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Last month the beta version of Minecraft for Android added a ton of new features, most notably a port of the player skin feature that's become such a popular part of the original Minecraft game. Aside from the note for multiple language support, Mojang is being rather vague in the update text, so it isn't clear if all of the new stuff from the latest beta has made it into the public version or not. Nope, that was only announced, this update is only bringing beta features to the stable channel. Can't wait for full controller support - my 7yo will love playing this on the Shield much more than the old Xoom he's currently using. I've been beta testing this build for a while and finally updated it today, unfortunately I've found some bugs that weren't in the beta build!
Tapping on a bed doesn't always work, it teleports you on top of the bed but you don't actually sleep. Just a couple of weeks later Mojang has instituted the changes in the public version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Not only do they allow the greatest amount of player customization after, well, making stuff in Minecraft itself, they also represent the game's first post-purchase revenue stream.
Yeah, skins aren't something that can change the game, but don't be surprised if they start introducing items, materials, etc that you won't get unless you pay for an IAP. This design has been made by Glenn and it is of a fancy modern house that has a maze in the back garden! There is a start sign to show where the maze begins, and a finish sign to mark the exit, but other than that once you’re in the maze, you’re on your own! Go check it out on the Play Store now if you've already purchased the game, or buy it for $7. Some skins will be free, while others will come in themed skin packs that you can buy via in-app purchases - at the moment they all cost $1. So if you want to recreate the "kiss the girl" musical number from The Little Mermaid in blocky voxel graphics, go for it.

I already plonked down $7 for this years ago and I'm sure MS will try and squeeze more money out, just like MachineZone does with Game of War. This is actually the first time I’ve seen a maze in MCPE, and it was very nice and refreshing to see! Don't worry, if you're averse to paying for skins you can upload your own and apply them to your character manually, including those from the Minecraft Skin Studio. Glenn spent a lot of time on this and sent in some really good pictures, so hopefully you can get some inspiration from his designs!

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