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I never pulled the overload out of my 63 chevies and it didnt really hurt articulation, it basically just kept them from going past flat.
Nice job I like the overall turn out, and from what I saw last weekend at the run it seemed to do well in the snow. Bebe, it's great to hear that everything works to your liking after all that work you guys just put into it.
They are off a 97 4runner, so instead of the banjo fittings, they have the 10 mm inverted flare? If you are fancy with a trim tool you can grab some off a parts truck, the dealer-ship quoted me 350 for the whole trim kit.
We tried as you can see to use the HP 44 TTB's and it was just more complicated than the LP SA 44. And what about a fabbing new oil pan, to raise up the D44 for much needed ground clearance?

Also i need something with less arch, i want to lower the rear of my truck without frenching the front and rear spring hangers, (if that is possible).
Ever think about swapping in first gen round headlights and bezels to match that center grille? Mit der Nutzung dieser Website erklA¤ren Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden.
However, you can lengthen the intermediate and get much more depending on what you want for over all width.
Since the RV space will be in the toterhome portion guess everyone is on their own for accomodations? We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.

I even filled in the mirror holes on the doors, this thin sheet metal is a pain in the butt! I was worried the windshield guy was going to butcher it to put it on but it came out okay. They changed the tripot inner to a rzeppa, and they look to be about the same size as a 934.
I dont see myself building a dedicated IFS rig but I do see myself building a subframe that will bolt into place of the current straight axle for KOH and I'd like to experiment with some off the shelf parts prior to going full custom 300 and these parts might be the trick.
In order to haul 5 I will have to build a lift on the front, where the drop deck starts, so that I can drive one under the other.

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