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This easy build uses two important scientific principles, buoyancy and stored kinetic energy, to float and drive a simple boat. PartsRubber Bands, Large enough to span the diameter of the soda bottle, and rigid enough to wind up and provide drive. Send us feedback on our site design, bugs, story ideas, maker community events and any other share-worthy thoughts. The parts are all readily available around most homes, and the boat can be assembled in minutes, though a bit more time with waterproof markers can add some style to the outcome.

It’s the plastic paddle part that I will likely get stuck on not being able to figure the correct sizing. Consider experimenting with additional components like fins for stabilization, to improve the performance.
This will be the width (W) of your paddle pieces.Add 1” to measurement of the spacing between the sticks and that will be the length (L) of your paddle pieces.
These will act as outriggers, and maxize the paddles' effectiveness.Wind the paddle counter-clockwise, turning the paddle over the top of its rotation to the right of the "top" of your boat.Set your boat into a pool or other body of water, and let it go!

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