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Since Roxanne has a physical condition that prevents her from being comfortable in small boats and kayaks, the W was her obvious choice for comfort. Since then the battery made its way to the bottom of the hull, the motor relocated to the very end of the stern, and the outriggers became rather symbolic.
Foot activated steering system: The rubber pad slides back and forth on the bottom of the hull. Learn more about the W500 - the world's stablest fishing kayak that enables true stand up kayak fishing to regular people who fish in real-world conditions.
These kayaks have much more storage space than any other kayak, and they are absolutely back pain free. Kayak Stability and Fishing StandingA kayak's stability is key, especially if you want to fish standing in it in full confidence. Many kayak manufacturers claim they designed their kayaks for stand up fishing, but other than pictures in glossy magazines and videos showing young and athletic fishermen who stand on their kayaks and fish in mirror flat water, how practical are these products for average anglers in everyday fishing trips?
Can a middle aged or elderly fisherman feel at ease getting up and standing on a SOT kayak, and could they ever feel confident fishing from it? There is more to standing up and fishing from a kayak than just that - You need to do it comfortably and safely, have a plan B in case you lose balance, and be able to focus on what you're doing i.e.

I just purchased cheap, small boat to fish on lakes with for the summer, it's a 14' aluminum rowboat.
A steering however is much more convenient, there are various way you can do this, but in my opinion a push-pull cable steering is the neatest, most reliable. Does anyone have a DIY or write up of how to construct a pully system or cable steering device?
Location: Western Massachusetts I have the same problem, could one of you elaborate on this? Location: Coastal Georgia So what is the solution for shifting and operating the throttle? The control's I mentioned so far are the easiest, most convenient, safest and most reliable. Location: Oriental, NC First, you need to know whether your motor can be converted from tiller to remote steering and throttle control. Originally Posted by Fanie The gear shift and throttle is done with a 'two stage' double push pull cable system. You can easily rig up steering with common items, is there a way to run the manual throttle and shift using cheap, commonly available items?

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
She got her first (green) W300 back in 2006, and the second one (yellow W300) more recently. I launched at Barts in Windsor, Floating and paddling down the river to camp out with my buddies on Tits island for some good old cat fishing, but lost my camera over board with all my picture’s of the trip on the way home. But taking it Down the CT River from Suffield to Windsor’s Tits island will be a blast this year if I do this and put them together. And Mack 77's inquiry about pulley steering implies he doesn't want stick much money in it. 2" diameter, and besides a boat dealer I haven?t the foggiest on where you would get the other hardware. But I agree with Fanie, a push-pull system is easier to install and there is less to go wrong.

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