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The Dark Avenger, built after my previous ship turned out way too friendly to be a pirate ship, I made this. My son and I started reading very short non-fiction stories from GenZ Read Together, a website that makes reading together an entertaining educational experience. We also learned from the story that Spanish galleons followed a specific path as it picked up treasure and returned to Spain.
To extend The Atocha story at home, I found a pirate ship craft and two books (a picture book and a chapter book) for kids who like pirates and treasure hunting. Young Jeremy Jacob demonstrates how easy it is to be a successful pirate in this fun and funny picture book.
I will be giving away 3 Summer Reading Packages of 20 stories worth $4.99 to 3 lucky winners! I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I earn a small commission at no charge to you if you buy anything at Amazon through my blog. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and will try out some of the ideas with your boys! I think The Atocha was one of the first GenZ stories I read with my son and then he got totally hooked on the stories.
I love that your kids are finding books on convincing parents to let them buy a pet hamster! My girls have enjoyed reading about historical figures, but they don’t read a lot of non fiction, so this would be a good way to help them branch out a bit more from their favorite fiction writers.
A charity which helps kids in Hackney with their schoolwork wants to set up a permanent home in a pirate-ship themed headquarters in Dalston.

The Hackney Pirates have found a four-storey building on Kingsland High Street and launched a fundraising campaign to turn it into a ‘Ship of Adventures’. So far the charity has been working from temporary locations around the borough but is hoping to raise ?20,000 for a permanent home to move into this autumn. The ship will provide the pirates with more space to work with children who need help learning but will also include a shop and cafe for visitors. Click the download button below which can suit with your resolution that you like at Pirate Ship Images pictures .
Slightly smaller than my other ships but just as nice!This ship is perfect for pirate maps and sea battles. I’ve included a picture book and a chapter book perfect for pirates or treasure hunters. He joins the pirate ship of Captain Braid Beard and his crew but finds that pirate life, while fun, lacks the charms of home. This easy chapter book has a larger font with text broken up with plenty of  full page illustrations and informative sidebars. We have not graduated to pirates just yet, except, of course, for their grandfather’s book, Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt. Each of us on the blog tour are giving away 3 subscriptions so there will be 15 winners in all! Right now they have a variety of books about animals (including one on how to convince your parents that you’re ready for a pet hamster), books about various presidents, and one book on costume design! They sound like they love a variety of non fiction and that is exactly what the site is all about. My kids too tend to read more fiction so it’s been a wonderful experience to read the best non fiction stories fed to us via email.

You can also find more wallpapers with Pirate Ship Images pictures by selecting one of the related wallpapers in any category below. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This book would appeal to boys who like facts mixed with a not-to0-scary mystery adventure. We had traveled to Barcelona two years ago, so I found a map to show him it was in Spain and south of Barcelona. The idea is to have the parent read to the child and there are discussion questions that are interesting for each story. It was also fun to realize that the Florida Keys wasn’t always the swanky place it is today.
GenZ also sneaks in two vocab and a reading comprehension question that Dylan can earn points called Zoints for answering. Still, if I had to live somewhere during the Great Depression, the Florida Keys sounded pretty nice! Usually, the video takes the story a little deeper, or illustrates the story, or is just plain funny.
For the invention of velcro story, the video was David Letterman’s famous Velcro Suit!
We also got a lot of mileage out of telling him to brush his teeth or they would end up green like a pirate’s!

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