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Along with the years of red tape to build a marina, don't forget to take a stroll through some of the existing marinas around. ALL of the marinas in those, out of the way, backwater places that Kroeran suggests as a good place to live aboard cheaply have closer to 80% and above vacancy right now.
Any thoughts that living aboard could become a viable means of inexpensive lifestyle is wild fantasy. Now, we havent even touched monthly dock rent(usually, but not always includes water), electric, towing insurance, fuel use, and annual registration fees, plus the additional nuisance repairs to plumbing, electronic systems, cosmetic maintenance, bottom job every five years or so(at a cost of $6-8K, so at least another $1K annualized), and the list goes on, and on, and on. Slow destruction, where metal intakes are concerned, they will first become clogged, cutting off cooling water feed to machinery, and the heads(toilets), then electrolysis will corrode them, and running gear like shafts, props, rudders, etc into dust, eventually opening them up to the sea, and sinkage. Too corrosive, and how do you get something that weighs eight tons, and is 45 feet long (for example) into said(very large) "vat"? If there was a cost effective, more efficient way of doing things, someone will come up with it.

Interestingly (and ironically), I just watched a show on HGTV about a couple looking for a houseboat in Seattle. Houseboating around the warm waters and islands found off Florida's southern tip can be quite the rewarding experience. Houseboat rentals in Key Largo, FL – convenient to John Pennekamp Underwater Park diving, kayaking and snorkeling adventures! Florida Keys Houseboat Rentals – Florida Houseboat Rentals – Make your reservations today the season is booking up fast! Lake Travis party boat party barge rental, Austin, TX – Beach Front Boat Rentals Call (512) 258-8400 Rent LIVE LIKE A ROCK STAR OCEAN FRONT MANSION WIFI BBQ from Lisa Ocean front Ocean View home in Miami Beach.
Lake Front Home, with Private Boat Launch, Beach, Pet Friendly Clearlake Oaks, California Vacation Rental by Owner Listing 355377 First Name Last Name Email WATERFRONT, POOL FRONT, BOAT, BEACH, PLAY!. Barring that, increased weight mass on the bottom of the boat would eventually weigh it lower into the water, until pulled under. I'm not talking about your River Queen or Gibson, but an actual house built on I presume a barge.

If you are going to the Florida Keys, you may want to take a look at an alternative kind of lodging, the houseboat rental. 850-235-0009 8 Long Boat ~ Hilton Head Rental Vacation ~ Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Name: Lynn F. A slow process to be sure, but at some point it becomes a much more expensive proposition to save the vessel. Oil change for one Volvo Diesel, labor, filters(oil, fuel-primary and secondary, oil itself, air sept maintenance) approximatley $1,100.00.
There's TWO of those, and dont forget the same routine for the genset(about half the cost of the mains).

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