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When you just want to get out on the water, relax and fish, the 36 foot Voyageur is the way to go. The 42 foot Voyageur is a no-frills houseboat for groups on a budget, except that it has wonderful frills like a water slide and furnished decks. The Minnitaki houseboat is the perfect fit for a small group of people, maybe a family or a few friends. For small families or a few friends looking to spread out, the 44 foot Vista Class houseboat is the way to go. Smaller groups will find the 44 foot Voyageur an excellent balance of spaciousness, comfort and outdoor features. The 44 foot Voyageur Plus houseboat is only two feet longer than its sibling, but it manages to fit three more people and a hot tub. The 47 foot Voyageur houseboat gives up to six people plenty of room to stretch, inside and out.
The 50 foot Voyageur houseboat is wider than some, so the ten people it can accommodate won't be crammed next to each other. The 50 foot Saginaw houseboat works well for groups of up to ten looking to move around a lot on Rainy Lake. The Tamarac and Saginaw houseboats are almost identical, both 50 feet long with room for ten people.
The 51 foot Vista Class 2 houseboat is a good option for groups up to five, providing everyone with a little more room than the basic Vista Class. The 51 foot Vista Class houseboat is designed for couples or families needing separate bedrooms. Designed with style, the Lady of the Lake almost looks like a speed boat with a giant cabin. 61 feet in this Vista Class houseboat split between eight people in four bedrooms is a fantastic arrangement. The top-of-the-line boat at Voyageurs National Park, the 65 foot Series houseboat is all the luxury you'd expect. Specializing in New and pre-owned houseboats sales, custom built houseboats, Starlite Notify Me of New Listings: Memory Bank: Send this Page!
111 miles from one end to the other with countless coves), Cabins, Houseboats Rentals Runs from the Ohio River near Newburgh.

There's a double bed and 1 pull-out, a kitchen and a grill and basically no reason to leave your favorite spot until it's time to go home. The Honeymooner houseboat is for two people, but there's no heart-shaped bed or anything like that. There are a couple of bedrooms and a pull out sofa, with a kitchen between, but you'll want to venture outside on Rainy Lake. The stateroom has a king sized bed and the salon has a sofa sleeper while the rest of the boat is devoted to luxury.
Up to 8 people can enjoy the boat, splitting themselves between the screened porch, the sun deck and the back porch where the BBQ is happening. It's not too late, however, to board the Gold Rush Jacuzzi houseboat in Minnesota's Rainy Lake, also known as Ontario's Rainy Lake. With sleeping space for twelve and a kitchen and a grill to feed everyone, you're all set for a vacation into this massive remote lake. Its twin engines set it apart from the other boats of similar size and give the extra push needed to change the scenery. This is especially important in the hot tub, where you definitely don't want to be crowded or waiting in line. Up to twelve people fit on board, split between eight beds, making it ideal as a shared boat for smaller families or a group of friends.
At 54 feet long and 16 feet wide it has room for twelve in several rooms, all air conditioned.
It has five bedrooms, including a penthouse, three bathrooms and a hot tub on the sun deck. Great for tying up between several houseboats, it brings additional space for the whole group.
Enjoy private accommodations, housekeeping services, and walking distance to Clay Lick Boat Ramp.
Fun a€?N the Sun will teach you all about houseboating, so youa€™ll be able to relax and enjoy your vacation. You can also call us toll-free at 888-454-8825 or select Request Info to submit a request for assistance.
The upper deck is a prime spot for lounging, with the shaded rear deck a more protected option.

Luxury like the hot tub on the sun deck and the comfort of not having to step over anyone on your way to a bunk bed.
The bunk beds make it easy to fit a family, especially when the kids prefer beds of their own. Outside you've got the catwalk and sun deck for easy fishing or lounging while inside you have plenty of room to move about. As the name would suggest, the main idea of the boat is the Jacuzzi on top, but alternating between the lake, the shower and the hot tub is a pretty fun exercise.
What sets them apart is the Tamarac has one engine, and if you're not the wandering sort that's plenty. The emphasis on these boats is not to stay inside and loll away the day but to get out on Rainy Lake and soak in the sun while the boat sings to you from its stereo system. The front deck is shaded well enough that the sun won't scorch, but not too closed as to obscure Rainy Lake.
Lounge in the sun, up top or on the front deck before grilling something and heading inside for a nap on one of the four queen beds. The crew sleeping quarters are kept separate from yours, making it clear that this is still your vacation, reinforced by the presence of satellite TV, boat-wide stereo and water slide. Up to twelve people can sleep on the boat, but its priced per-person so you don't pay for more than you get.
When there's just not quite enough room on a single boat, you can use it for a central meeting area or a party place for everyone to have a blast! The point is that this boat is all yours, no one to crowd you out or interrupt you if you're on an actual honeymoon.
But most importantly, this boat makes your trip to Voyageurs National Park comfortable and convenient. The whole thing is limited to six people, so there won't be any cramped spaces or waiting in line at the slide.
The hot tub on the top deck rounds out the relaxing experience, especially at night under the stars.

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