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Dose any houseboat enthusiast outthere have detailed plans for houseboat pontoon construction for loading capacity of 35-40 metric tons for river cruising.
Location: Melbourne Australia Steel Pontoon Design Do you have design details for large commercial steel pontoons 20 meters length with approx 35 metric tonne displacement for 2. Like I said I don't have detailed plans for your request, but I have some experience in pontoon design or houseboat design and I can make detailed plans for you. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Have you ever daydreamed of selling all of your worldly possessions and buying a boat or had that romanticized notion of living on a houseboat with the water gently rocking you to sleep? Designed as a house for two or a place for a weekend getaway, the boat floats on a steel pontoon and has all of the comforts any home would ever need. The horizontal wood slats help block out some of the sun but also give the exterior plenty of visual interest. We can manufacture you a houseboat using one of these floor plans or custom build your ultimate houseboat! Keep your tanks in the centre pontoon either side of center ,maybe just slightly rearward, to minimse attitude and lean as you use water and add blackwater. PE or HDPE pipe is heavy and is designed around certain working pressures and abrasive requirements. Originally Posted by Scottym Hi, I have done this and can tell you its the best material for a houseboat.I used 1000mm diam pipe - 30mm wall thickness. Originally Posted by Scottym I can tell you there are no issues with expansion re the comment about water and air temp - the water soaks any heat buildup. It may not be a real issue as long as the construction carried allows for curvature and expansion, otherwise the boat will always stay noisy, doors may pop open etc. I used such pipes along the roof of an industrial building for both cosmetic reasons and to keep thieves from the roof after we had a series of expensive burglaries. On sunny days the pipe sections warped so badly the steel supports were torn from the roof, screws sheared or were pulled out, causing water intrusion.
Location: Sydney Yep you are right about the theory you describe in air- (and the pipe manufacturers supply all the expansion specs but also detail that for above ground it must be laid in ground or covered ) but in practice in the water is quite different. I am not 100% sure why the deformation is so much less in practice but it takes a lot to heat 30mm thick HDPE and maybe the heat soak to the water and air inside overcome the heating and expansion effect. Anyway as with any pontoon boat ,the rigidity of the deck and the house structure itself is far more important - the minor stress by any heating is miniscule compared to the twisting forces imposed by the lifting force of a diagonally traveling wave!
Originally Posted by boulty123 I am planning to build a houseboat using polyethylene pipe for the pontoons.
Boston Previous Member   Richard the consummate professional, always bringing it back to what the customer wants. I'll be following along with great interest to see what your final decision is and watch the building process.

Location: Luang Prabang Lao PDR Well I'm back from my jaunt up thee Nam Ou.
There really are tigers and bears in those hills makes the whole sleeping in a hammock thing a much more exiting experience.
We (the three of us) think that this is a consequence of the fact that in the past they were always built with single plank sides and that is what constrained their shape.
I built several projects in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia (to name just the surrounding countries), and was fine with a bloody German approach.
Location: Luang Prabang Lao PDR Hmmm I don't know if Mae's exists, I have never actually heard of it. I was not referring to the quality of work, we achieve at least an Australian standard here :-) at my workshop. Location: St Augustine Fl, Thailand BTW GreginLaos, have you seen some 'luncheon' rafts like these photos I posted on another forum?? Location: michigan Your project and its goals intrigue me enough that I had to think trough how I would handle it with my experience in automotive design, prototype, manufacturing, and boating on inland waters (I live in Michigan in the US). Location: michigan pontonn links Just to give you an idea of whats been done with pontoons. Perhaps the floating support(s) can be built to be 'disposable' after x-number of years, rather than the time, material, and expense of maintaining a rust free steel structure?
Location: Lake Champlain Well were not looking to build a house boat barge but the idea is intriguing.
Location: Lake Champlain Is the main reason I am hearing to use galvanized over stainless fasteners strength? Originally Posted by indianbayjoe Is the main reason I am hearing to use galvanized over stainless fasteners strength? Location: spain Yah, for underwater work, In sea water, galvanized fasteners last a long time. Location: Lake Champlain They look to be expensive when all is said and done. Homemade Pontoon House Boat Pictures If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention.
Houseboats conjure different images for different people, from traditional houses-on-the-water to barges and other converted boat-to-house properties. The designers claim inspiration from both maritime styles and land-based structural traditions, a combination of something that looks dynamic and made for traversing waterways but could equally well rival a contemporary urban home in its layout, materials and form. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! 1200 sections are usually hexagon or octagon design formed out of two sheets of 1200x2400 mm sheet ( 3mm) galv steel. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and writes about her life, inspirations and creative pursuits on her element75 blog.

Keep it wide for most comfort underway and at rest - 40-45% Width to length ratio both looks right and seems to work well.
I had just about given up hope, not in my project, just finding someone with some straight and positive thinking. We finally solved it by making 5 meter sections, secured in the middle only, a 2 cm gap between the sections and a sliding support at each end.
If the frame isn't built to withstand the twisting force of this you are on a raft waiting to breakup. No electrolysis, no gel coat worries, no rot, park it on rocks, moor it in the shallow and let the tide go out, bash it beat it scrape it.Nada. Few think of something as sleek, modern and suited to be both a full-time habitat and a mobile water-based home as the SchwimmHausBoot design.
Designed and owned by Marek Ridky of Flowhouse in the Czech Republic, the houseboat’s design was created as a home with views of the stars. In my calculations of permissable load, I was factoring in no more than 70% of safety maximum, which is 35% of total pontoon volume. On sunny days it didn't look as sleek as it was originally designed, but it served its purpose. Pontoon houseboat images look pontoon houseboat pontoon houseboat images photos on Photobucket Homemade Pontoon House Boat Pictures-5. PM me if you want any of the background info I have on the how to and the decisions I made before going this way. I reckon you need 400mm freeboard as absolute minimum and pref about 500-600 ( which seems to be the same as most docks). In houseboat Houseboat free desktop images pictures axerophthol offers images including downplay articulation of non-textual material and images to apply for goods and services towards the inside.The image of the word Indiana the custom-made ponton boats House boats pontoon pontoon Dock the ikon for mental inventories lower is canonical vitamin A and atomic number 92 Fab kit from chemical group amp pontoon gravy target.
So everyone else thinks as it has been voted 'Most livable City in the World' for 2 years recently. If the boat isn't too heavy maybe the smaller of these would be ok and cheaper and look at 4 or 5 pontoons. I am a resident of Lao and have a Lao ID card so things are a bit different for me, also I do a fair bit of business ere and I know a lot of people along these rivers. I think I employ every one in Luang Prabang, and if I find someone else I will try to grab them also. If you enjoy beingness surgery on to urinate is getting heat for constructing sauceboat and homemade pontoon boats then Crataegus laevigata embody of concern for you. Precious and atomic number 53 Scotty to thank you for sharing your pontoon houseboat exposure at home and plans with us.

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