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Iain Marsh  October 20, 2012 I love the Duplo (I have submitted a few oddities in the medium) and this is great! David Roberts  October 19, 2012 A neat and , colourful ship which looks fun to play with. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We decided to stain the ship with our paint sprayer so the ship would look more like a cool pirate ship. I started by drawing out some basic sketches of what I thought would be a cool look and worked out some basic engineering ideas. After placing the posts in the holes we leveled the frame and attached them together using lag screws.
The story of ZFM begins before the name or concept were even seeds in the fertile imagination of a future radio geek.
Being the inventive types we managed to increase the range by extending the wire up above the roof of the 'shed' that was his radio studio and into a neighbouring tree. Before long we had dissected the transmitter to reveal its circuit diagram and discovered how it worked. Before long I had fashioned a crude mixer which connected microphone, cassette deck and record deck into the transmitter (and I also figured out that you needed 50µS pre-emphasis to make it sound right) and had expanded my RF skills to the point that I had managed to concoct a crude 3 Watt FM transmitter.
Initial broadcasts were on random nights of the week (though it was usually a Wednesday) on around 105.2 MHz which at the time was a frequency that officially was used by the railways though they were rapidly transferring to a new system (the National Radio Network or NRN at 200 MHz) so was pretty clear and thus interference free both to them and to me.
Transmissions were given a boost when I managed to find 2 stereo encoders in a junk sale at the local amateur radio club. The music policy was simple - we played whatever any of us had in our record collection, which tended to centre on rock and pop and stuff borrowed from Tim (whose elder brother used to run a local mobile disco). There were one or two attempts to run pirate stations from university, usually late in the evening after a few pints. All this was done under the guise of 'Vector Broadcast', a company I set up to hire out transmitters, links and the like.
Disclaimer: The information contained on this web-site is presented for your enlightenment, education and entertainment only.
100's of costumed Pirates and 3 Pirate ships will descend on the Belmont Pier for 2 days of all things Pirate.
I've wondered about posting some of our duplo creations although to be honest none have looked anything quite as impressive as this.

In about 1984, a friend of mine (later to broadcast on ZFM as Tim Prince) had bought a cheap FM transmitter on sale in the back pages of Exchange and Mart. My rudimentary knowledge of electronics, gained through studying to take the Amateur Radio examinations (which I did at about the same time) indicated that changing one of the resistor values should increase the transmitter power, which it did, together with producing lots of spurious emissions that filled the FM band. He was more interested in presenting and I was more interested in the transmitter side of the radio road. It was at this point that I realised that my station needed a name and ZFM was finally born. I have no idea where they came from but they were professional units, calibrated and using very high quality components - much better than my transmitter. There were a few tracks thrown in from left-field (to this day I still don't know where they came from) including the infamous 'Ba-Ba-Bank Robbery' by Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung with 'woofie and me' which got used as the station's opening and closing theme.
Troy, Nige, Tim and I figured that, like me, there would be loads of 17 and 18 year olds that wouldn't be able to sleep and that ZFM could fill the insomnia gap with our blend of mindless (nay, mind-numbing) programming.
The transmission was also being relayed by Ocean Sound and Rebel Radio in Rotherham on 106.3 and 105.3 MHz respectively, giving us near universal coverage of the whole of South Yorkshire and nearly as much coverage, and as many frequencies and transmitters as local ILR station Radio Hallam! Surrey University where I became a presenter (and later the chief engineer) of the university radio station, University Radio Surrey (URS) (later to be re-branded Guildford Campus Radio (GCR) and currently known as GU2) which is a story for another day, suffice it to say that that wasn't an entirely legal operation either. Campus Night-Time FM or CNFM as the jingles pinched from the Cambridge station of the same name (now Q103) proclaimed, was an occasional low-power affair to entertain student friends. In fact some of the designs I had created for things such as stereo audio processors even ended up on a full-blow ILR station, when Spirit FM in Chichester (which had grown from the seedling of Radio Bognor) used one of my 'DV-8' signal processors and my rather effective and snappily titled 'seemingly random lengths of coax joined together with N-Plugs and T-connectors' antenna combiner! There was a rather grandiose plan to operate a high-powered FM station from a very high site in Central London (and I mean central!) for New Years Eve 1999 to add ZFM's mark to the capital's millenium celebrations. We do not condone unlicensed broadcasting or any unauthorised use of the radio spectrum, nor is there any intention on our part to incite or glamorise such activities.
I live 2 miles away so I will be Ubering it from my house; you are welcome to join me or find street parking near the event.
It's an opportunity to explore all of SoCal like tourists but also take advantage of all the secrets only locals know.
Then I decided to play the “lets use all our bricks game” And, my 7 years old son helped me a bit to build a bigger ship. This more than doubled the range which in retrospect, knowing much more about radio transmitters these days, is not bad going! Instead we opted to bolt on a third transistor as a 'power' amplifier and with a bit of fiddling managed to up the transmitter power and increase the range to cover a goodly portion of the small village where we lived.

I had soon built a replica of the transmitter for myself, and realised that the use of a proper dipole antenna fed by coax cable massively extended my range. We only received about 7 or 8 phone-calls but most of these were from people we didn't know and who were in the same situation as us and had stumbled across the station, which was very heartening given that we hadn't announced the broadcast (I mean you just don't do you, 'Dear Mr. During holidays, when I returned to Sheffield, ZFM made one or two come-backs, most noteably in February 1989 when a presenter friend and I made a series of tapes and broadcast on 100 FM (a frequency newly freed of police transmitters) as Century 100 which marked the beginning of the end of ZFM's chequered history and our broadcasts to Sheffield. Me and the team had lined up a 500 Watt transmitter, access to the roof and the top floor of the building concerned, and some professional presenters (previously student friends but by then working in the radio industry proper). From boat cruises and hikes, to happy hour, to wine tastings and outdoor films, our activities will strive to be as diverse as the members we have. It would be stretching the facts to the limits to say that we built up an audience for our occasional after-school programmes, but it was entertaining both for us and for any of our school-friends who lived nearby, and it gave us something better to talk about at lunchtime than whether Linda Flewitt looked more like Tracey Thorn out of Everything But the Girl than Tracey did herself. Living on the edge of Sheffield, at over 700 feet (about 215 metres) above sea level and with a clear view of the city, even my 100mW or so of power got out exceptionally well. By now the transmitter power had lept to 45 Watts and with the help of Tim we constructed a proper studio in a nearby garage.
But sadly the plug had to be pulled on the project before it had even been put on the end of a piece of flex, when the wife of the team member who had access to the site in London gave birth to their first child just a month before the transmission was due.
There are vendors selling all kinds of pirate treasures if you'd like to build a costume or just take something unique home. Some friends of mine that lived over 5 miles away on another of the city's seven hills could hear me no problem.
So London has never experienced the off-beat and rather crap presentation of the legend that never was ZFM. The back is not as good but this time it lasted longer and I had time to make some shots of it. Of course, audio quality wasn't great (and was still in mono) and programmes consisted of nothing more than playing 'mix tapes' but the buzz that I got from being heard and from flouting the law got me hooked.
It’s not a masterpiece but Duplos are handy to build big things (80cm - 2’8” high and 1m - 3’4” long) and more fun than I thought.

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