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They may not win awards for style or be quite as elegant as store-bought versions, but the two ideas below sure are simple (and relatively cheap) to build as long as you have a plan and know what you want out of a corner-oriented work space.
Designed by Cate of Los Angeles, this wrap-around system of Sears Kit Home shelves frames a cozy semi-enclosed desk while keeping all of your books, odds and ends readily at hand and making maximum use of a small space.A graphic artist and patent illustrator by trade, Tom Geisler shows off raw functionality aesthetically-simple standing desk constructed from wooden IKEA butcher blocks.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Sure, standing all day can have it’s downsides as well but, one good thing to remember when embarking on creating your own standing desk is that a cushioned bar stool is often your best friend. As you can see, this poses a problem for laptop work unless you’ve got a separate keyboard, which we think is definitely worth the investment. 2. Concealed into Bookshelves: Or maybe you want to sneak your standing desk into your interior design scene?
And you know we love that Ana proves that woodworking isn’t only about guys in overalls. YHL: And how much money should someone expect to spend to build all three 72″ long shelves? So a big thank you to the amazing Ana for whipping up such a fantastic make-it-yourself shelf tutorial.
Update – Wanna know where we got something in our house or what paint colors we used?
I know the Big white Box store has these for 20-30 bucks a pop, but you get a GREAT sense of satisfation and pride when you do them yourself. Isn’t it cheaper and a whole lot EASIER to purchase floating shelves directly from IKEA?
Its kinda hard to tell in the photo of the unfinished shelf, but I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t look as good just stained?
I’m moving into my first house in a month and I was really wanting Knock Off Wood to have a tutorial on these shelves! Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Platform beds never go out of style—unlike, say, platform shoes, but that’s a different story.
Shipping pallets, with their rough-hewn texture, yield a DIY platform bed with a distinctively handmade aesthetic.
We’ve noticed several ingenious DIY platform bed projects involving IKEA shelving units, either alone or in combination with wood framing. The sleek profile of a DIY platform bed looks very much at home in a modern space, particularly when the bed frame has been graced with mid-century-esque details. By following an online tutorial, The Caldwell Couple managed to knock off the design of a Pottery Barn Kids bed, completing the project for about $120 (hundreds less than it would have cost to buy from the retailer).

Some platform beds look as if they are floating when in reality they are perched on a smaller base that you could see if you were to peer underneath. Of course you've got the same layout of the iPhone as everyone else, dock at the bottom and then all the apps on the screen and what not. What's absolutely terrifying to me is that Apple decided to integrate Apple Maps into your cars GPS. Apple creates the new mac pro Apple's newest computer You know it, and I know it, Apple is circling the drain fast.
Shelving and a working surface should suffice, but even then there is more than one way to frame a do-it-yourself desk.
Hung from walls in one corner, the could of course be lowered as well for those who wish to sit instead. The desk unfolds into an angled drafting table, doubles as a pretty portable bar, and looks darn good.
In fact, the lumber is only going to run you about $30 (which means you’ll save around $60 as opposed to buying them). And you may even be able to get the store to make the exact cuts in the list below, which will save you from any at-home sawing! Just like you would add a back to an IKEA bookcase, tack the plywood to the tops and bottoms of the shelf. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
Platforms can be inexpensively made and can easily incorporate storage—which makes them great for small bedrooms and small budgets alike.
Appropriate in a range of decorating schemes, the long-and-low design of a platform bed appeals not only to the eye, but also to the wallet—and to those who are above all practical-minded. Fasten a couple of pallets against the wall vertically, and in an instant you have a low-cost headboard that coordinates perfectly with the frame.
With little more than oak boards and metal hairpin legs, you can build a piece just like this one, which recalls an earlier age but retains timeless charm. Platform beds are easy for children to access, and because the beds are so close to the ground, they’re quite safe. You can add functionality to this form by making the platform about six inches wider than your mattress; the extra space becomes a sort of nightstand for odds and ends.
Whether your goal is to fix, tinker, build or make something better, your next adventure in DIY starts here.
The company once praised for it's creative and unique design has now become the cannon fodder for apparently copying it's Android competitor.
But what I find funny about everyone criticizing Apple is that although they have maybe deviated their icon look a little, it absolutely works.

Hopefully, this new iOS won't have you guys in a labyrinth confused about how to get to your destination, but I've said before that Apple likes to keep it simple so I have faith in them. Instead of that blank robotic voice, the user will be able to customize to either a male or female voice.
Some people hate change and some people absolutely love it, I feel this will be right in the middle. Investing in a wellness mat (the kind of padded mat you often see in the kitchen) to make the act of standing all day that much more comfortable. So without further ado, let’s get down to business with the first project that Ana is exclusively bringing to all of our lovely readers.
If you cannot locate a stud, then you will need to use drywall anchors to hang your shelves.
We can’t believe that she actually whipped up a pair for herself (she wanted to be sure that the plans that she provided were as accurate and detailed as possible). Will any of you be creating some sleek DIY floating shelves anytime soon? Let’s shower Ana with praise for stopping in.
Oh and a deep walnut or espresso color is really pretty forgiving anyway, so the final effect should still be handsome, solid and well made. It may be obvious but is well worth mentioning that a platform bed lets you save a bunch of money by not having to buy a box spring. Of course the real clinchers are the storage compartments, which make this design ideal for anyone starved for space. Multi-tasking is one feature Apple decided to change, apparently you'll be able to flawlessly change through multiple windows.
And of course, we’d love to see photos from anyone and everyone who decides to take these babies on. You can always do a test by bringing home a bit of wood and applying the stain before building anything- just to be sure you like the color and the overall effect.
Another important advantage: Platform beds lend themselves to built-in storage cubbies, shelves, and drawers that conserve valuable floor space.
So the stalking starts today with my favorite feature in your home, those floating shelves in your dining area.
And to yet another group of people, having solid homemade shelves is totally worth the time and satisfaction upon completion. This will not just give you room for your drill, but it will also create a hook, or a stronger joint.

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