.

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