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Updated the map with a treasure room and there in a quest log with instructions on how to find it. Remake the world save because when i'm starting i'm in creative and got many things that i shouldn't!But it's a cool map and i will give it a diamond when you fixed it! Hi, that is my plane (b17 lol) and boat[image] -asclepiosOh man, that is freaking amazing lol.

Is there any easier way you know off other than going into paint and completely re-doing the map and toning down the ore rate and then having to transfer over the currect stuff? I might have to fix one thing on this map, there is wayy to much diamond but this could be a fun aspect of the map im not sure haha. Entries will be judged and winners will be posted at the end of the month.PS- Please do not make threads in this section, if you do they will be locked and moved to the trash bin.

The process is easy enough in theory but the end-result looks freakin sweet and I'm sure it was harder than I'm making it sound.

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